To my dear readers,

This blog, like any other, has a purpose, and like every other blog, too, it differs from the others in some of its ways. In this “About” page I will attempt to concisely state this blog’s main themes, concerns, and intentions.

The foremost purpose is, as can be inferred from its name, to seek and promulgate the truth – the love of which is a unique gift which our beneficent, omnipotent, omniscient God has bestowed upon humanity, and which it behooves us to seek, preserve, and promote.

More specifically, it is to foster curiosity, and civilized and intelligent thought and discussion, regarding the subjects of race, eugenics, heredity research, and the Jewish Problem, and moreover, to prove that such topics, which typically arouse such unworthy feelings among the masses, are possible, and worthy of, civilized and intelligent speculation, analysis, and dialogue, and to both examine and reexamine social problems from the views especially of biology, psychology, history, and philosophy.

When partaking in matters of what I view to be of prodigious importance for the well-being of our world, yet which arouses such profound controversy, we must never forget that our words – of those who seek and love what is true – are being watched by those with malicious intentions, who wish to defame us, execrate us, and suppress us in every possible way. Yet, the truth in these matters, in my opinion, must be pursued – pursued by those who recognize the vital importance of that which is in danger of dying – and with it, the inevitable endangerment of the welfare of humanity itself.

As with any other domain, a spirit of sacrifice and providence is necessary. There will be ostracism, hatred, and all kinds of attempts at suppression. I am prepared to deal with the risks, with the hope of spreading the truth to others who are curious in these fields, or who likewise feel an obligation to expend the time and the energy to getting these truths more widely known – and, ultimately, as it were, “to weave these truths into our social fabric.” An intelligent and sympathetic community of men and women to discuss these issues is necessary.

We must not forget that the discussion of such topics as race, eugenics, and the Jewish Problem often involves the most primitive instincts from which the masses, and even, it would seem, the vast majority of so-called educated persons, seem to be unable to escape – towards a newer, more beautiful light of reason, and of an obligation to make these facts more widely known even at the expense of detestation, and of ostracism.

The reader may rest assured that what is written of here is that which I myself have sincerely considered either to be the truth, or to be a conjecture worthy of some degree of thoughtful consideration. I, however, make no claim to being entirely accurate with all that I say. Mistakes are bound to be made. I welcome all intelligent and respectful commentary and correction.

I have decided that the aforementioned topics – viz., race, heredity research, eugenics, and the Jewish Problem – are of such momentous significance for the future of mankind that I have decided to devote a life of inquiry and pursuit concerning such matters. To expect me, or any other man or woman capable of intellectual and moral advancement, to remain stagnant regarding the issues herein concerned is impossible. I – and it is hoped, the reader too – expect to revise my views in the light of better evidence.

I likewise make no claim to the possession of any advanced degree or other such “professional qualifications”. On the other hand, what I do claim is that I speak from the qualifications of personal knowledge, reason, and experience.

As with all other fields, the domains of racial research, eugenics, and the Jewish Problem will depend for their advancement on the insight of men and women who are capable of discussing these subjects in a civilized way. Yet if the number of persons able to maintain respectable discussions in mathematics or physics is small, it is still smaller in the fields of racial research, eugenics, and the Jewish Problem, where the passions are far more liable to overpower and obfuscate the more refined human senses. It is imperative that those who feel a similar sense of duty in the pursuit of such fields come together, share their opinions and knowledge, and ask questions. I encourage such persons to converse with me.

Finally, I have no intention of reaching the masses with my blog. Though I risk appearing vain, I have little faith that the public can do much in the way of advancing our understanding in such topics. We have nothing less than the word of our Lord Jesus Christ, admonishing us not to “cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you” (Matthew 7:6). While I wish modesty, I can only encourage those with the curiosity and the ability to discuss these things to initiate dialogue.

P.S.: There is no “free speech” in this blog in the sense that every comment that appears will be approved. Whether comments will be approved and/or replied to is at my discretion.

The Jews have countless of their own platforms on the Internet promoting degeneracy and deception, zealously suppressing the words of the earnest non-Jew on race, eugenics, and the Jewish Problem. I, with my little site, will do my work to suppress the Jewish lies.

Generally, any comments with neo-Nazi sympathies will be promptly disregarded and deleted. Those who try to promote such views here have been warned.

Jewish unity is blood unity – and the peculiar influence of the blood is observable at every moment of the individual who possesses it; it can hardly be expected to be reformed. The Jew, then, can scarcely be reformed. This blog will reflect this philosophy.

On the other hand, ignorance when sincere and with an eagerness to learn is always an admirable thing. I encourage those who are curious to write to me.

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