Jews Are Behind the Birth Control Movement

(This article was originally written in December 2019.)

The Jewish media recently announced a new birth control pill that supposedly will last several weeks. According to the Jewish media, it will take a few more years until the drug becomes commercially available.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is margaret-sanger.jpgJew-loving corrupter Margaret Sanger, the major public initiator of the birth control movement.

As always, it is Jews who are directing the “research” into this birth control. In this case, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded the “research”. Bill Gates is a Jew (in his senior years the resemblance with Ruth Ginsburg has been noted) who hides behind the guise of “philanthropy” and “humanitarianism” to help spread and promote the Jews’ depraved and corrupt practices and propaganda throughout the planet, including birth control. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gave $2.2 billion to Planned Parenthood, the United Nations Population Fund, and other population control groups in 1999. Gates had given over $30 billion to birth control groups by the year 2007.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is jew-birth-control.jpgThe Jews’ newest form of birth control, which supposedly lasts weeks for a single capsule.

The Jews claim to be experimenting different possible methods of birth control to give the licentious masses the illusion of choice. A common complaint by the women using contraceptives is that they will occasionally forget or refuse to take birth control on any given day, which will increase their risk of pregnancy. But why are these women complaining to begin with? If these women really don’t want to get pregnant, they know that the only sure way to maintain this is not to engage in sexual intercourse. Any consequences to be had from the unrestrained nature of the masses should be completely their own blame, and they should be forced to accept full culpability for their degenerate, Judeophilic acts.

Perhaps it is best not to have sexual intercourse at all, unless you actually plan on having children? Have the masses today lost all sense of morality?

The Jews announced that there could be unwanted side effects that come with this and other forms of hormonal contraception. But it would seem obvious that pregnancy would likely be far worse to these masses of women who use the Jews’ birth control than any side effects that are likely to be incurred from its usage.

All the birth control technology as used by the masses today are owned and controlled by Jews. “The Pill”, as it is commonly called, is the most popular form of birth control in America and many other countries because it is cheap and easy to use. Planned Parenthood gives women birth control pills for free. Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger, who was the pioneer of the birth control movement. Margaret Sanger’s husband, William Sanger, was a Jew. The Jews fully funded and developed the modern birth control movement, including the contraceptive pill, from the beginning. Jews such as Gregory Pincus, Carl Djerassi, and George Rosenkranz helped to engineer the Sexual Revolution by developing the birth control pill, and made birth control a world-wide trend among today’s deluded masses. The intrauterine device (IUD), another popular form of birth control, is also a Jewish creation. “Gynecology” (the branch of medicine dealing with the “study” of the female human body) is a field developed by Jews in the 1800s. The “gynecologists” are all Jews or Judeophilic degenerates. Max Saenger was one prominent Jewish gynecologist, whose surname also happened to be very similar to “Sanger” (e.g., Margaret Sanger).

A team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, headed by the Jew Robert Langer, supposedly found a way to lengthen the effective span of the aforementioned pills, which are still being tested. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), like other colleges and schools, is controlled by Jews. The President of the MIT is a Jew named Leo Reif. The “research” institutes and laboratories are mostly controlled by Jews, and, naturally, the results which are released from these institutes and laboratories concerning their “scientific research”, are far from being completely scientific and objective as is purported by Jews.

The questions must be asked: Why is it that the fields and study of human sexuality and birth control are so thoroughly dominated by these Jews? And should there be punishment for a woman (or a man) who consents to using such methods as given to them by the Jews?

Sterilization should be the only choice for sexually active men and women who are capable of reproducing, but do not wish to. Otherwise, the male and female masses must assume full responsibility for the consequences of their licentiousness.

The Jews’ poisonous lie that “humans deserve to have sex simply for its own sake” is just another way for the Jews to prevent people from working towards common noble goals. The Jews have been using the illusions of “liberty” and “freedom” to promote unbridled licentiousness among the masses. The terrible consequences of such disorder are unbeknownst to these masses. The coming of the Jewish “Sexual Revolution” has resulted in extreme immorality and disorder. The morally weak and vulgar Judeophilic masses accepted it indiscriminately. Today, the Jews do not even fear criticism from the public regarding sexual topics. Such topics are “normalized” in today’s degenerate (Judeophilic) society.

Concerning abortion, the so-called “conservatives” are overwhelmingly of Christian faith, and oppose it. On the other hand, liberals are mainly in favor of abortion. Either way, both sides are wrong because they oppose or are in favor of abortion for the wrong reasons – reasons that were fed to them by the Jews.

Modern birth control technology and the doctrines used to support it are completely Jewish inventions.

While the Jews are right in saying that unwanted pregnancies very usually are the product of undesirable hereditary types on both sides of the involved party, and therefore that aborting the resulting fetus ultimately would be a benefit for society, the Jews are also encouraging licentiousness among the masses of the people. I say we should make abortion and the Jews’ modern birth control methods illegal. This way, those degenerates who get pregnant will necessarily suffer from the consequences of their lustful intentions.

The Jew-controlled birth control movement has stressed the idea that women should use birth control for their selfish, immoral ends, to “help themselves” with the pathetic cry for unrestrained “freedom of the individual” rather than for the benefit of society – the right of woman, and not the duty of society.

As the entire birth control movement and establishment of “human sexuality” as an academic subject were started by and have always been under management of the Jews, the birth control and contraception technology as used by the masses today were likewise invented by Jews. Not only that, the whole feminist movement and “Sexual Revolution” were started by Jews as well. All the so-called population control and population research, and the birth control, contraception, and “human sexuality” institutes, school courses and lectures, laboratories, companies, movements, and organizations, are all directed, owned, controlled, and managed by Jews. I could give names, but all you need to do is look any of these many entities up online and you will find this assertion to be based on the clearest evidence.

The Jews also say they are promoting birth control so that the human population will be reduced – but the Jews know that the masses who use birth control wouldn’t be able to care for any child produced as a result of conception, and that the newborn child would consequently be exposed to the elements to die while still young, and not yet granted the power of reproduction, therefore leaving the world without perpetuating more of its kind. This was a very common sight throughout the world during and before the 1800s, and it did a fairly effective job at curtailing the populations of the lower classes. Surely, it was more cruel than the birth control methods used today to prevent pregnancies. But, I suspect, it also was more effective at preventing these same women from engaging in licentious fashion without reenforcing the duties necessary to produce and care for a child in the process.

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