Internet Archive Suppressing Content

(This article was originally written in August, 2021.)

How many people have a clue, as to the manifest extent of influence the Jews have over the affairs of man, which includes their domination of the Internet? These subverters, deceivers, liars, these exploiters, agitators, and corrupters, are constantly trying to get human races and other groups to fight each other and to distract us from the Jews. I would not be much surprised, given the wretched state we are now in and the degree of the control of this race (or species!) over most of us, if the Jews were tracking our activities both on- and offline, and giving each of us distorted Internet queries or results intended to promote hateful conduct and other negative perspectives of humans. The Jews, for instance, might be using our race, our sex, our age, and our occupations, and our personal hobbies, besides what we have been searching on the Internet, to “tailor” our Internet search results to be as destructive to us as is conceivable. Using all this information they may be “specializing” the content we are likely to view on the Internet to better exploit our emotions. Doubtless tens of millions of these Jews are pretending to be of European ancestry online and in the real realm; tens of millions more, no less indubitably, are hiding as Mongoloid, Negroid, American Indian, and any other human race, or an ethnic culture as German or Hindu, or religion as Muslim or Catholic, or an indefinite combination of these in existence, trying to stir up conflicts on- and offline, and spreading lies and degeneracy while never announcing their true racial origins. One sees it daily on Google, on Yahoo, on Twitter, on Facebook, on Snapchat, on TikTok, on YouTube, on Amazon, on Wikipedia, on all the major websites: the constant fighting and enmity expressed between human groups, who never seem to realize the Jews. Their masses of followers, which comprise an army of billions of mindless parroters, merely repeat whatever their Jewish masters tell them to say, spreading Jewish lies while ignoring the truth.

Exploiting men’s emotions and, above all, inciting hatred between humans seems to be the master work of the Jews. How many posts, videos, or audio programs have you read, watched, or heard on the Internet because the Jews wanted you to see them? Think about that for a while – and ponder how much influence it has had on your outlook of the world and of its inhabitants.

Perhaps this sounds paranoid. I reply that it is, but justly so. The best option for us at this moment, given the current situation of our planet is to trust no one. I say, be extremely cautious and suspicious of every person. We do not know who is really good; and in situations like these, the best thing to do is to be suspicious of everyone. When it is a matter of being trusting or suspicious of someone, choose the side of distrust. (June 6, 2023: And, I would add, reserve unfettered faith for the Lord your God, and for him only.)

I have mentioned in a previous post that one of the main sources of my knowledge from readings on race, genetics, and eugenics comes from my perusal of the Internet Archive. I also said that, being all under the control of a secret Jew, Brewster Kahle, this service was very likely to suppress all those valuable materials detrimental to their beliefs at some time. It seems we are now seeing an inchoate example of this suppression.

A few months ago, there were two uploads of the Rassenkunde des juedischen Volkes (1930) by the German anthropologist Hans F. K. Guenther. Both of these copies were, I remember, free to view and to download with no requirement for registration. Looking back to the book a few days ago I had discovered the more popular upload of this work on the Archive now requires registration before viewing. 

I tried to habituate my mind to suppose that this may have been a condition of less sinister circumstances, until I noticed the same restriction in the work Racial Realities in Europe (1924) by Lothrop Stoddard. This work is unquestionably a public domain work, having been published before 1926. It was a different user who had uploaded this work compared to the Rassenkunde des juedischen Volkes, where I first encountered this complication. There are a total of five uploads of Racial Realities available at the Archive; none of these uploads were restricted when I had searched for them several months ago. The other four uploads have not yet been restricted, but again, it was the most popular upload of this text that required registration as prerequisite for access to the material. Is it simply a coincidence? It does not seem likely to me.

I show yet another example below. A copy of Guenther’s Racial Elements of European History (1927 English translation) requires logging in for viewing, where a few months ago not one of the three uploads of this text on the Archive required registration. Again, only one of the available copies of this work compels the reader to log in, and once again, it is only the most popular of these uploads that demands this, and this by a different user than for the two other texts mentioned.

I cannot, of course, be certain that the Archive is suppressing material it does not approve, but the fact that the most popular uploads of these three items were restricted makes me distrustful. Since my use of the Archive is limited in the main to works on eugenics and race, I would not be justified in making the conclusion that such a restriction is being applied only to “controversial” material in contrast to other works.

Some people will retort that it should make trifling difference whether these uploads are limited to registered users for two reasons: 1) It is easy and free to sign up for an account on Internet Archive; and 2) there are remaining uploads of the same work which can be accessed with no account. For the first I offer the following rejoinder: If registration is of little consequence, why make it requisite? I cannot see the purpose of requiring registration for anyone who wishes to read a text that is in the public domain, and no longer restricted by copyright. Moreover, the fact that not all of the uploads of these works were restricted, but only the most popular, raises my suspicion that the Jews are selectively restricting works they disapprove of, and that this may just be a “taste” of the future state of this website in which censorship becomes a rule. The content is free because it is in the public domain; it is not free because of anything Internet Archive has done; they should not, therefore, be restricting access by requiring people to log in for any of the public domain content uploaded there. 

I suspect that since the Jews are aware that people would realize the contradictory nature of restricting copyright-free works, they are only selecting the most popular uploads of these works as a kind of experiment of suppression. My distrust is further raised by the fact that the Archive has provided little explanation for why they are choosing to restrict this content, and why registration is needed before viewing these items.

Brewster Kahle, has, it seems, and as I have predicted, revealed his true racial nature rather assuredly in this demonstration of increased suppression of knowledge relating to racial and eugenic matters. What will be next in this nascent step towards censorship and silencing of books? As I have mentioned in my previous post on the Internet Archive, we must not trust the Jews, even those like Kahle, who seem to be doing good work. As a Jew his actions, his purposes cannot be trusted. So save what you find valuable before the Jews suppress everything they find disagreeable. Under the present conditions, we seem well on the way towards such a path. Save the content you find useful from these sites before the Jews diminish our capacity to benefit from them. Do not rely on the Jews giving us a good and lasting service for accessing useful materials, the contents of which they despise, and which it is in their racial nature to conceal.

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