Who Is a Jew? – Gustave Eiffel and Hiroyuki Nishimura

Gustave Eiffel

Gustave Eiffel, the namesake of the world famous building in the City of Love, was, it seems, a Jew born to Jewish parents in Germany. His monument, which was built in 1887, may be viewed as an international representation of Jewish degenerate art. 

A French anti-Jewish writer and a contemporary of Eiffel also accused him of being a Jew in a work titled The Jewish Question, and referred to the proposed tower as “une tour juive” (a Jewish tower).

Hiroyuki Nishimura

Hiroyuki Nishimura – the current Jewish operator of 4chan, one of the great garbage swamps of the Internet. It can’t just be a coincidence that his site always appears every time one does a search on Google for content relating to Jews – to little advantage, and all filth. 

My guess is that there are hundreds, possibly thousands of Jews employed on 4chan to try to give real anti-Jewish individuals like me a bad reputation, to stir up conflicts between non-Jews (humans), and to promote degeneracy. The same applies also to the thousands of other major sites, all of which are also thoroughly under Jewish control. 

The main objective of all of these Jew-owned sites is the same: To foment hate between humans, and deflect attention away from the Jewish Problem pari passu. Nishimura succeeded Poole (“moot”) as 4chan’s owner in 2015. It appears Nishimura is just another Jewish deceiver disguising as a Japanese person.

I have both Poole and Nishimura listed in my Jewish Subverters of Technology and Jewish Deceivers page.

I implore of my readers: Do not let the Jew incite you to hatred towards humans of other races or nations. While it is true we have differences, we are all fundamentally humans with a fellow enemy. And it seems that the one true enemy of the planet is International Jewry. The Jew, and only the Jew, is mankind’s enemy race/species. Let no mistake be made of it.

(August 18, 2023: How long must the different human groups continue to engage in senseless conflict and hatred? The man or woman who has reached a state of Jew-awareness can only shake his head at the masses who permit, even encourage these destructive, fratricidal, and short-sighted attacks. One hopes there will be a time when enough of us realize who the true enemy is and choose to take proper actions. I encourage those with the foresight and the courage to join us in the task. An intelligent understanding and cooperation between human races and nations, and realization of the true enemy, is imperative.

(The Jew wishes to divide and conquer the world. Do not let him!)

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