Some Reflections – Costa Rica Jews, Mexican Indians, Arab Scholars, Internet Suppression and Propaganda, and the SAT

1) It is said that Costa Rica is the most successful republic of Central America, and that the happiness of its citizens exceeds that of other Central American nations. I was, therefore, surprised to read that the Costa Ricans are distinguished by their possessing a sizable Jewish ancestry in their population. According to the Wikipedia page on Costa Ricans, the majority of the Costa Rican population from the Central Valley region possess about 1-3 percent Sephardic Jewish ancestry. The Wikipedia gives the following interesting information: “Many of the first Spanish colonists in Costa Rica may have been Jewish converts to Christianity who were expelled from Spain in 1492 and fled to colonial backwaters to avoid the Inquisition.” The capital of Costa Rica, San Jose, which is a part of the Central Valley, is said to be “notable among Latin American cities for its high quality of life, security, level of globalization, environmental performance, public service, and recognized institutions. According to studies on Latin America, San José is one of the safest and least violent cities in the region.”

It is possible that the Jews are merely being duplicitous again, and that the less civilized lands of the Central American region racially are those which contain a greater share of Jewish blood, which would be in line with my present belief, that the more a country is percolated with Jewish blood, the more ignoble, immoral, and corrupt it will tend to be. Based on the evidence I am not inclined to expect a civilized, principled, and relatively intelligent country to be more Jewish than those less gifted with these qualities. But looking at the evidence in an intelligent way, in spite of my previous assertion that no significant racial difference may be posited between the different branches of the Jews, I may be compelled to admit of a racial chasm between the Sephardic and Ashkenazi branches of this people, not only in physical differences, which is well-established and quite easily ascertained, but also in the mental and spiritual life and in the psychology.

An important but little considered question must follow: How many of the “Hispanics” and “Latinos” in Mexico, as well as in the various countries of Central and South America, are secret Jews? Has anyone seriously and honestly studied this topic?

2) On a related topic, it is interesting that the “Latinos” of Mexico, who as is well known, constitute one of the larger sources of immigration into the United States, are today viewed with less sympathy than the Indians north of Mexico, who are often referred to as “Native Americans”; yet the Indian tribes inhabiting parts of what is now Mexico, such as the Aztecs, and Mayans, and in Peru, the Inca, would seem to have contributed the more admirable civilizations to the Americas than the Indian tribes farther north. 

How much of this cultural degradation of the formerly respected and respectable Mexican Indians was due to Jewish racial influence? One is reminded in some respect of the so-called Arab scholars of the Medieval period to which much is attributed, who preserved ancient Greek and Roman thought and contributed in a substantial degree toward the progress of intellectual life. One must bear in mind that these “Arab scholars” were by ethnic descent mainly Persian, whose writing was in Arabic (Hans F. K. Guenther, The Racial Elements of European History, second ed., English trans., 1927, p. 149); and the Persians are according to some sources, even to this day rather distinguished from the Arabs in their mental abilities and philosophy. Though not to be compared to the Persians of the days of Darius I, they appear to be more intelligent, less dogmatic, and less driven by the fanatical fury and love of retribution (?) which appears to distinguish the Arabs. The Persians in the Medieval period would seem to have been racially a predominantly Near Eastern-Araboid people, with an admixture of Nordic (and Mediterranean?) race, thus distinguishing them from the real Arabs, who are of course by race, predominantly Araboid. (The Levantine Arabs of Syria, Lebanon, etc., however, have a very substantial Near Eastern admixture.) How much of the corruption of the Middle East and its divergence from its formerly respectable past can be imputed to a Jewish racial influence? Perhaps it is not a negligible one.

3) Years ago, I remember the great prevalence of Internet forums with their box-like and compacted structure. These forums were often limited to some area of interest, which was in contrast to the social media platforms prevalent today. These forums had a popularity far above what they seem to have now; the explanation seems to be the rise of social media platforms, which are typically – or at least they claim to be – much broader and more general in their services. 

