Hirohito – A Jew?

Perhaps more than any other figure, I have met repeated criticism for asserting that Hirohito, the 124th emperor of Japan, was a Jew on my post, How to Recognize a Jew. I cannot blame the reader for this criticism; the idea of the royal family of Japan being Jewish is not heard of often even among Jew-aware circles. However, as Hirohito was the head of state of Japan during the Second World War, it is important to investigate. While it is occasionally acknowledged that Germany and Italy were both under control of the Jews during that dark period, very little mention is made concerning Jewish involvement in a third nation to which those two countries were allied – Japan.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is emperor-hirohito.jpgHook-nosed, droopy-eyed Jew Hirohito, pretending to be a Japanese man of Mongoloid race.

Naturally, one should think it very odd that Japan was the only of the three nations in the Tripartite Pact that was free from Jewish control. The assumption that Japan was not under Jewish control, however, is false, because the Showa was a Jew. Many people will wonder how the emperor could have been a Jew when there were no Jews in Japan at the time of his birth in 1901. But the assumption made is incorrect. Jews have been in contact with Japan at least since the 1600s. If I remember correctly, “Dutch” merchants are said to have been the main source of contact Japan had with Europe until the Meiji Restoration in 1868. If anyone thinks these “Dutch” merchants were really European and not Jewish, perhaps he should do some more thinking and some more research. Jews have controlled the Netherlands since they first settled there in large numbers beginning in the 16th century, following edicts for the expulsion of practicing Jews from Spain and Portugal in 1492 and 1497, respectively. The Netherlands has been one of the major points of settlement and activity for Jews in modern history. Historically, all or almost all of the merchants, traders, and financiers from the Netherlands were actually Jewish. Jews controlled the financial system in the Netherlands, and it was their activity that made Holland rich. When Jews were expelled from Spain, Spain’s power declined (see Henry Ford, The International Jew on this point). When they were welcomed into Holland, it was Holland which became Europe’s center of wealth and commerce (the “Dutch Golden Age”). It is interesting to note that the Netherlands today ranks as one of the most Judeophilic and degenerate nations on the planet.

It has also been stated that the “Japanese” who lived in the coastal towns were of a fairer skin than those that lived farther inland. This would indicate a foreign admixture. And who else would the Japanese have mixed with to account for this fairer skin, except for those Jewish merchants and settlers disguising as Dutchmen? The belief, therefore, that Japan had no Jews in 1901, when Hirohito was born, is false. The Jewish traders and merchants in Japan mixed in with the native population, just as they have in other countries. The settlement of Jews in Japan would also explain the rampant sexual degeneracy seen in that land in modern times. The degeneracy one sees in the East is no less Jewish than the degeneracy one sees today in the nations of the Occident. Corruption and degeneracy on the one hand, and the Jews on the other, are inextricably bound together in all nations and across the globe.

Even today, many of the politicians, not just in Japan but throughout Asia and the rest of the non-European world, are likely of Jewish descent. One notices something “off” in the appearance of many of these politicians and other leaders. There is something “Jewish” to their faces, and their devious and criminal behavior would definitely confirm this conjecture. As one can see in photographs, there is something rodent-like and “Jewish” to the creatures’ faces.

Hirohito’s son and successor to the throne, Akihito, who is pictured below, looks even more Jewish than his father.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is emperor-akihito.jpgHook-nosed, rat-faced Jewish emperor Akihito. Also worth noting is the protruding lower lip which is found in many Jews.

To be sure, Japan was never an anti-Jewish country; albeit, as far as I know, nor was any other country in history. Jews were welcomed in Japan during World War II, as it was believed that their talent in financial and business affairs would assist Japan in its imperial ambitions. Karl Haushofer, a general, politician, professor, and geographer whose wife, Martha (née Mayer-Doss), was Jewish, laid the outline for the military alliance between Germany and Japan which would be adopted by the two countries and helped initiate Japan’s military expansion policies. And no distinction was made by the government of Japan between Germans and Jews living in Germany; the government regarded Jews born in Germany as no different from the natives. Matthew Perry, the naval captain and commodore whose expedition in 1853 helped open Japan to international exchange, was a Jew. One of Perry’s daughters, Caroline Slidell Perry, was married to the Jewish financier and politician August Belmont, who at the age of 14 became an apprentice to the Rothschild banking firm in Frankfurt. Belmont later converted to Christianity and supposedly adopted his wife’s Episcopalian faith.

There’s also the fact that a Jew named Chiune Sugihara helped approximately 6,000 of his race into Japan during World War II, thus further assisting Jewish domination in Japan, Eastern Asia, and the world at large. It has been estimated that 100,000 descendants of Sugihara’s Jews live today, though I am inclined to believe the number is far greater. One must also suspect many of the “Westerners” living in Japan today to be Jews. As can be seen, the Jewish Problem is firmly entrenched within and deeply affects every nation on the planet. Modern technology, with it being under the control and influence of the Jews, has granted them massive success in their plot for world domination and international corruption.

(July 8, 2023: The blog Shadow Masterminds, which has since been deleted by the Jews (click on the link for the archived version), also listed Akihito as a Jew, besides a very large number of other Jews pretending to be members of various non-European races and nationalities. Radio Islam also provides useful information on numerous Jews who have invaded countries far beyond the Western sphere.)

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