Trump and Biden Are Not the Only Secret Jews

(This article was originally written in September 2020.)

Many of you must know that a debate between Trump and Biden occurred on Tuesday, September 29, 2020, with the Jew Chris Wallace, whose father, Mike Wallace, was also a news commentator, acting as the moderator. The moderator was not the only Jew in this debate.

How many people know that Donald Trump, and Joe Biden, and Angela Merkel, and Joseph Stalin (real name: Dzhugashvili), and Adolf Hitler, and probably tens of thousands of other prominent people, are Jews pretending to be other than they truly are? How many people in America, and how many people throughout the world, are secret Jews? How many people, over thousands of years, have been deceived by these secret Jews? That every famous person living at this moment without exception, nay, everyone who gets time on television, film, magazines, or the popular media throughout the earth, is a Jew? The damage one Jew can cause to the world can be seen by the actions of Trump, or Hitler, or Dzhugashvili. Anyone today who gets any popularity or attention anywhere in the world is a Jew or at the least a degenerate and an ally of Jewish depravity.

I recall that during the 2016 presidential election, there was an effusion of promotion coming from the “White nationalists”, the “alt-right”, and the “White supremacists” of Trump. But since Trump was selected as president, many of these same individuals have tried to disassociate themselves from him. But the “White nationalist” movement is controlled by Jews, and Trump himself cannot be other than a Jew. So why did this movement, or the Jews behind the movement appear to disclaim and distance themselves from a leader of their own race/species? Of course, real Jew-aware individuals were already aware that Trump was a Jew working in the interest of the Jews. So, the Jewish “White nationalists” needed to deflect suspicion away from themselves by pretending to distance themselves from an obvious ally of the Jews. The Jews behind the “White nationalist” movements and organizations tried to give the masses the impression of awareness of the Jews’ design by distancing themselves from Jew Trump. They thought it would be enough to avert suspicion from themselves, and in that regard, they appear to have been fairly successful; but that is only an illustration of the stupidity of the crowds today. 

Trump was surrounded by openly Jewish individuals throughout his career and his personal life; and an examination of both of these leaves no dispute that he was a supporter of the Jewish race/species and of Jewish degeneracy. The Jews in the “White nationalist” movement think that by repudiating Trump, most of the non-Jews (humans) who were becoming aware of Trump’s real loyalties will believe their doing so was an honest and genuine demonstration of attempting to free themselves and their movement from Jewish influence.

True Jew-aware non-Jews like myself had already been exposing Trump as the Jew he was before the November 2016 election results, but I do not believe any sane person of average intelligence would have believed that Trump was opposed to the Jews. I do not believe there was a single truly Jew-aware person who would ever have been duped by the Jews that a leader who was truly opposed to the Jewish race would be successful in holding an official position in politics without certain conditions being first met, conditions which, perhaps, have never in the history of the planet been realized.

The masses are, to a large extent, to blame for the vile situation of our world today – but so is everyone else; although the extent of the burden, of course, differs to a wide degree between some. The masses are so stupid and easily tricked by the Jews that the truly Jew-aware non-Jews like myself may even dare to think that perhaps the crowds deserve what is coming for them.

An extremely large portion of famous and popular persons in the United States are openly Jewish and make their Jewishness no secret. But this does not appear to be true in many other countries. If one looks, for example, at the influential and famous individuals in Germany today, or in England, or in France, perhaps even in Canada, it is a much smaller portion that makes his or her real racial ancestry widely known. But these nations are likely as thoroughly controlled by Jews as is the United States; the ruling positions there are as fully occupied by Jews as they are in America. So I do wonder, Why are the Jews in power hiding their Jewishness in other countries, while making it less of a secret here in America? Here is something to consider; perhaps the reader can explain it.

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