Human Selection Technology – A Jewish Lie?

(This article was originally written in November 2019.)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is human-dna-editing.jpgDNA editing and selection technology: More Jewish deception. More Jewish propaganda. More Jewish sensationalism.

The Jews’ “scientific authorities” recently announced that “embryo selection”, as part of the Jews’ “designer babies” phenomenon, is a measure that is far more futile than they hoped it would be. As the Jews own, operate, and control all the educational institutions and the “scientific” and medical “research” institutes, as well as all academic journals and publishing companies, one must consider what effect this announcement is intended to have on the non-Jews who naturally encounter such information.

For the “embryo selection”, the Jews used human height as a way to measure differences which may be attained from the selection of certain embryos over others. The differences in height selection between the embryos were found to be minor.

This is Jewish deception. The preoccupation with differences in “human height” in the Jews’ studies of racial and genetic variance is really just distraction by the Jews to give the people the impression that “human height” differences are almost entirely genetic. A cursory examination of the human races shows that within each race there are far greater variances in height than what would be expected from a trait that is said to be determined largely by racial make-up. Besides this, a substantial amount of height differences would seem to be due to environmental (especially nutritional) factors, which the Jews almost never seem to mention. Human height is one of the only aspects of “genetic research” where the Jews exaggerate the genetic significance.

Contrary to what the Jews want us to believe, human height is far from the primary physical determinate in classifying individuals on the basis of race or genetic constitution. For example, throughout the British Isles in the 19th century, it was found that the high average stature of the peoples of the British Isles was distributed evenly throughout the districts within all the corresponding islands, even in localities where darker British types were predominant. This lack of human height variances was in spite of the fact that the British Isles and each of their counties differ significantly in racial make-up. Those belonging to the Nordic race are proposed to be taller than the average which pertains to the darker Mediterranean or Alpine types (all three races of which were found to be present in various proportions within the counties of the British Isles), but such a distinction was not found in the anthropological study of the British Isles and its constituent counties. This, along with many other cursory examinations strongly suggest that variations in human height are far from almost wholly determined by race as is claimed by the Jews.

There must also be considered the fact that certain races are more predisposed to intolerance of certain foods, which then can lead to a significant difference in height between populations. For instance, it’s a well-known fact that the Northern European peoples, who belong mainly to the Nordic race, have a high tolerance for milk consumption, while among the East Asiatic Mongoloids there is a much lesser tolerance for such foods. This in turn leads to a significant difference in average height between the two races. Such a distinction cannot be pointed to as an example of difference in height due directly to genetic variations in height, but rather to an increased opportunity for development in height due to a favorable hereditary constitution that would further permit its expression. For instance, the Dutch, who today are noted for their high average stature, were just a few centuries ago not nearly as tall as the inhabitants of the country are now. Milk became a more widespread commodity throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. The Dutch are today known for their voracious appetite for milk and other diary products, while the Mongoloids are born with an unfavorable disposition towards these same foods, which naturally prevents them from reaching their full growth potential. Thus, this debate about how much “human height” differences are caused by heredity as opposed to the environment, appears to be more Jewish distraction to try to detract from other matters of actual importance to the aforementioned research.

The Jews had available to them far more genetically and racially determined variants, such as the cephalic index, or various other dimensions of the cranium and other measurements; but as the Jews’ purpose is to discredit racial and hereditary differences by limiting their selection to that of height alone, such a minor difference, as was discovered, was only to be expected.

If we had truly honest students and experts of genetics and race hygiene in these “research” institutes and laboratories, a much more successful story would undoubtedly be reported upon rather than the futility of such “scientific” conclusions as we are repeatedly told by the Jewish authorities.

Not only that, “in vitro fertilization”, “embryo screening”, “gene therapy”, and all other post-World War II genetic and medical terms are possibly Jewish deception as well. The whole “designer babies” phenomenon is also Jewish sensationalism. 

