Jew-Aware People in Society

(This short piece was originally written in August, 2019. Since June 1, 2022, the Jews persist unceasingly to spread lies, propaganda, and hatred between and against different races and groups of people, rather than encouraging intelligent conversation and cooperation, so I feel compelled to post this again. More thorough comments on human race relations, racial differences, race crossing, individual variation, and the relation of the human races to the Jews will be hopefully expounded on in future writings.)

Everywhere on the Internet there is much “trash-talking” on Negroes (usually called “Blacks” by the Jews, or the more generalized “Africans”), Arabs (of the Araboid race), Mongoloids (deceptively referred to as “Asians” by the Jewish media), Europeans (often called “Whites” by Jews), and other races and groups. These people regularly get called racial slurs and are continuously attacked online by a certain mysterious clique and its followers. This slandering of the races online gets relatively little to no censorship from technology companies and is readily available for all to see on most popular websites. Yet there is precious little genuine substance online concerning one group – international Jewry.

If one posts anything which is opposed to Jewish corruption, he is either dismissed, or, more often, his posts and his account are deleted by the Jews who control the Internet through the Internet Service Providers, website hosting servers, programming languages, popular websites, technology companies, etc. There is little opportunity for us Jew-aware to post the truth about the enemy and obtain popularity on the net, though the online prospect is still much greater than would be through the media of television, newspapers, magazines, books, journals, and other more traditional forms of media, which are even more strictly censored by Jews.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is donald-trump-skull-cap-wailing-wall.jpgTrump in a skull-cap at the Wailing Wall. And people actually think he’s a hero for anyone but the Jewish cause?

The people who are attempting to divide the races to hate each other are Judeophiles or are themselves Jews who are pretending to be members of the human races to divide and conquer us. All the races ought to join together against this corrupter of humanity. This is not to say that I believe in racial mixing. I will make it clear here that I oppose racial mixing*; and I also would oppose the crossing of any superior hereditary strain with that of an inferior hereditary strain, though they may be members of the same race. This is also not to say we must pretend no significant racial differences exist in physical or mental aptitudes between European, Arab, Indian, Negro or Mongolian – because they undoubtedly do exist. I am aware that Jews are behind racial mixing and dysgenic practices. But we must fight together if we are to be victorious in our struggle.

*(June 1, 2022: It is clear that here as in any other domain of life, our thinking must be imbued with the scientific and humanitarian spirit, as free from prejudice as possible, and in the most moral way possible. Nothing should be dogmatically stated without proof. Some evidence indeed exists in favor of the beneficial effects of racial crossing, although it seems to be mainly limited to closely related stocks as opposed to those widely divergent – such examples of favorable race crosses may be observed between, for instance, the mixture of the Alpine and Nordic races of Central and Northern Europe. It is certain that more research will have to be conducted on the effects of miscegenation, although in the current lack of evidence in favor of this practice, it should not be promoted so passionately and thoughtlessly as do the Jews who encourage it today. It is always the Jewish voice in such matters, always passionate and assertive and dogmatic, always, perhaps because it is unreasonable, the one that gets the most publicity, and seldom, if ever, sound and moral, must be condemned by every upright person. The same holds for the masses who cling to these views heedless of the facts and the evidence. Take no claim as certain – be always skeptical, but open to new ideas – that is what the rational and truly liberal mind strives after.

(It is hardly the scientific attitude to think in terms of absolutes. It is unquestionable that a scientific and humanitarian outlook, a position based on truth and on humanity, must just as much influence our position on the Jews as with any other issue. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that what I say about all Jews being of an evil or demonic nature is simply untrue. Anyone who continues to hold obdurately to such an attitude despite cogent evidence which is presented to the contrary must certainly be criticized as unscientific and prejudiced. But we also cannot be closed to the possibility that in the Jews, we really are seeing a devilish collection of individuals that must be distinguished from the human species. Their destructive, dishonest, and depraved nature points to this conclusion, though evidence exists to support both these sides. We may be able to analyze the Jew scientifically – namely, psychologically and biologically – as we can with other human racial groups, and do so in a relatively objective manner; but on morals grounds only, his behavior is so repugnant – the upright human feels such disgust towards him – as to warrant his distinction from mankind. Paradoxical as it may seem, all this might be correct.)

We Jew-aware are, I suspect, the only ones who have a true awareness of the problems of the world and the source of these problems. The people who attack the human races, who spread Jewish degeneracy and lies and hate rather than directing their attacks on the Jews, are either Jewish or are, unfortunately, severely misinformed as to the root of our problems today. Perhaps most of these people are simply too weak to face the Jewish Problem decisively. In this case, I have no pity for them. I say these people who attack different human races and nations, if not Jewish themselves, are yet to be fought against also, as by default they are Judeophiles without any true understanding and acknowledgment of the world’s problems. These degenerate Judeophilic types are becoming more prevalent each year – and it is incumbent on all upstanding members of the human races to take the proper measures to deal with their domestic dregs swiftly, before the suffering reaches incalculable proportions.

(June 1, 2022: The “White nationalists” (many of whom are secret Jews) tell the truth about the Jews a good amount of the time, but if it comes to the detriment of other races, it is clear that such thinking is misguided. A healthy understanding and acknowledgement of racial differences is what should be promoted among all humanity; this the “White nationalists” can hardly be said to be doing.)

The Jews have always tried to stir hatred between races, nations, and peoples, and throughout history, have been very successful in exploiting such enmity. It is the Jews and their “idiots” who will concern themselves with the Negroes, the Arabs, the Europeans, the Amerindians, the Mongoloids, the “Illuminati”, the “Zionists”, the “elite” – any other group but the Jews. But we know who the true evildoers are. We know that our fight against corruption will require the greatest effort of the best of mankind if we wish to succeed.

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