Who Is a Jew? – Greta Thunberg and John Quinones

Greta Thunberg

This Jewish girl gets attention for a reason, and the only reason one gets “publicity” by the Jews is that of racial sympathy. Thunberg was diagnosed with “Asperger syndrome”, which is a less mild form of “autism” (the current definition of this term was first used by the Jewish psychiatrist Kanner in 1943) that involves impaired social interaction without the intellectual deficiency associated with “classic autism”. Not only are the Jews using this Jewish girl to promote their lies and to give her fame as a member of their race, the Jews are undoubtedly using Thunberg to promote the “autism” trend. The Jews will encourage such mentally defective persons to high positions, favoring the social promotion and thereby the increased freedom of the mentally unfit to propagate their kind.

John Quinones

Quinones is the host of Jewish ABC’s What Would You Do? series. Quinones is surely a Jew. He pretends to be a Mexican, which perhaps isn’t as common as Jews pretending to be Europeans, but such types certainly do occur, and probably far more frequently than one may expect. How many of the “Spanish” settlers in Mexico and other Central and South American countries were actually Jews? The settlement of Jews in these countries would favor the drugs, crime, and other immoral activities which are so prevalent in those regions. 

Just looking at his face is enough to tell what race this creature is. Non-Jews are never given attention in the Jewish media. What Would You Do? promotes homosexuality, “transgender rights”, and all other forms of Jewish degeneracy. If you ask me, even the so-called bystanders who are featured in the show are Jews. The “street interviews” are made to look like the Jews will interview anyone, but the Jews will only interview and give attention to Jews.

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