Some people probably worry that with the rise of social media, the Internet is becoming less personal and more “corporational” or “bureaucratic”, with technology oligarchs suppressing everything they disagree with. However, I don’t think there was much in any of these older forums that would bring me to reach such a conclusion.

From my observations there hardly was a forum or personal blog that really was telling the truth about Jews. They all seemed to be as Jew-controlled as any of the popular social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter. I suspect the Jews were controlling these “small blogs” and forums while trying to give non-Jews the impression that they were “unbiased, free-speech loving, small-time services”. 

These forums and personal blogs were in no way different in their nearly total scarcity of real content relating to the Jewish Problem as in any of the big websites and online platforms today. When one searched for content about Jews, the Jews mostly directed the reader to “white nationalist” blogs and forums, all of which are Jewish controlled. I suspect they were censoring the real Jew-aware people from the beginning.

I suspect it with blogs. When I opened my own blog on (Jew-owned) WordPress, it was only one month before the Jews banned it. The only conclusion I can reasonably arrive at is that all the other “anti-Semitic” blogs that are on WordPress are secretly under Jewish control. I say anyone who is truly anti-Jewish and writes about the Jews as they really are will get banned within a matter of a few years on any popular internet platform or any popular online service. WordPress, in this view, is even more Jew-controlled than Blogger. While my previous blog on Blogger lasted one year, my WordPress site lasted less than two months.

If your blog really is telling the truth about Jews from a non-Jewish perspective, there is no question that the WordPress Jews will delete your blog or prevent you from using their services. Anyone who lasts much longer and appears to be the exception, is a Jew or is secretly working for the Jews. Why else would the Jews not ban their platforms on these Jew-owned sites? Real anti-Jewish people like me are banned, and banned again, and yet again, and hardly get any views to our sites. Real Jew-aware blogs like mine – and we are a much smaller minority than the Jews would like to have people believe – and our posts, when they are not outright censored – are pushed to the very back of the Internet by these Jews. At most, we are able to reach a few thousand page views in a month. Then, we must start our blogs again because the Jews will delete them after a few months or years. For real anti-Jewish people like me, it is a process of reaching a few new readers every day. The Jews don’t promote people who post intelligent and Jew-aware posts like mine. That is just how it is.

Moreover, these Jewish search engines seem to be promoting posts on sites like Wikipedia, Quora, Reddit, Medium, Blogger, and WordPress, and other more “personal” informational sites and blogging platforms; but these seem to be at least as, if not more full of disinformation and Jewish propaganda as the “official” education, government, and news and media websites. Although the quality of responses in these “personal contributor” sites certainly varies from one user to another, it is not as great as the Jews would like to have us believe. Again, the people trying to promote true and honest content about the world and about Jews are swiftly banned or suppressed on these sites. I remember Yahoo! Answers was frequently promoted at the very front of search results on Google, but why? Do intelligent and cautious people really trust the information provided on these sites? These services seem to be spewing all the same lies, degeneracy, and dishonesty as the more “professional” sites, just in different dialects, different colloquial styles, to reach the public’s purblind comprehension.

[Amendment (May 12, 2022): Actually, many of the scientific papers, and the government and educational websites today seem to contain at least a fair amount of truth, despite the Jewish domination of many (if not most) of them. The problem is that most of it is beyond the understanding of the masses. The masses, therefore, are reliant on the “popular science” publications and mainstream journalism for their scientific knowledge. Nothing is inherently wrong with this, but the problem is that it is these popular media outlets (the journalistic ones especially!) that are most likely to be full of Jewish lies, propaganda, and pseudoscience, especially as it relates to the fields of human biology, medicine, and psychology. It is self-evident that this is a very dangerous phenomenon. If the people cannot understand and appreciate the facts in a democracy, science can hardly be expected to be adopted to a scale worthy of its application. If the public cannot have at least some appreciation and understanding of the general ideas in science, the application of science will be severely impeded.]

