Who Is a Jew? – Joe Biden, Mike King, and Hans Krebs

Joe Biden

Yes, Biden, the 2020 United States presidential candidate for the Democratic Party is a Jew. Probably no person can get Biden’s political power and his fame without being a Jew. Possibly, most of the Presidents of the United States have been Jews, and almost all politicians in America today, from city mayor to state governor to nation’s president, are Jews. Most of the politicians in other countries throughout the planet are Jews as well. Biden is married to Jill Jacobs, a Jew.

Mike King

Mike King is the Jewish owner of TomatoBubble.com, where he promotes the Jewish lie that Hitler was a German hero. King seems to be a popular deceiver within the Jew-controlled neo-Nazi and “White nationalist” movements. He also asserts that “not all Jews are evil”. But what else can we expect from a Jew? The Jews need to cover for themselves out of their necessity of self-defense. I have King listed in my Jewish Deceivers page.

Hans Krebs

Krebs was, it seems, a Jewish Nazi SS-Brigadefuehrer from Czechoslovakia. He has been included in the List of Jewish Nazis.

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