Some Reflections – Race and Ethnicity, Huguenots, Jewish Spies and Censorship, and the State of California

1) As Jews dominate the Internet, and as they claim to abhor “racism”, why is it that it is easy to find hundreds, or even thousands of posts targeting or disparaging people of a particular nationality or ethnic group on Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and countless other websites? Although it is true that some “racist” websites are being censored or hidden by the Jewish browsers, you can easily find posts at the front page of results on Google disparaging people of a particular ethnicity or nationality, whether it be Korean, Mexican, German, etc. Despite their exclamations of expressing the need to counter “racism” on the Internet, the Google and Wikipedia and other Internet Jews do not seem to be making any attempt to censor or suppress this sort of propaganda. 

The only real censorship of content seems to be factual information relating to the Jewish race (or species). 

I suspect Jews are using “ethnicity” as a pretext to target different human groups. If a non-Jew points it out to them, the Jews can reply, “I’m not racist. I’m only talking about ethnicity!” This gives the Jews a more expedient way to promote hate between non-Jewish groups. Since they themselves will be condemned for openly promoting hate between races, the Jews are relying more on “nationality” and “ethnicity” to promote hate and lies about different groups of people. Moreover, since the Jews are also calling themselves an ethnicity or cultural group instead of a race, in the case that anyone finds information about Jews on Google or any mainstream site, or when they boast of their kin’s accomplishments, they can absolve it from charges of “racism” by claiming, “We’re only a culture and ethnicity, not a race! Therefore, we’re not being racist.” 

See this post: Jewish Subverters of Technology.

2) I have heard from one person that the so-called French Canadians are secret Jews; that the Cajuns descend from Jews; that many of the people who go by the name of “Latinos” are secret Jews; and that the Huguenots – Calvinists in France during the 16th and 17th centuries – were all Jewish. With the aftermost claim I am at least somewhat doubtful, given the many eminent and respectable men this group has contributed in history. If there were Jewish Huguenots, I believe they likely would have been in the minority. 

Some suspect that the religious reformist and founder of Calvinism, John Calvin, was himself of Jewish origins, and that his was derived from the Jewish name “Cohen”. The teachings of Calvin are said to have been drawn strongly from Jewish texts, such as the Ten Commandments. 

Obama, Dick Cheney, and the Bushes, are all in possession of a common forebear, a Huguenot, Mareen Duvall. Assuming Duvall to be Jewish, as some have, we know the Jewish origin for at least several of our prominent leaders.

3) Recently, I have been searching for friends online. I suspect at least one of the people I am talking to is a Jew trying to discover what my weaknesses are and to make it easier to exploit my faults, though whom exactly this is is difficult to ascertain. The Jews will ask questions in a way that sounds “casual”, to try to make it easier for people to share information that they can then use against us. They especially like to use exciting terms to incite our emotions and prevent us from thinking rationally, then use this opportunity to find where our psychological faults may lie. For example, the Jews might mention in an incidental manner that they have been drinking the night before or that they often enjoy alcohol. Of course, this may not always be cause for good suspicion – but it is likely that some of these people are Jews who want to discover our particular tastes and weaknesses. 

The Jews will often introduce sexual topics into conversations to try to exploit us in this domain as well. For example, they will mention their sexual exploits or other “experiences” in an attempt to get a response or my opinion on such matters to find what my weaknesses may be. 

One common method the Jews use to attempt to lure Jew-aware people like me is to pretend that they share the same anti-Jewish beliefs. Oftentimes, the Jews, when initiating a conversation, will speak as if we were “long lost friends” and pretend to be on our side to try to gain our trust and exploit us in numerous ways. One of the best ways to tell if it’s a Jew is to see if he’s dogmatic and persevering in his inquiries and requests. From my experiences, most of these will be found to be spies for the Jews; the best thing to do is to ignore them.

It is quite possible that more than one Jewish spy has been talking to me or that the same Jew is using different usernames or profiles to ask me different questions or elicit a response from me under the masquerade of a multitude of different personalities – a “smorgasbord of personalities”. This way, the Jews will discover which “personality” I like best. Thereafter, the Jews will use this “personality” to try to uncover what they wish to know about me.

4) The Jews may be preventing emails and other forms of communication from being sent to people whom they dislike. About a year ago I talked to another person online, who had written a comment relating to Jewish history in America on YouTube. It was about Martin Luther King Jr. (real name: Michael King). We wrote a few replies to each other, and knowing the censorship that was the rule on YouTube and other social media sites (all Jew-owned), I sent him my email if he wished to further this correspondence. He replied that he would contact me by this email, but I never received an email from him. Certainly, it is possible that he was no longer interested, or had merely forgotten to do this, but it is also possible that the Jews filtered the email so that it would not be sent. Another person with whom I have been discussing the Jewish Problem by email for a while has, since a few months ago, suddenly disappeared from the discussion. Though it may not be prudent to make unproven assertions, it is not beyond possibility that the Jews have censored his or my (or both) emails so that they would not be read by their recipient.

5) The state of California. If the Jewish population in America is 15-20 percent, to give a rough and uncertain estimate, I reckon the Jewish population in California rather higher, at 20-25 percent. If California is a leader of the nation in several ways, one of these, beyond doubt, must be the media. The number of social media companies, technology businesses and corporations, film and television studios, and online and print publications and websites that have bases or headquarters here is astounding. The proportion of Jews within these companies and organizations likewise is extremely high. It is no exaggeration to say that the influence that these Jewish-controlled businesses, corporations, and other organizations have influences the entire world, and probably is used by over a billion people throughout the planet. If the state of California is a foreboding of things to come or what is in the process of coming for the world, with its omnipresent signs of a corruption and a degeneracy which the observer cannot but associate with the symptoms of a Jewish domination and influence, I fear it will not be a healthy result.

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