Are There Any Trusted Websites?

(This post was originally written in June, 2022.)

As the number of Jewish deceivers that comes to my knowledge becomes definitely larger, one naturally wonders: Are there websites besides my own containing information about Jews that one could recommend for non-Jews?

As I think about this question, and think of the possible examples, the pitifully small number of websites that I can enumerate becomes evident. While compiling a list of trusted sites would, by nature of its brevity, be undoubtedly easier than a List of Jewish Deceivers, it serves a painful reminder of how few and how scarce real Jew-aware persons and our observations and writing are on the Internet. 

The number of Jewish-controlled, deceptive websites pretending to be on our side is far more extensive than the list of real websites exposing Jews. At the very least, I reckon four-fifths of all the content one sees about Jews on the Internet by “anti-Semitic” users are written or contributed by secret Jews. Even many of the smaller or lesser-known sites and contributors are secret Jews, and much of the good content about the Jews is removed or suppressed by Jews before people are able to access it. 

The observable facts and evidence are wholly contrary to the unseemly, exaggerative crying about “persecution and discrimination” and the rise of an imaginary “anti-Semitism” one continually hears from the Jews on the Internet and the rest of the media. One may rest assured that the actual number of Jew-aware individuals on the planet is undoubtedly far smaller than the media would like to have the public believe. That number would appear much smaller still, when we consider the frequency with which those comparatively few real Jew-aware persons are suppressed and banned on all the major websites.

Of course, there are many individual posts or statements on thousands of websites that give truthful, stimulating, or accurate information about the Jews; but the general nature of the sites is such that these websites cannot on the whole be recommended for non-Jews – it is for the non-Jew with the the patience and the ability to examine and question all the information on such sites, to form theories or solutions relating to the Jewish Problem in a genuine way. If there are any sites that are truly worthy of inclusion here that I have not mentioned, it is because either I am ignorant of it, or it did not contain enough truth about Jews to warrant promoting it.

As there is no website the contents of which I can absolutely recommend (this blog serving to ameliorate such shortcomings), I will be including what I think are the advantages or praiseworthy elements of each site, along with some weaknesses or disadvantages each may possess. My inclusion of the sites below may be said to be above that of a hesitant decision, but below that of complete certainty. For every millions of websites spreading Jewish degeneracy, lies, corruption, and propaganda, the reader may come across one telling the truth about Jews. For every thousand sites claiming to tell the truth about Jews, you may come across one that is really doing so consistently.

May 4, 2023: I would like to say something else. I would caution my readers not to assume that I personally trust or endorse any website merely because it has linked to one of my articles or promoted my blog in the past or mentioned me. Actually, this has happened several times with blogs or websites which I will not promote. My own recommendations are limited to the sites I have linked to below. As deemed necessary, I will add to or subtract from it.

Trusted Sites

Radio Islam ( – much good information about Jews, often spoken or described by the Jews themselves. Most of the content seems to come from extraneous sources. In general, the site is very good and can be recommended to anyone who wishes to learn about the Jews. Contrary to what the name would imply, the site may be profitably read by non-Muslims and Muslims alike. In terms of original content, “The Jewish Hand Behind the Internet” is particularly interesting.


– Much information about Jews in a website that is not run by a “White supremacist” or “White nationalist” (most of whom appear to own or control the majority of the content through which non-Jews are exposed to the Jewish Problem, and many of whom are themselves secret Jews). Promotes cooperation between non-Jews throughout the planet.

– A wide variety of interesting topics are covered that relate to the Jewish Problem (Jewish control of the media and Internet, “Jewish Racism”, etc.).

– The sources mentioned in the posts are eclectic and often include Jewish contributors. (This may be an advantage or a disadvantage, but it works well to expose the Jews in their own words and works.)


– The site contains texts on Adolf Hitler, promoting or favoring Hitlerism. From what I have seen, it is fairly minimal and does not detract too much from the general good quality of the posts.

– Too many texts relate to the “Palestinian-Israeli” conflict, rather than to the Jewish Problem generally.

Huge Questions ( – a great deal of stimulating information about the Jews.


– Articles explain topics about Jews and human society that are intrinsically complicated, but are simply written, easily comprehensible, and usually cogent. The owner must be commended for writing in simple English while not resorting to vulgarity, and for abstaining from slang terms. Articles tend to be exceptionally long, but not obscure.

– Constructive ideas on the improvement of society.

– Shrewd explanations of many of the common tactics and methods of subversion used by Jews against society and against the individual.

– Many secret Jews are exposed as Jews, including many members of neo-Nazi and “White nationalist” groups.

– Discourages hatred and conflict between races, nationalities, faiths, or sexes. Rightly points out Jewish promotion of hostile behavior and animosity between different human groups.


Hufschmid says: “Become a smart fish who takes the bait but doesn’t bite the hook; i.e., look for the valuable information that the criminal Jews provide, but watch out for their propaganda and tricks.” Perhaps we are to follow this advice for his own site, too.

– The owner, Eric Hufschmid’s ancestry has been questioned by other Jew-aware persons. Some, like Adam Austin (his site is listed below), have claimed he is a Jew. Hufschmid’s half-sister, Kathryn is married to James Murdoch, a son of the billionaire business magnate Rupert Murdoch. (“In October 2010, the Anti-Defamation League in New York City presented Murdoch with its International Leadership Award ‘for his stalwart support of Israel and his commitment to promoting respect and speaking out against anti-Semitism.’”) Hufschmid’s mother was married to a Jew, Peter Klein.

