Jewish Children

We are supposed to teach children the errors of their choices with moral lessons. The question must be asked: Do Jewish children adhere to these? Unfortunately not.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is anne-frank.jpgThis Jewish girl convinces the masses that the Jews have been sufferers when that’s not the case.

Jewish children are capable of committing much crueler acts than the average bully one might meet in grade school. One example is Anne Frank, a Jewish girl who lived at the time of World War II, who is the best known Jewish child writer (as claimed by the Jews), writing fictitious stories of how Nazis did horrible things to the Jews, who puts on a speciously innocent smile to convince the “Gentile” masses that the Jews have been victims of horrible atrocities. Any non-Jew exposing the Jews for their devious acts will be labeled as someone with mental problems. Jewish children, in some ways, have more chances of success in deceiving the masses than do Jewish adults. Are we supposed to hear the words of children? If this is true, it certainly cannot be applied to Jewish children, who are as perverted as their parents are. The Jews are more than willing to support this claim. Just read the sexually-charged language of the diary. Whether it was written by Anne Frank or not, this “children’s” book is a fine example of the Jews’ sexual perversions.

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