One gets the impression that the Jews in control of the search engines are promoting these “personal sharing” platforms and blogs to give people the feeling that their search engines are giving us a fair representation of different perspectives. They want to intimate it to readers that the search results show personal and diverse views from a complete array of perspectives. But judging from personal experience and observation, that is far from the case. The Jews will only allow a certain “range” of opinions and answers to be posted by the people using these sites.

The “anti-Semitic” posts that get promoted and are at the front of the search results are mostly, if not all secretly written by Jews. Any site Jews will allow on the first few pages of a general search query is almost guaranteed to be under Jewish control. The “alternative” opinions that are shown in these search results are nearly all Jew-approved, and for this reason they never will tell the truth about the Jews. The Jews may allow some sites that criticize communism, feminism, “liberals”, or any race (or species) but the Jews, or even their own search engines, but just as quickly as you expose the Jews responsible for these and countless other corrupt behaviors, they suppress what you have to say.

So, it is only one Jewish service superseding another. One should also have a look at the location where the concerned technology company is based. It is often an important clue. If the company is based in California (like WordPress) or another Jew-infested location, it is essentially guaranteed to be under direction of the Jews.

(September 2, 2023: It is certainly not worth overlooking that the Jews tend to “cluster” in certain areas, including but not limited to geographic spaces. California, United States must be one of the most Jew-infested places on the planet. We in the 21st century live – most sadly for us Jew-aware – in what is a Jew-infested, Jew-dominated world. The United Sates is one of the most Jew-dominated countries on the planet; of the 50 states, California might exceed even New York in its “Jewishness”, which is not only a domestic penetration, but an unreservedly international one. It is only to be expected, but nevertheless highly unfortunate for the world, that the state is an immensely powerful one regarding media, technology, and other facets of social and cultural influence.)

4) The SAT (which was first and significantly referred to as the Scholastic Aptitude Test, later as the Scholastic Assessment Test, and today, as going by nothing except the abbreviated title) has been getting much criticism from the Jews, and from the discontented in this country. Since the Jew-led “George Floyd” protests in 2020, the number of colleges requiring scores from standardized tests such as the SAT and the ACT in the college admissions process has dropped precipitously in the United States. (Conveniently, the fact that testing locations throughout the country were closed as a result of the pandemic was another putative factor for the test’s dismissal in university admission decisions.)

The removal of antonym questions from the verbal section of the SAT in 1994, and the omission of analogies starting in 2005, represented the lower emphasis on native intelligence and has been interpreted as a sign of the decreasing intelligence of the general population. The Jews in control of most of the education system, who for decades have put forth a tremendous effort to stir up the dregs of this country, made a remonstrance against what it claimed were “socioeconomic” and “racist” biases inherent in the test. But they merely reflected real differences, and reality was too hard to look at. The decline of the SAT is yet another instance of the Jews instigating certain elements of the population to bring society to a still lower level – towards emotionalism and egotism and self-pity. 

Despite the College Board’s attempts to make the test “fairer”, the racial differences showed in the scores, and when viewed together, they represented, not a perfect agreement as the “egalitarians” hoped, but contrast. The correlation between knowledge, and the raw thing we know as intelligence, was too great for the College Board to mitigate it by asking more of the types of knowledge and thinking looked on as useful and practicable for the prospective college student. Despite the increasing “Jewishness” of the tests, the innate and biological differences – between individuals, between races – in cognitive ability continued to manifest themselves in the test scores.

I believe it is hardly sensible to accuse the SAT of racial bias when the College Board has gone through drastic revisions to do its best to serve a test in which students are capable of making demonstrable improvement with hard work and study, and the score of which can predict the success of students of all races at the college level, and in the case of the tests of intellectual ability, to accuse them of such bias when the racial disparities have been shown greatest in questions most measuring innate ability.

(September 2, 2023: The College Board is already under Jewish hands, and has been under obvious Jewish control for a while, since the Jew David Coleman became its ninth president in 2012. However, I believe the SATs were in the process of being more “Jewish” even before Coleman became president.)

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