– The frequency with which he exposes the Jews seems to have decreased in the last several years. He appears to place less emphasis on this problem now than he had formerly. Nowadays, he hardly seems to mention the Jews behind the problems at all, despite their influence becoming greater and greater each year. Therefore, for learning about Jews the older articles are generally superior.

– He claims that not all Jews are a problem. (This may be correct, though perhaps it is not. One with prolonged experience with the Jews, their history and their current behavior is inclined to believe it is not.) Frequently uses the term “Zionists” to refer to the Jews. (Suggestion: Whenever reading his articles, I find it useful to substitute the term “Jews” for “Zionists”: It gives the reader a much better understanding of the Jewish position in human affairs.)

– Much space, perhaps too much, is devoted to the 9/11 attacks, which may not be very interesting to those who are interested in a general study of Jews. 

– Has expressed support for Jew Trump despite his obviously Jewish affiliations. For someone who claims to oppose “Zionism”, he certainly does not do much to criticize one of the most powerful and influential “Zionists” of the present generation. Fortunately, his support for Trump does not appear to be on an extreme level.

Hitler the Jew and the Faked World War II ( – this link contains interesting information and observations concerning Jewish involvement in World War II.


– The writing goes into greater detail concerning the Jewish role in World War II and in the rise of Hitler and Nazism than other sites.

– The function of Jews pretending to be non-Jews during the aforementioned period is acknowledged.

– The speculations contained in the site are often interesting.


– The style of writing is occasionally a little unclear.

– New posts only seldom appear.

– Occasional use of “Illuminati”, “Freemason”, or “elite”, when the term “Jews” or “Jew-sympathizer” should be used.

– Writer welcomes the speculations of “Miles Mathis”, whom I do not consider especially reliable.

Subverted Nation ( – since the last several weeks, the site has been down. I will mention it here as the site may return in the near future. (July 1, 2022: Thank you to the commenter who suggested the WayBack Machine for viewing this (apparently dead) site. The reader can access the contents of Subverted Nation here:

The owner, Adam Austin, had not posted anything new since 2017, from what I had noticed. The site contained a reasonable amount of good information about Jews and appeared to have been very popular, as far as anti-Jewish blogs get. 


– Did well to give the reader a feeling of the real extent of Jewish influence on the planet.

– The number and function of Jews pretending to be non-Jews in influential positions was by no means neglected (e.g., Obama’s Jewish origins). One of the very few sites that acknowledged the destructive and insidious influence of secret Jews on society.

– Encouraged cooperation between human races, and hence little of the “divide and conquer” strategy characteristic of the Jews.


– The vulgar style of Austin’s writing and speech was worthy of criticism.

Shadow Masterminds (added: July 6, 2022)

( – this was the best Jew-aware site on the Internet. For the most powerful – and sincere – feeling of humanity in juxtaposition with the “anti-humans”, this blog served the best and noblest example. Unfortunately, this website was deleted by the Jews at WordPress, but fortunately for us, at least some of the posts and comments (a large number of which are worth reading) are still available via the WayBack Machine. Sadly, many of the posts had not been crawled by the WayBack Machine before the site’s removal in 2018, but I encourage the reader to take what he can from what remains.


– Covered an interesting, perhaps unprecedented range of topics from the anti-Jewish stance.

– Discouraged hate between different races and nationalities. The blogger was of African American origin. It was encouraging to see all Humanity taking the proper anti-Jewish position.

– The number of personages exposed or alleged to be Jews was immense, and perhaps unequaled – e.g., Hitler, Obama, Trump, Putin, Kim Jong-un, Akihito, Eisenhower, Washington, as well as David Duke, Alex Jones, and hundreds of other prominent figures in media, politics, “activism”, and many other domains were all acknowledged as Jews. (This derived from the blogger’s belief that non-Jews do not get publicity from the Jews. While I accept this view as largely valid, it is probable that some non-Jews, especially those secretly working for the Jews, are given a mild amount of publicity or attention by Jews.)

– The owner of this blog knew the truth about Nazism. He wisely filtered most comments of the “white nationalist” and neo-Nazi variety. So, the comment sections were not flooded with Jewish Nazi propaganda (as is typical of countless other websites which claim to expose Jews) and make for valuable reading in themselves.


– The articles were often a little short and occasionally vague.

– Some of the information may well have been inaccurate or misleading, and the owner may have been slightly too extreme in his acknowledgment of secret Jews permeating society. For example, he claimed Thomas Hobbes, Francis Bacon, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, and Philo Farnsworth were Jews when this seemed rather dubious. As another example, his claim that all millionaires were Jews was clearly implausible.

BitChute (added: March 28, 2023) ( – this is the best video sharing site that I know of. One of the few services on the Internet that have my personal respect. The majority of readers must be familiar with it by now, but I must do my little part to promote and recommend it. As far as I know, the site is not biased towards any political view, either “right” or “left”. Simply, it is a good service for anyone who wishes to have his or her voice heard. Simply seek what is useful and reject the chaff.


– A wide selection of videos from people of differing political and philosophical views. The owners themselves do not seem to promote any particular view besides freedom of expression.


– The quality of the content varies considerably from one channel to another. This is only to be expected in a website of this nature. Many of the channels cannot be recommended.

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