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This page will be used to respond to readers who have left a message through the “Contact” page on this blog. Unless the correspondent wishes for his or her message to remain private, “Contact” messages that I consider worth replying to will generally be answered in this page.

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  1. A reader asked me about various topics on Jews (particularly Jews pretending to be members of various “non-Caucasoid” human races) and their anthropological traits. I won’t go through every point mentioned as I don’t have the time, but I’ll respond to some of the points I consider worth replying to.

    I was asked about George Zimmerman, the police officer who was used by the Jewish media to incite hate between human races through the “Black Lives Matter” movement. If I recall correctly, Zimmerman is a secret Jew. The “Black Lives Matter” movement is a Jewish creation as well. Zimmerman also has some American Indian (“Hispanic/Latino”) and Negro admixture, from what I can remember. His facial and other bodily features do have some resemblance to Jews, but the main thing that leads me to point to “Jew” is the great publicity the Jewish media has given him and his case and how much racial hostility the trial has brought in America and other countries.

    George Floyd’s Jewishness has also been mentioned – in particular, his possibly “Jewish” facial features, including his alleged brachycephaly (broad-headedness). This trait didn’t occur to me when I saw Floyd’s portrait but it is a possibility. Floyd’s features look typically “Negroid” to me in most respects. The main reason for my diagnosing him as a Jew was the massive amount of Jewish media publicity he’s received and the racial hostility which the Jews are sowing up between Humans in response to his staged “murder”. I have also been told that the “Rhodesian Bush War” was instigated by Jews to instill race hatred. I am not familiar with this war but there is a strong possibility that Jews were behind this war, just as they were behind World War II (“Allis vs. Axis” nonsense) and various other wars.

    This reader asked me about Hu Jintao. I was not familiar with this person, though the reader is obviously right in saying that the government of China is under Jewish domination, being based on an obviously Jewish ideology (i.e., Communism). Jintao may well be just another secret Jew disguising as a non-European, East Asiatic Chinese attempting to subvert and deceive Humanity.

    I’ve also been told that Shinzo Abe was (or is, if his “assassination” was false) a Jew. He may well be and probably is. I have heard claims that the government in Japan under Shinzo’s administration tried to incite hatred between neighboring countries in East Asia – South Korea, China, etc. Abe was also well known as a collaborator with former US President Obama, another Jew who pretends to be a non-European. Supposedly Kishi Nobusuke, Abe’s grandfather, was a Jew. I agree that there is certainly something suspicious about Nobusuke’s facial features. They look like they could point to a Jewish ancestor somewhere, which certainly isn’t impossible (though neo-Nazis – many of them secret Jews – are trying their best to deny or conceal the obvious connections between their race/species in Germany, Italy, and Japan during and before the Nazi regime, which allied with the Japanese government). And if I recall correctly, Abe even visited the Anne Frank museum in Amsterdam.

    Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines was also mentioned. He might well be a secret Jew as well. If I remember correctly, Duterte’s wife is of openly Jewish ancestry (though this in itself doesn’t prove that Duterte himself is Jewish, there is no doubt that it is extremely suspicious).

    Evo Morales of Bolivia could well be another Jew disguising as a “Hispanic/Latino” (this label itself is a Jewish label to prevent people from seeing the “Hispanics” for what they really are (mostly a mixture of American Indian, European Spanish, and Jewish)). There may well be far more Jews in this region of the world who are pretending to be on the side of the real American Indian natives to exploit them and prevent them from seeing the Jews in the correct light. There appears to be a great deal of “Jewish” behavior in Central and South America which would point to this.

    This reader also claimed Gregor Mendel, the founder of modern genetics, was a Jew. Of this claim, I am very skeptical. Little or nothing about Mendel’s life and work, or his appearance, would lead me to suspect he was of Jewish descent. Mendel was, by ethnicity at least, an Austrian. Anthropologically and racially speaking, he was presumably of an Alpine-Nordic-Dinaric racial mixture (according to the geneticist Fritz Lenz), which is a common mixture in Central Europe. On the other hand, I can’t say that I’m completely closed to the possibility that he was Jewish. There was a portrait of a Jewish religious leader from the 1800s or early 1900s who bore quite a strong resemblance to Mendel. I don’t remember his name, unfortunately. According to this correspondent, Mendel’s brow ridge and “angry look” also suggested he was a Jew. The reader is left to judge for himself.

    I was also asked if the reason Jews stress matrilineal descent is because phenotypes are supposedly largely inherited from the mitochondrial DNA. From what I understand, this is false, as both the mother and father generally contribute an equal portion of their genes to the offspring, although it is true that the mitochondrial DNA is generally passed on only from the mother. While some offspring will resemble their mother more than their father due to chance, I don’t know of any evidence that children resemble their mother more than the patrilineal side.

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