The Profound Arrogance of Parents Today

(This article was originally written in September, 2019.)

Is it just me, or do the best of us realize how arrogant the average parent today is? (September 18, 2023: Interestingly, I have especially noticed this tendency in mothers.) Parents today ridiculously act as if their child is the most important person on the planet. Tell me, then: What has your child, your son or daughter, contributed to the world that will be of genuine consequence to society after he or she had died? Such a distinction is reserved only for the best of the human population. For parents to expect it of every child of theirs is simply another expression of extreme late 20th and 21st century arrogance. This arrogance has been emboldened by the Jewish media, which advocates the egoism of the self and self-gratification to be of greatest individual importance and beyond issues that concern the welfare of the community.

People in the 21st century are profoundly arrogant. Perhaps in the time of Ancient Greece the average person of the Greek population might have been of a relatively high quality and the average parent might have had something to be proud of his son, but we are living now and not in Ancient times. To be honest with you all, the average person living today is no one special or important. Their opinions, all their little niceties, will all be forgotten once they are dead. It is only the best of us, perhaps the top 0.01 percent of the population at most, whose ideas and opinions will change the world and last after our lives have passed.

People today just need to “get real”. Your child is no one special or important merely because he or she is the product of your egg or sperm. It’s a complete joke to think that the average person today, or even the top one percent of the population today, is of any genuine importance to the world. It may sound upsetting to the average or otherwise slightly gifted person (who vacillates between extreme arrogance and an extreme inclination towards hero-worshiping), but it’s true. Even if your child eventually becomes an engineer, or a business leader, or even a medical doctor or a lawyer – “dream careers” of many parents for their child – what will he or she actually contribute that will be of value to the world after his or her death? The average physician, engineer, or lawyer is no one who will influence the world after he or she has passed. The average of these people have contributed about as much as the average garbage man, janitor, mail-deliverer, or other low-wage worker.

I’m not trying to sound cruel here. I’m only speaking the truth. Imagine if your child disappeared from the planet the next day. Really, what difference would that make to the world after a few weeks or months? None. He or she will be replaced by another competent person of satisfactory ability. These people may play some key roles in society while they are alive, but their opinions will be completely forgotten after their deaths. Only the best of us will have our ideas and opinions remembered.

Do not act as if your children are more important than they really are to the planet. Only the best of mankind can truly change the world.

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