With the discovery of the structure of DNA made by two Jew-sympathizers by the names of James Watson and Francis Crick (both these men were surrounded, influenced, and promoted by Jews left and right throughout their personal lives and professional careers), the Jews have halted the study of eugenics, race hygiene and anthropology through their fallacious claims that such afflictions as manic-depression and feeble-mindedness (the Jews call many of its expressions “autism” nowadays) are influenced by hundreds of individual genes, not to mention the extensive influence of “hormonal” and other “developmental” factors, and environmental and epigenetic factors, in causing such defects. Watson’s own son had been diagnosed with schizophrenia, a hereditary disease. The claim that hundreds of genes influence each other to a small degree in determining one’s predispositions to many of the sicknesses and diseases discovered by man has been discredited by numerous authorities on the subject, including Henry H. Goddard, Charles Davenport, and Ernst Ruedin, decades before all this “DNA enhancement technology” and the foundations supposedly necessary for its application were said to be “discovered” or “invented”. These men were far more honest students and researchers of human heredity than are the Jewish academics that are heard from today, and of the study of the transmission of human characteristics. Feeble-mindedness (now often known as “autism”) was found to follow a Mendelian pattern of inheritance, which completely disproves the idea that environmental or non-genetic factors play a role in its development. Moreover, the pattern is found in many pedigrees to be a fairly simple case of recessive inheritance, contrary to the Jews’ claims.

The Jews who dominate the scientific fields today never give us the truth, never encourage the people to take action to improve their community. Every statement that comes out of their mouths is a half-truth, deception, or otherwise a complete lie. The Jews have been discrediting such authorities as Erwin Baur (who, along with Eugen Fischer and Fritz Lenz, co-authored Menschliche Erblichkeitslehre und Rassenhygiene, “Human Heredity and Race Hygiene”, in 1921). The Jews attempted to discredit Erwin Baur and Eugen Fischer in their studies of racial and genetic differences (and their concern about the genetic decline of humanity), perhaps most notably with the Jewish geneticist Hermann Joseph Muller, who decades before the structure of DNA was said to be discovered in 1953, wrote of this work, “the critical geneticist, reading these pages, will realize more than ever what a stupendous task still confronts the investigator in this field” (Birth Control Review, 1933). Muller describes Fischer and Lenz’s investigations on physical and mental differences as prejudiced. (June 6, 2023: I believe Lenz did hold some unjustified prejudices on the relative positions and abilities of the various human races. That he was overly favorable to the Jewish race is suspicious. Some suspect Lenz himself was a Jew, and this is not beyond possibility.) Thus, the Jews had already been attempting to make the practical aspects of genetics appear a far more complicated subject than it is to hinder the community from taking preventive action against hereditary defects.

The Jews do not want us to take action to improve the human stock, so they must make its study appear as an encumbrance which is nearly impossible, or impossible altogether, to understand. The Jews accomplish this partly by using long medical terms which only their “specialists”, supposedly, are capable of comprehending.

In the study, the Jews also claimed to be selecting embryos on the basis of IQ. The whole “IQ” concept as we know it today is Jewish. (June 6, 2023: This does not seem to be an accurate statement, though it is true that a large part of IQ research is carried and (even more so) made popular by Jews attempting to conceal the significance of the genes. It must be admitted that a substantial number of studies on IQ have been done by non-Jews, however, and appear to give an objective and honest assessment of intelligence.) The study of psychology is dominated by Jews, and IQ tests are no exception. It is most likely for this reason that Jews always seem to score highest on these Jewish-produced IQ tests.

Even if one may conclude that these Jewish-produced IQ tests give one an accurate representation of general intelligence, all this selecting for “intelligence” is quite a nugatory task, when considering that the Jews never select individuals on the basis of moral character. To the psychopathic Jew, intelligence is everything, and morality means nothing. This is despite the fact that moral character (some of its aspects are referred to as “conscientiousness” in psychology) and social deviousness have been proven to have strong hereditary components. Thus, the Jews claim to be selecting for certain traits while disregarding many other factors which are also of much importance for societal well-being.

If human trait selection is as hopeless as the Jews claim it is, why do they own and operate all the sperm and egg banks, where people can select a mate on the basis of assumed heritable and desirable characteristics? That alone suggests that the Jews must know that heredity influences human affairs to an immense degree, but they are preventing this measure from being adopted into statewide edict.

The Jews killed off the best of the human populations during World War II, while they themselves were being hidden away in camps throughout the war. The Jews have their own eugenic and race-based laws in “Israel”, but none of these laws and precepts adopted by them are based on selection of moral character in the offspring. The Jews must realize that such a selection among themselves must be impossible. Can any intelligent and knowledgeable person name a single morally upright Jew in the entire history of Jewdom on Earth? Such a combination of terms never has occurred to anyone possessing a sound mind.

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