Trump – Just Another Secret Jew

(This article was originally written in February 2020.)

I’m certain many of you have heard that Trump, the 45th president of the United States was reportedly undergoing an impeachment trial.

Now, I don’t care much for contemporary politics myself, and especially not the so-called politics that is reported in the Jewish media. Probably all so-called politicians since 1945 (after World War II) have been Jews or open supporters of the Jewish cause. Always their policies are made solely with the benefit of their Jewish beneficiaries in mind. And this applies, not just to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and North America (as the Jews may make you inclined to believe), but to all countries and regions throughout the world. These Jewish politicians are pretending to give the masses the ability to choose their leaders. The politicians today are only elected or placed in prominent positions because the Jews want them in those roles. And if the Jews want someone to play a role (with the role-players themselves being almost entirely Jews), it would be obvious that they wouldn’t promote an anti-Jewish person to high ranks. 

It has happened in quite a few cases where the Jews elected a false anti-Jewish leader to power, like they did with the Jew Hitler in 1933; but the Jews only do this to secure yet a greater mass of international power. The Jews use such leaders for their own end, without any ultimate regard to anything they say or promise to the masses who support them and who helped bring them to prominence. The final product of such puppet leaderships is always reserved for the Jew; and with the interests of the Jew in mind.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is donald-trump-2.jpg45th president of the United States Jew Trump

Since the Jew Trump was selected – most likely not elected, or even chosen by the people – to become president of the US by the global Jewish oligarchy, what’s changed for the better? For non-Jews, nothing of any positive significance has happened during Trump’s presidency. The only things that have taken place that were good, most emphatically can be applied only when speaking of one group – world Jewry. Nothing radically different has happened, but the Jews will never tell the public this.

The Jews today have more power in the world than they had ever before in the past. The Jews wanted someone who gives the appearance of frequently “crossing the line” to give us the impression of a controversial leader differing from the Jews’ traditional portrayal of public leaders. This appearance of “nearly crossing the line” puts the Jews in an optimal position to further whine about a fictional “persecution” and mass-scale “antisemitism”. How could someone like Trump ever have been elected into one of the most powerful positions in the world? Only the Jews could have made it happen.

The Jews pretend to give the people a choice. The masses probably never had a choice to decide who would become their president. But with Jew Trump, they at least could feel that they had a choice.

It came as no surprise that Trump had been “acquitted” from impeachment, as was recently reported by the Jewish media. Perhaps nothing should ever come as a surprise when it comes to the actions of the Jew.

You probably have heard the claim that “non-White” races are being persecuted and attacked more frequently since Trump became president. In this way, the Jews are again aiming and encouraging resentment towards races – all races, except, of course, their own. The Jews will whine about “antisemitism” under the Jew Trump’s administration, but that’s only to play the victim. But the Jews will openly encourage and promote hate when it comes to all other races.

Before ending this post, let readers think about this before believing the Jewish claim that “antisemitism” is a widespread phenomenon, or even becoming part of a societal inclination of sorts as the Jews are asserting. Bernie Sanders, a socialist and the major presidential contestant for the Democratic Party in the US, is of openly Jewish blood; and Sanders isn’t even the first presidential candidate to make his Jewish ancestry a public statement. And yet few people, even among the Republican Trump supporters are to be found who will ever give mention of Sanders’ Jewish descent, and still less often in any sort of contemptuous manner. The fact that the masses of America acknowledge Sanders as a major political contender thoroughly disproves the idea that anti-Jewishness is widely to be found among the American population. If such evidence isn’t a strong indicator of how Judeophilic and Judeo-indoctrinated the United States population is at this very moment, I don’t know what could be. 

(August 11, 2023: The masses are, perhaps, spared the gift of seeing by two things: first from lack of understanding, second from unwillingness. If one is absent, the other must be present; but for many, mental blindness is a double dose. Eric Hufschmid has aptly called the public a “hoard of talking animals”.)

Never have the Jews had as much power and influence over all major aspects of the world as they do today. Anti-Jewish feeling of any kind is virtually nonexistent among the populations of North America, Northern and Western Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as Northeast Asia and many other regions and countries. And yet Jews are still howling about “antisemitism” daily in the media they dominate within these regions and nations. If this isn’t indicative of a most widespread deception, I don’t know what is. And of course, the Jew Trump and his administration have only helped expedite this pro-Jewish development. Things have only gotten better for all Jews of the planet since Trump became president of the United States in 2017. To one who has awakened himself to the Jewish Problem, it is hardly surprising.

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