Who Is a Jew? – James Hertzog and Jordan Peterson

James Hertzog

Hertzog was a Jewish politician from South Africa who promoted Afrikaner (“Dutch South African”) culture and was Prime Minister of the Union of South Africa, the predecessor of what is now the Republic of South Africa, from 1924 to 1939. Hertzog is a variant of the surname Herzog, which is Ashkenazi Jewish. South Africa has been settled by Jews since the so-called Boers began settling there in the 17th century. The Jews don’t publicly admit it, but many of the “Dutch” settlers of South Africa were actually Jewish. Many so-called “white Boer Afrikaners” that the “white nationalists” often speak of and appear to be very defensive about seem to be Jewish. Since South Africa has likely been Jewish-controlled for centuries, and many of the “white nationalists” are also Jewish, the affiliation would seem to make sense. The Jews want to defend their race in South Africa. Unheard of fact: Jews are considered “white” in South Africa. The “white nationalists” don’t mention this, and they also avoid mentioning the Jews who have been living in South Africa for hundreds of years as if there were no Jews among the European settlers.

I’m not denying that a large number – probably the majority – of the “white” inhabitants of South Africa are (possibly) racially European. But many are also secret Jews and these are not mentioned by the “white nationalists”. How many Jews are there in South Africa? If one considers only the “white” population in South Africa, the proportion is probably from 10 to 25 percent – a sizable portion indeed. 

According to Jewish-controlled Wikipedia, “Hertzog presided over the passage of a wide range of social and economic measures which did much to improve conditions for working-class whites.” He helped make Dutch the second official language in South Africa after Afrikaans in 1925. His government also supported suffrage for “white women” in 1930, thus strengthening the dominance of the “white minority”. Hertzog’s Pact Government, with its social and economic policies against “non-whites”, helped pave the way for the creation of the famous Apartheid state in South Africa.

Jordan Peterson

I already have Peterson listed in my Jewish Deceivers post, but am giving further mention of him here as his recent behavior prompts me to do so. Peterson claims to have been hospitalized during the last months as a result of drug usage, and has recently claimed to have been infected with the Coronavirus. Who actually believes that? Well, millions of people appear to believe it. But I suspect the Jew Peterson is just trying to get more attention and more money without working. Perhaps he was having a “lazy holiday” that whole time he said he was in the hospital. The Jews probably use this trick frequently. While they claim to be suffering from illness, or perpetual oppression by nonexistent forces, they are enjoying themselves as they watch over the masses as they sob over their sentimental stories and bring them to a dismal maudlin state.

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