Taylor Swift Is a Jew

(This article was originally written in September, 2019.)

Taylor Swift is a Jew. How do I know? I do know these pieces of information from which I can infer that she must be a Jew, and not the “all-American” celebrity the Jews claim she is.

Swift’s brother, Austin, is a famous actor on obviously Jewish-owned film production and distribution companies, among them the Warner Bros. Austin Swift is curly-haired, like most Jews, and is distinctly darker than his sister.

The Jews never promote non-Jews on television and movies. The Jews never place pictures of non-Jews on the cover of magazines to “glamorize” them. The Jews would never let a non-Jew become famous through the Jew-controlled music industry. It does not happen, folks. The Jewish media promotes Jews and Jews only. There are no exceptions here.

As with many famous Jews, the Jews chose to give Swift a name to better suit her purported European American ancestry. While I do not know what Swift’s actual name is, it is quite possible her public name is false – created by the Jews to conceal her Jewish origin.

We must also consider the physical appearance of the subject in question before concluding a specimen is Jewish. As Swift is a famous person whom the Jews claim is a non-Jew, we must assume that she has substantial mixture from that race to which the Jews claim she belongs – a European race.

Swift has also had cosmetic surgery performed on her, as can be seen in numerous before-and-after pictures of her face online, and is usually seen “caked” full of Jewish cosmetics to disguise her Jewish ancestry.

I was able to find this photograph of Swift in her younger years, shown below. Does she exhibit physical clues suggestive of Jewish ancestry? Yes. The general rodent-like appearance of her face is a definite clue. She also has the arched eyebrows, which seem to be most common among Jews. Also note the slanting eyes, which point to a Mongoloid ancestry, as well as the rather thick lips, with the protruding lower lip common among Jews. These are good clues – but of course, the Northern European admixture is also substantial and undeniable, even in her early photos. This would only make sense, since the Jews needed to choose a “Northern European-looking” Jew to play the role as a famous American celebrity.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is taylor-swift.jpgJew Taylor Swift in her younger years, now fooling the masses into believing that she is an American non-Jew of Northern European descent.

Taylor Swift’s song lyrics, as with the lyrics of all other famous singers today, are all about romantic relationships and arousing the people’s lowest tendencies. To what group do we owe the “rebellious individual” and “romantic” movements (and I’m not referring to the Romanticist movement of the late 18th and early 19th centuries) the public is exposed to on a continual basis and expected to conform to? The so-called “finding your one true love” slogan is a Jewish scam made to trick the people into believing that finding a partner should be a person’s sole purpose in life, something that is in first place above all other duties. The contemporary “romantic” trend is just another offshoot of the Jewish promotion of individual interests over interests that concern the welfare of the entire nation, or the world at large for even nobler souls. Jew Swift’s songs promote this sentimental rubbish about “finding love”, but never express virtues one may aim towards to serve society as a whole. We never see these famous modern-day singers and musicians promoting eugenics, or any other noble cause. These Jews and their song lyrics are promoting promiscuous behavior, violence, slang, and the attainment of material goods over spiritual fulfillment, as well as fomentation of disorder, confusion, chaos, and rebelliousness among the people, and Jew Swift’s lyrics are certainly no exception.

I suspect Swift’s Jewish blood comes from her mother, Andrea. She bears a resemblance to a number of Jews from Northeastern Europe that I have observed – in particular, the slanting blue eyes, the ash blonde hair, the very broad face, and the snub nose characteristic of the East-Baltic race, to which many Ashkenazi Jews owe a considerable amount of their blood.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is andrea-swift.jpgJew Andrea Swift (née Finlay), mother of Taylor Swift

A famous non-Jewish singer who gets constant presence on television, magazines, newspapers, and all other forms of the popular Jewish media? Like I stated, it simply doesn’t happen. Taylor Swift is a Jew. And that’s why the Jews give her attention and fame.

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