There Are No “Smart” Jews

(This article was posted in June, 2019.)

Every day, the Jews are portrayed in public as intelligent and successful, but are they really? Many problems would have been solved if this were the case. On the contrary, Jews are very unintelligent. Jews have not contributed one singular idea to the people. Instead, they plagiarize others’ work to look and sound like an intellectual lot – one notable example being Albert Einstein. 

Since Einstein was discredited, the Jews have done severe “damage control” when it was circulating the internet. 

I could mention another example: Michael King, whom the public knows as Martin Luther King, Jr. The title Michael King took was from a man whose actual name was Martin Luther, a man who loathed the Jews for their schemes. This is an example of someone plagiarizing another’s name, which shows how fraudulent the Jews are when they think of public aliases – let alone this the name of a man who hated their race for likely legitimate reasons.

Throughout the world, the Jew is vastly over-represented in every profession and every activity that selects for cognitive ability. Vast tranches of our science and technology have been subverted by the Jews. The truth is that Jews have been dominant in every field. More than a third of all Nobel Prize winners in scientific fields were counted “Jewish”; with secret Jews included, it would unsurprising if it were found that half of all Nobel laureates were of this race. Nearly half of all world chess champions are, and have been openly Jewish – among them Bobby Fischer, Garry Kasparov, and Emanuel Lasker. Jews have won close to half of all Fields Medals, one of the highest honors in mathematics. Jews have also won over a fourth of all ACM Turing Awards, the highest honor in computer science.

Jews are continuously over-depicted at all levels of academia, and often at the highest institutions in the country. A remarkable proportion of so-called “child prodigies” have been Jews (William James Sidis being the most famous), and many alleged “precocious geniuses” have been Jews – see Ruth Lawrence and Noam Elkies for two examples. The account only goes on.

Despite their boastful claims and spurious claims of accomplishment, however, the most we get from Jews is an endless “whine-fest” about “anti-Semitism” and “hate speech”, which is itself hypocritical. To delay their downfall, the Jews needed to control the message, which explains how selective the Jewish media are with their sources.

Because very many college professors, academia principals, education board directors, and many school teachers, counselors, librarians, and others in leading positions of our education system are Jews (as they’ve planned in detail in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion), it cannot be a coincidence that Jews always enroll into the top universities and schools.

Jews have a better-than-average memory which makes them excel in the “education” we have today, facilities the Jews themselves assembled, which is devoted to remembering large amounts of information.

The criminals who dominate the television, publishing firms, libraries, bookstores, art galleries, museums, and universities and schools, are suppressing information about the Jews and their crimes.

The invasion of Jews in the administrations has prevented funding for what could benefit us. Also, the Jews have stolen and twisted, destroyed, valuable books and documents. And the Jew-controlled publishing industry shuns manuscripts and other works valuable to us.

The public and school libraries are all dedicated to Jew-written, Jew-sourced, Jew-edited, Jew-published books, with most of those Jews pretending to be authors of European origin.

It is possible that the Jews cannot form a single original idea of their own, and they have no problems plagiarizing other people’s ideas and claim it as their own “original” idea. The Jews have used the word “inspiration” to serve as a “sugarcoat” for plagiarism.

The Jews simply are a group of deceptive degenerates. If there was even one “smart” Jew, he or she would have made the world a better place. Their tribe’s history and current actions demonstrate patently against the idea that they are a benefit to humanity. Perhaps the main reason the Jews got to where they are now is because of their cunning. The Jews whine and mention the Nazis when something does not happen as they wanted. It seems the Jews use any means to make it easier for them to corrupt the planet.

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