Who Is a Jew? – Max Beerbohm, Detlev Bronk, Theodosius Dobzhansky, Robert Sussman, and Jerry Hirsch

Max Beerbohm

Beerbohm was a writer and artist who was famous as a caricaturist for Britain’s Vanity Fair magazine. Beerbohm was suspected of being a Jew by some of his peers and by the poet Ezra Pound, but his Jewishness is not publicly admitted. Max Beerbohm’s father, Julius, is said to have been “Lithuanian-born”, a merchant by trade, who had immigrated to England around 1830. But “Beerbohm” is clearly not a Lithuanian name; and there is likewise the observation that many Jews in Lithuania and other Eastern European nations seem to have borne German-sounding names. It also appears that many of the Jews who settled in England had, at least at first, borne German-sounding names. Both of Max Beerbohm’s wives, Florence Kahn and Elisabeth Jungmann, were Jews from Germany (“German Jews”). Furthermore, the thick and overhanging eyebrows and eyelids are not to be gainsaid as characteristics common to the Hebrew race. From the foregoing, I believe Beerbohm was a Jew.

Detlev Wulf Bronk

Bronk was president of Johns Hopkins University, Rockefeller University, and the National Academy of Sciences. I suspect he was a secret Jew. Jewish President Lyndon B. Johnson awarded Bronk the Presidential Medal of Freedom in September 1964. The Jewish geneticist Dobzhansky, another secret Jew, also listed below, was a professor at Rockefeller University during Bronk’s presidency in the 1960s.

Theodosius Dobzhansky

Dobzhansky was a geneticist and an inveterate liar who tried to deny racial differences. He was a professor of zoology at Columbia University from 1940 to 1962. (The Jewish anthropologist Boas was an earlier and even more prominent Columbia academic, becoming a professor of anthropology in 1899.) Dobzhansky criticized eminent anthropologist Carleton Coon’s work as supplying “grist for racist mills” and was a confidant of the Jewish anthropologist Ashley Montagu (real name: Israel Ehrenberg). He signed UNESCO’s statement on The Race Question in 1950, which played a large part in the suppression of scientific studies on race, and of the honest discussion of racial problems. Dobzhansky was a famous proponent of the idea that “good” and “bad” genes do not exist. I say Dobzhansky was a secret Jew.

Robert Wald Sussman

Sussman (died 2016) was a Jewish anthropologist and academic at Washington University in St. Louis (Missouri). Sussman is the author of the very popular book The Myth of Race: The Troubling Persistence of an Unscientific Idea (2014), in which the author glorifies the Jewish anthropologist Boas and his now popular work. Wikipedia doesn’t mention Sussman’s Jewish descent. In fact, the Jews seem to be making a greater effort than usual to hide their fellow Jew’s true racial origin on the Internet. I could find no direct mention of Sussman’s Jewish ancestry when doing a quick search on Google. But I am certain Sussman was a Jew. 

I certainly do not plan on reading any of Sussman’s books, but if any other Jew-aware individual could care to or has done this, a critical review may be interesting as well as helpful.

There is what may be called a summary of the Jew Sussman’s ideas and his book in Jewish-owned Newsweek, in an article titled “There Is No Such Thing as Race”, published November 8, 2014. I will not give a link to the article. The reader may find it with the help of Google search: You can be sure the Jews will not be trying to hide this sort of propaganda from the masses of readers.

Jerry Hirsch

Hirsch, a Jewish (though Wikipedia does not mention it) psychologist, is best known for “pioneering work in behavior genetics, and for his advocacy for social justice.” I found his name from the book The Jewish Mind (1977) by another Jew (this one openly so) of the name Raphael Patai. In The Jewish Mind, the Jew Patai cites Hirsch’s contribution to the book Human Intelligence (1972) of an article titled “Genetics and Competence”, in which the following statement by Francis Galton is included: “The Jews are specialized for a parasitical existence upon other nations, and […] there is need of evidence that they are capable of fulfilling the varied duties of a civilized nation by themselves.” 

Though the veracity of such a statement cannot be doubted by any intelligent man or woman who has devoted time in studying the history as well as the current activities of the Jewish race, I was yet strongly inclined to believe that this statement was never made by Galton, and that it was simply another case of the Jews’ own guile to give one of the eminently respectable and sensible men of our world a bad name. A little further research, however, has shown that Galton had, in fact, made such a statement: His letter to the French botanist Alphonse de Candolle, in which the unpleasant truth was written can be found in The Life, Letters and Labours of Francis Galton, volume 2 (1924) by Karl Pearson. The precise quotation, dated October 17, 1884, is below:

“It strikes me that the Jews are specialised for a parasitical existence upon another nations, and that there is need of evidence that they are capable of fulfilling the varied duties of a civilised nation by themselves.”

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