Jews and “Autism”

(This article was originally written in May, 2019.)

It’s become a trend to talk of autism. The word has been used so often in a nonchalant way in recent years, that one should wonder what the origin of the term is, and since when was it a trend? Why had people not thought of this disorder until just a few short decades ago?

Jews are behind the autism movement. What do I mean by this? We see the Jews are promoting the term autism as a sort of trend among the masses today. However, the Jews are hiding information from the masses about the history of the term autism and the origin of autism.

The people propagating the idea that vaccines cause “autism” are Jews. By promoting this lie, the Jews are further promoting the idea of “autism” as a recent “trendy” concept, and bringing support among the masses who have “autistic” children, who would loathe to admit a genetic propensity to their child’s affliction, and instead blaming the mental illness on environmental factors.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is leo-kanner.jpgSack-eyed, hook-nosed, thick-lipped Jew Leo Kanner, who developed the term “autism” in 1943 as the masses now use it.

The word “autism” wasn’t even coined by Jew Kanner. The Swiss psychiatrist Eugen Bleuler used the term decades before the Jew Kanner first used it, in reference to patients with schizophrenia. The Jews are hiding autism behind this terminology to mislead the masses. The term “autism” as the Jews and masses use it today has been known long ago by other terms, such as “genetic mental retardation”, and “congenital mental deficiency”. The Jews simply changed the term that was used to help promote the disorder as a trend to the masses and to dissociate its emphasis on genetic origins – instead promoting it as a mysterious and unknowable disorder, the causes of which cannot be traced. The masses who inhabit the Earth today would never discover this by themselves.

While the Jews are trying to make autism look like a kind of mysterious mental disorder that suddenly appeared in the last few decades, in reality “autism” has been known by other names for far longer than the term was first used by Jew Kanner. Such people were known to be mentally defective, mentally retarded, feeble-minded, or as having congenital (or present since birth, and hence most likely to be genetic rather than environmental in origin) mental deficiency. All these terms were used before “autism” was used as Jew Kanner first used it.

By ignoring the genetic propensity to mental illnesses such as “autism”, the Jews are appealing to the emotions of the progenitors of mentally ill children by refusing to mention the genetic propensity to their ancestral affliction, instead insisting on some mysterious vaccine or other environmental factor to explain its cause to the uneducated and docile masses.

Of course, the Jew-loving and Jew-supporting masses who are reading this will deny it and say, “You’re an ignorant racist for saying that. Jews are so smart!”, or something along those lines, and then show a video or article which itself is certain to be written, published, or promoted by the Jews. Jews are not intelligent. The Jewish physicians, scholars, and academics simply create long terms no reasonable non-Jew would use to appear intelligent (this is in comparison to the similar effect of Jews in media promoting slang for the masses to use, another method of language degeneration which is no less pernicious to society). Using long words does not make you intelligent. Of course, neither does using modern slang or contemporary jargon, which is also largely “Jewish”. And the Jews do not want their claims to be discredited. 

The truth is, “autism” is a genetic disease. But the Jews, of course, are not willing to admit that to the public, because they want such genetically tainted people to have as many children as possible to create a future generation of inferior elements to serve World Jewry. The Jews themselves are even admitting that “autism” (genetic mental retardation) is becoming increasingly more common. Perhaps it is part of the Jews’ plan to lower the quality of future generations of humanity. Look at the so-called National Socialist regime, which was set up by the Jews and the leader of which, Hitler, was himself a Jew. The Jews deliberately set up the eugenics movement in Germany to discredit the eugenics movement throughout the world following World War II by adding sentimental rubbish to the history of eugenic thought while avoiding altogether the scientific evidence in favor of eugenic practices.

The Jews are not fooling me. And if you are a person of reasonable intelligence and proper moral standing, you should not be fooled by the Jews either.

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