Who Is a Jew? – Roger Zelazny, Edith Ellis, and Kamala Harris

(This article was originally written in November, 2020.)

Roger Zelazny

Zelazny is a Jewish fantasy writer. Jewish-controlled Wikipedia doesn’t mention his Jewish ancestry. The fantasy genre is dominated by Jews as are all popular book categories today, and Jews control all of today’s popular publishing houses.

Charles Stross recounts an incident where he was on a panel with Robert Silverberg who asked for a show of hands for Jewish fantasy authors, trying to show how few there were. After Stross and Edgar Doctorow raised theirs Silverberg apologized to the one non-Jew on the panel.

Edith Ellis

Edith Ellis (nee Lees) was the wife of Havelock Ellis, a sexologist and an early leader of the Jewish Sexual Revolution. Edith was a homosexual feminist. She died of diabetes in 1916.

Kamala Harris

Harris, the new vice president of America. Harris is almost certainly a secret Jew. She has the curved-up mouth so common among Jews for one. Another Jew pretending to be a non-European “Gentile”, similar to Obama. Harris is also married to a Jewish lawyer named Douglas Emhoff.

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