Who Is a Jew? – Peter Stuyvesant

(This article was originally written in October, 2020.)

Who is a Jew? I realize more than ever today the importance of identifying Jews of the secret type. The damage that these covert Jews are causing to the world reaches the most unspeakable levels of wickedness and depravity and their activity has undoubtedly been the source of a great deal of harm that humanity has had to endure. Today, I am starting a series that will attempt to give notice of my recent findings of prominent or influential secret Jews or persons whom I suspect were or are of Jewish ancestry. In the series I will give special attention to individuals whose Jewish roots have not been publicly admitted, or if admitted, are not well-known or which appear to be much disregarded, and so worth noting. These posts may be used as a “steppingstone” for further research, or to inspire me or the reader to further discussion in other posts not of this series. Further research on the secret Jews within this series will be devoted to in separate articles if I feel it is necessary or appropriate.

Let’s start with Peter Stuyvesant. As he was the only suspected Jew of the secret type of interest to me that I have recently found, I will devote more writing to him than for other Jews in future articles of this series. As I have stated, the purpose of this series will mainly be to inspire further research on Jews if I or anyone else would be interested. Future articles in this series will be attempted more often in the form of compilations of various Jews rather than studies of any one member of the race.

I have added Stuyvesant to my How to Recognize a Jew post.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is peter-stuyvesant.jpgPeter Stuyvesant

The Jewish deceivers are not restricted to the Internet era. Stuyvesant can be referred to as an example of a Jewish deceiver from an early period of modern history. I use the word deceiver to refer to a person who pretends to work for a cause in the attempt to have others believe and act unknowingly to the deceiver’s own advantage. 

New Netherland was as thoroughly under Jewish domination as the Old. Stuyvesant was a politician from Holland known for his activities in the governing affairs of the New World in New Amsterdam and his role in the early history of New York. He was born in 1592, a hundred years after Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas. His name was vaguely familiar to me, though it was not until yesterday that I had begun to look into him. Based on my initial analysis, it seems that Stuyvesant was a secret Jew. From his sexually degenerate nature, to the Jews’ crying about him as another “anti-Semitic” persecutor, to the hooked nose, one is left with little doubt about what his real race was.

The Netherlands contains many covert or secret Jews to this day. Some of them are Catholics, some of them are Calvinists, and many are atheists. How many Jews are there in the Netherlands? The Jews claim their population in Holland became numerically insignificant after World War II and “the Holocaust” destroyed the population. I am certain it is far more than the 29,000 which is officially claimed.

Stuyvesant was expelled from school for being a typical sexually perversive Jew and seducing his landlord’s daughter.

Stuyvesant, the Jews claim, was a “rabid anti-Semite”, but judging by the portrait of his face, “Rabbi anti-Semite” is probably the more proper title. From the wrinkled, fleshy eyelids, to the prominent lower lip, and first of all to the massive, drooping, hooked nose, one is led to ask, “Who was this Jew, and the Jews working with him trying to fool?” Stuyvesant was as Jewish-looking as can be, but I am not here merely to criticize the Jews’ unsightliness. The Jews have always tried to make non-Jews believe that Jews are the persecuted people, and this is what they are doing with Stuyvesant. But perhaps persecution has never been the case; it never was the case in 200 BCE in Rome, it never was the case in 17th century Holland, it never was the case in 1930s Germany any more than the persecution against the Jews which is taking place at this very moment: It is nonexistent, a figment of the Jews.

In 1638, Stuyvesant moved to the island of Curacao, which is one of the oldest places of Jewish settlement in the Americas, dating to the 1500s, though these are said to have been emigrants leaving from Portugal, with Jewish settlers from Holland arriving later. Stuyvesant later became governor there. The island, functioning as an excellent natural harbor, became a major trading center of the Dutch West India Company, a company that was financed by Jews.

Stuyvesant’s name is promoted by the Jews to this day. If the Jew Stuyvesant really was anti-Jewish, why is his name so highly regarded even today, and why do the Jews continue to use his name for their schools and other organizations in New York? If Stuyvesant truly was anti-Jewish, the Jews would have removed all his popular namesakes. The Jews are calling Stuyvesant an “anti-Semite” but also a great man, a pioneer of the New World.

The Jews are also using religion to deceive us by saying Stuyvesant persecuted “Jews, Quakers, Lutherans, and Catholics”. All of these are religious beliefs except for one, but the Jews intentionally included themselves in the sectarian bunch to trick people into thinking they are a religion and not a race. Stuyvesant pretended to persecute his fellow Jews, but as a deceiver, his “persecution” associated the Jews with religion rather than race. The Jews often use phrases such as “Jews, Catholics, and Lutherans” or “Jews and Christians” to try to make us associate Jews with religion rather than race. 

Stuyvesant was known for his obstinacy and despotic rule. In 1656, he issued an edict forbidding non-members of the Dutch Reformed Church (a branch of the Calvinists) from worshiping and assembling. Some believe John Calvin himself was a secret Jew.

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