Who Is a Jew? – Matthew Perry, Alfred Kroeber, Boris Johnson, Bruce Stillman, and Daniel Hill

Matthew Perry

Though I am not certain that Perry, the commodore whose expedition opened Japan to Western ideas and trade in 1853, was Jewish, I have mentioned him as a Jew in my article on Hirohito. In either case his connections with world Jewry and international Jewish finance appear incontrovertible. Commodore Perry was at least related by wedlock to Jews by his daughter Caroline Slidell Perry, who was married to the Jewish financier Belmont Sr. Perry himself may just have been another Jew-sympathizer rather than a Jew by blood. If that is the case, he was only one of many such prominent examples in the history of the world.

Alfred Louis Kroeber

Kroeber was a student of the Jewish anthropologist Boas. Kroeber himself is known to have been of openly Jewish blood – a fact which was slightly surprising to me judging by his portraits, which reveal a strong Nordic strain. This was explicated by Kroeber’s Protestant German (North German?) descent. His Jewish character showed itself most clearly in his behavior. Byram Campbell, a race theorist, has criticized Kroeber’s methods of investigation in his book American Race Theorists: A Critique of Their Thoughts and Methods (1952).

Boris Johnson

Johnson, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has Jewish ancestry. Boris’ maternal great-grandfather, Elias Avery Lowe, was a Jew from Lithuania. Though this is not a secret, how many people in England and the world are aware of this and the significance that this fact bears?

Bruce William Stillman

The current head of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, perhaps the world’s most famous genetics research institute, is Stillman, a Jew, pictured above. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory is a pitiful institute compared to its time when the biologist Charles Davenport was its director. Not surprisingly, the Jews who now control Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory have called James Watson a “racist” and have made it public that his statements on racial differences in intelligence are unsupported by facts.

The masses actually believe this Jew is racially a European (“White”)? What a joke. 

I found Daniel Hill’s name while doing a search on Amazon. Hill’s book, White Awake: An Honest Look at What It Means to Be White (2017) was in the “Sponsored” section while I was searching the anthropologist Henry Harpending’s works. According to Jewish-controlled Amazon, “White Awake chronicles the stages of his own journey into understanding and embracing his white cultural identity.” I am quite certain he is a Jew, in spite of the assertion that Hill is the “founding Pastor of River City Community Church”.

Jeff Bezos, the Jewish founder and CEO of Amazon, is listed in my Jewish Subverters of Technology post.

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