Television – The Magic Spell

(This article was originally written in April, 2020.)

The television, as you probably know, is a major medium through which the Jews are promoting their filthy propaganda. However, the Jews did not invent the television – they have simply subverted it. Of course, the Jews control not just the television, but all media; and by television I refer not merely to the traditional vision of a television set in the house living room, but also to those much more popular online variants today, which the Jews financed, and dominate to as great, if not greater an extent as they do the “idiot box“.

It is said that the Jews of RCA Corporation stole the inventor Philo Farnsworth’s television system. Farnsworth is a mainly forgotten figure in the history of television, perhaps the result of his non-Jewish origins.

One looking at the television viewing crowd may notice that the crowd tries to imitate the mannerisms of Jewish celebrities like Taylor Swift (and many others besides). Something is truly pathetic about the Jewish media loving crowds, especially when it is considered that the viewing, listening, and even reading of all that Jewish filth diminishes a wide fraction of the crowd’s intellects. Of course, since the television is made for the mass, it is unable to delve deeper into the cause of all the world’s trouble, since this very “people” (if they are even worthy of being called it) who control the media happen also to be behind the troubles of the world.

The crowds are far from “diving into the underbelly”, the true source of world chaos. The crowds are weak, unintelligent, and with no strong direction to lead them towards a well-intentioned path. The masses spend every day worshiping and trying to emulate their “idols”. The crowds will, in one moment, vacillate towards extreme arrogance and egotism, and in the next hour towards an excessive love and admiration for those they consider to be their idols and heroes. The crowds, of course, put little thought into why they worship whom they worship. They don’t put effort into looking into the Jewish propaganda more closely, and to analyze it, to discover that something is very sinister. World Jewry is using television to make the mass follow him doubtlessly. The Jew is leading the masses towards chaos as a shepherd with his flock.

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