Who Is a Jew? – Friedrich Alfred Krupp, Peter Dreier, George Jean Nathan, Eric John Dingwall, Virginia Johnson, and Gustaf Froeding

Friedrich Alfred Krupp

Krupp was a Jewish industrialist in Germany, who was known for his weapons manufacturing business. He is today celebrated for being a homosexual. (The Jews prefer the term “gay”, a word which they themselves debased and, of course, which is now the popular appellation.) Krupp is said to have committed suicide in 1902 as a result of his dissolute exploits with boys and men becoming more widely known.

No objective observer of this race can fail to be struck by the judgment that sexual crookedness and lasciviousness is one of its most distinguishing characteristics. For reasons left unexplained for want of knowledge on the matter, it would appear to be especially prominent in the Ashkenazi Jews, including and above all the so-called “German Jews”. If only they kept it to themselves, but the Jew, while bathing in the cheapest and most wanton lewdness, inevitably splashes his filth in the face of every man, woman, and child he can possibly reach. That it is therefore a calculated and willful attempt to corrupt the people cannot be disputed.

Peter Dreier

From his writings on openly Jewish publications like The Forward and Jewish Journal, Dreier is undeniably Jewish and thus not wholly suitable for inclusion in the “Who Is a Jew?” series, but Wikipedia has forgotten to mention his Jewish origin, nor have I seen anything to show that he is publicly acknowledged to be a Jew, even if that is self-evident. Hence, I mention him here.

Dreier is a Jewish political science professor at Occidental College in Los Angeles, California. He came to my attention when he started an event to renounce the biologist and eugenicist Paul Popenoe’s honorary science degree from Occidental College, which was awarded to him in 1929, and whom Dreier accused of being a “White Supremacist”. The event was successful, and Popenoe’s degree was rescinded 90 years after he had received it.

George Jean Nathan

Nathan was a magazine editor and co-founder in 1924 (with Henry Mencken) of The American Mercury, a literary magazine which was published by the Jewish Alfred A. Knopf publishing company. 

According to Wikipedia, “After a change in ownership in the 1940s, the magazine attracted conservative writers, including William F. Buckley. A second change in ownership in the 1950s turned the magazine into a far-right and virulently anti-Semitic publication.” The founder of the American Nazi Party, George Lincoln Rockwell, became a contributor to The American Mercury in 1956. 

Wikipedia says, further, that in 1934 Lawrence Spivak became business manager for The American Mercury, “a literary magazine that critiqued the American scene, while it was edited by journalist H. L. Mencken. Spivak purchased the magazine in 1939. He served as its editor from 1944 to 1950 when he sold it.”

I attach no credence to the claim that a magazine founded and created by Jews would ever have been conceded by them to become an “anti-Semitic, far-right publication”. I suspect the Jews were giving their own race a platform to spread more lies and half-truths about their race as “damage control”.

A 1978 article in The American Mercury praised Adolf Hitler as the “greatest Spenglerian”. I think I see the connection: Spengler was a Jew, so the connection to Hitler’s Jewish ancestry. The relation becomes clearer when one is reminded of the fact that as Spengler had proclaimed that a “Death of the West” was an inevitable and organic phenomenon, the Jew Hitler helped steer this prediction to reality by leading the Germans toward the degradation of their nation, with its formerly respectable cultural and spiritual life. “Great” he was, if only in destruction, deception, and degradation.

Says Wikipedia, “There is some evidence that Nathan was Jewish and sought (successfully) to conceal it.”

Eric John Dingwall

Dingwall was a well-known anthropologist, librarian, sexologist, and “psychical researcher” from England.

Wikipedia says that Dingwall was adept at financial matters. Dingwall’s “work”, above all his preoccupation with sexuality and parapsychology, leaves little doubt what race he was. The Jewish author Gordon Stein, an atheist advocate, devoted The Encyclopedia of the Paranormal to Dingwall.

Virginia E. Johnson (real name: Mary Virginia Eshelman)

Virginia E. Johnson (real name: Mary Virginia Eshelman) – another depraved Jew and pioneering sexologist. Her Jewish ancestry is not acknowledged. Eshelman’s father was Hershel Eshelman, claimed to be of German origin and was by religion a Mormon. Eshelman began a career in the music industry, but is more famous as a member of the Masters and Johnson “sex research” team with her husband, William Howell Masters, a Jewish gynecologist – though likewise, the husband is not openly admitted as Jewish. 

Gustaf Froeding

Froeding was a poet from Sweden. I had discovered his name by searching for the Swedish district of Vaermland, which, according to the German anthropologist Hans F. K. Guenther is one of the purer Nordic districts of that country. Wishing to inquire further I turned to Wikipedia’s list of notable men and women born from that region. 

From a quick look at the mentioned notables I saw no particularly strong Nordic strain peculiar to this Swedish locality. In fact, an East Baltic strain was rather striking. But of course, one must bear in mind that it cannot be assumed that any compilation of famous persons from a particular region really represents the racial composition of the region or the bulk of the population living there. The fact that the information was taken from Wikipedia must also be kept in mind, because one must suspect that a rather higher proportion of Jews ought to be represented in any list of famous or notable persons on that website. So it is possible we are dealing here with exceptions rather than examples.

With this digression aside, when I clicked on the page on Froeding, I was caught by the distinctly Jewish look: more precisely, the Jewish eyes one frequently observes in Germany and Austria. It is very often the eyes, and the eyes alone, which give the student of race and the Jewish Problem a definite idea of the Jewishness of certain specimens. This would seem to be particularly true of Jews who reside in Germany. The “German Jews” (as they are popularly called) appear to be in their outward appearance less at odds with the natives than are their kin in some of the more easterly countries like Poland, or Hungary. The vast contrast that is known to exist between the Jews in Germany and the Germans (the Northern Germans particularly), displays itself markedly more in the intellectual and spiritual side than in the bodily. Has a form of selection been at work here within the Jewish population at a discarding of features that would make them look conspicuous, while the vital spiritual functions of the race were necessarily preserved? 

The Jews in Germany, despite their apparent lack of dissimilarity with the Germans in the bodily aspect, have contributed more than their share in the international Jewish community in the aggrandizement of corruptive forces leading to the moral and intellectual decline of nations. It further attests to my belief that the final diagnosis of a Jew must lie in an analysis of the spiritual and behavioral traits rather than in the bodily. As a possible cause for this similarity in bodily aspect to their hosts, it may be said that too much intermixing has occurred between various human populations and the Jews, that a sharp line of demarcation based on the external traits is often impossible to make.

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