Jewish Censorship on Social Media

(This article was originally written on December 6, 2019 in a blog that has since been censored.)

The Jewish media in the past few weeks has sensationally revealed information concerning the appearance of political advertisements on their own social media sites – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. (all owned and controlled by Jews).

It’s reasonable to say that all moderately popular people today are either Jews or at least sympathizers of the Jewish cause. Many of these people are secret Jews pretending to be non-Jews. The Jews never let a non-Jew who opposes the Jewish cause become popular, whether in politics or in any other field.

Twitter, it was announced, would ban all “political ads” from their network. However, it was stated that advertisements relating to “social causes” would still be allowed to be displayed. These “social advocacy” advertisements include topics relating to abortion, gun control, and climate change. All the so-called social advocacy campaigns and movements are controlled and directed by Jews.

Facebook, on the other hand, said it wants to provide politicians with a “level playing field” and claims it will not intervene when they speak, regardless of political affiliation. Who are these Jews trying to fool, a clown? Facebook, along with Instagram (which is owned by Facebook, and the head of which is a Jew named Adam Mosseri), will promptly ban anyone who posts anti-Jewish content. It has happened to me before on both social media sites. If these Jews claim they are allowing political advertisements for the sake of “free speech” and “freedom of expression”, then why do they censor all the (real) anti-Jewish posts they find on these websites? These same Jews will allow the most Judeophilic and degenerate content on their platforms, which they claim to permit as “freedom of expression”. This shows again that when the Jews are talking about “freedom of expression”, they only apply this idea to promote their own degenerate filth. These very same Jews who permit political advertisements, which they themselves admit may be inaccurate, will block and ban profiles and posts which expose them for their corruptive acts.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is adam-mosseri-instagram-jew.jpgJew-owned Instagram will allow the most degenerate photos and videos to be posted and advertised to impressionable youth as part of “freedom of expression”, but will quickly ban and censor anyone who is opposed to the Jewish cause.

Today (December 6th) happens to be the Jewish dictator Stalin’s (real name: Dzhugashvili) birthday, so I’ll try to make a connection between Stalin’s Jewish regime and the censorship one encounters today. The Jews never want opposition to be aimed at them by well-meaning persons. All the so-called “opposition” supposedly aimed at Jews that reaches the Jewish media outlets is really just deception and counter-opposition by Jews. The Jew Stalin banned opposition to his regime and killed tens of millions of the best non-Jews in Russia and other lands. The same thing is happening in the 21st century. The Jews who control the world in the 21st century are still killing off the best of the human populations and, not unexpectedly, are censoring or preventing from becoming popular materials which are in opposition to them.

It must be admitted that the Internet is still the best place for Jew-aware persons to find good reading materials and to write about the Jewish Problem. But why do some of the Jews on certain sites allow honest material on Jews to be posted? This might remind one of the book Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell (real name: Eric Arthur Blair), which I have discussed in a previous article. In that novel, the Jewish government banned certain thoughts from being held by people. This censorship of thoughts themselves would obviously be an even more extreme method of censorship than the censorship of the dissemination of these thoughts in helping to awaken others. Ultimately, it is action, and not the thoughts one might entertain that will make a difference in the world, and this ability to take action for the betterment of society is severely limited because the Jews dominate the planet. One is reminded of the Nazi SS and Gestapo leader Heinrich Himmler (Jewish ancestry?), who said that what a person thinks is none of the Party’s concern; but it is when a person takes action, that is when intervention must happen. Perhaps the Jews would use such methods of “thought control” against us if they had the necessary equipment. But do they really need it to preserve their control over the 21st century world? I wouldn’t say so. The Jews know they own all the popular media which 99 percent of the people is reliant upon. Provided the Jews own and control all these networks which will reach mass circulation, the Jews might just allow smaller blogs like this one to stay on their platforms. Of course, the Jews will never promote truly anti-Jewish material on any of their mass circulation platforms. But the Jews feel relatively safe with their complete ownership of all the popular and even “semi-popular” media, and may even allow small blogs like this one to exist – likely because they feel it poses, or will pose little or no threat to themselves. So, the Jews will allow some anti-Jewish material on some of their platforms, but as they feel it will never reach viewing numbers sufficient to challenge or pose a threat to themselves, they feel largely indifferent to it all. This partial (rather than complete) censorship by the Jews is enough for them to keep their control and dominion over the world. Besides, as one Jew said,

“I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the media, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them.”

Nineteen Eighty-Four and its concept of “thoughtcrime” isn’t something that is practiced to the same extent as it is in today’s society. The Jews may permit some opposition against them to be published, but it will never reach mass circulation when Jews are in control of the world. Provided the Jews can control the mass mind, no true threat to their world dominance, at least they feel, will be made against them.

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