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(This article was originally written in October 2019.)

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted much to this blog for a while. You might be curious why. Well, this is partly because no ideas for posts have come to mind that I haven’t already discussed in previous articles. I have been spending much time in the past few weeks editing, revising, and adding to the articles I have already posted – which naturally prevents me from making new articles on the subject.

Every time I find some valuable information to add to the blog, I see no purpose in starting a new post, if a related article had been posted to this blog already. For this reason I have not been doing much these past few days to maintain this blog besides editing previous posts.

If anyone has any ideas or recommendations on what I ought to write next for this blog, I will consider it and I would appreciate your suggestions.

If anyone is curious, I get almost all my sources for this blog from the Internet. When concerning problems of race and the science of eugenics, I get a good deal of my information from books that are in the public domain at Internet Archive. If you don’t know already, the founder and Chairman of Internet Archive is a Jew by the name of Brewster Kahle.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is brewster-kahle.jpgFounder and Chairman of Internet Archive Brewster Kahle. He seems to be doing an effective job at keeping his racial identity as discreet and as little-known to the public as possible, but that’s a Jewish face if ever there was one.

To be sure, Internet Archive does have much refuse – mostly from the contemporary period – that the student must sift through before he can find texts of actual value for his study. Still, it is interesting to note that, despite being controlled by a Jew, the Internet Archive has many useful older books concerning race and eugenics, which are far more valuable to me than the typical articles, posts, podcasts and videos one is constantly exposed to concerning these subjects when doing a search on a web browser. Such content, I find, is all written, published, and/or promoted by Jews, or otherwise written by charlatans without enough actual knowledge of the subjects in which they dabble. The Jewish sources are invariably crooked, always deceptive. The older works on these topics which I find on Internet Archive, on the other hand, are written largely by non-Jews. The way I ascertain is on the basis of their physical features and behavior. I usually will try to examine the outward appearance of the author in question before reading and spending considerable time with his work. By this method I am usually successful in my efforts to exclude authors of Jewish blood. If I am unable to determine the author’s racial make-up based on outward appearance, I look at the biography of the subject, if one is available, on Wikipedia. I will also look into the sources that the author uses in his works to find if any Jews are mentioned. This isn’t as tedious a process as one may expect, often taking no more than several minutes of my time for each author. I urge others to follow these precautions. It is imperative to cleanse oneself of the Jewish influence regarding one’s studies and education.

One author that I have been reading from is the historian, political scientist, racial theorist, and eugenicist Lothrop Stoddard.

Concerning Stoddard, Jews discouraged – or made very distasteful, at least – the dissemination of his works following the end of the Second World War. Thereafter, his works seem to have been completely disregarded by the public. The fields of anthropology, sociology, genetics, and even eugenics following this post-World War II period, would be dominated by Jewish propagandists fooling the masses into believing that all which they wrote and which they valued and favored were in the name of science alone – Franz Boaz, Otto Klineberg, Melville Herskovitz, Ashley Montagu (real name: Israel Ehrenberg), Margaret Mead, Gene Weltfish, Ruth Benedict, Theodosius Dobzhansky, and Hermann Joseph Muller being a very small but quite potent sampling of some of the hundreds (or thousands?) of prominent Jewish deceivers, most of whom wrote, and published, their mind-poisons, and won popular support, after the fall of the Nazi regime – a movement and ideology which, to be clear, was founded, funded, and promoted by none other than their fellow Jews to bring the conscientious study of race, genetics, anthropology, sociology, and eugenics to their downfall, to be replaced by Jewish pseudoscience to aid the Jewish dystopia.

Newspapers didn’t cover Stoddard’s death in 1950. This, surely, is a good sign that the author is a reliable one. All or most of Stoddard’s books seem to have been published by publishing companies which were popular at his time. Of course, this would be impossible today, with almost all, or all publishing companies, and all major publishing companies, being controlled and owned by Jews since the end of World War II. The books by Stoddard which I have read are Into the Darkness: Nazi Germany Today, Racial Realities in Europe, and The Revolt Against Civilization: The Menace of the Under-Man. I also have read several of his articles, including “The Pedigree of Judah” – an article which I recommend, as it contains valuable information concerning the racial history of Jewdom. While I find some of the writing in his works, in the main, to be unimportant to me and my situation, other parts of his works I find of value for my studies. Stoddard’s way of writing is simple and his works do well to introduce the novice to race and eugenics.

Stoddard’s books advocated the idea that different races have their own evolutionary paths which they must make the best of, and that this could be done insofar as the race remains unmixed or is not adulterated by foreign racial strains. As Stoddard writes, “racialism is not discrimination; it is separation. Racialism does not imply relative ‘superiority’ or ‘inferiority’; it is based on the self-evident fact of difference” (Re-Forging America, 1927). The idea that all the races could come together and form a harmonious blend within a few decades or even centuries was acknowledged as a fallacy by most non-Jewish anthropologists and biologists, and by many non-Jewish psychologists and sociologists at the time.

Concerning the Jewish Problem, Stoddard can hardly, if at all, be labeled as an anti-Jewish author. He wrote comparatively little about the Jewish Problem, and even wrote positively of Sephardic Jewdom in his book Re-Forging America – going so far as to claim that the Sephardic Jews, which constituted the largest Jewish element in America up to the early 1800s, were a valuable asset to early American society and were assimilable to American national life and ideals. This was in stark contrast – at least, he asserts – to Jewish immigration to America during the late 1800s and early 1900s, which consisted overwhelmingly of Ashkenazim, and whom he claimed were largely to blame for the culmination of the Jewish Problem in America and all the concerns it would bring. Moreover, in Stoddard’s eyes Jews in Germany (Re-Forging America) are “practically Germans” – the common assumption, yet incorrect and fatal. 

Those who have a good understanding of the Jewish Problem ought strongly to disagree with these assertions. Stoddard, for instance, seemed not to be aware that Sephardic Jews were responsible for the African slave trade, as well as a large part of “European” colonialism and imperialism, and that these endeavors were carried out to encourage Jewish degeneracy. This problem of neglecting the Jewish Problem, is something the keen student necessarily notices with many of these writers of racial and eugenic matters. While many, but certainly not all, of these men appeared well-intentioned and wrote wisely on the topics of race-amalgamation and dysgenics, they seldom, if ever, were aware of, or at least published, the evidence that Jews were responsible for many of these problems. It is extremely irrational to write about problems concerning race and eugenics without mentioning the Jews as the inciters of the ill-informed practices of racial mixing and dysgenics.

It is true that Stoddard was at times rather prejudiced in racial matters and that he was not a professional anthropologist or scientist. Not everything he says on race or politics can be commended, to be sure. 

To return to a discussion of my experiences with the Internet Archive, I suggest others not to rely wholly on Internet Archive – or, indeed, any other of the Jews’ websites. Internet Archive is, after all, controlled by a Jew; and however noble its cause and purpose may sound – and, perhaps, appear – at the present moment, I suspect there is a very high chance the site will some day, somehow, prevent or restrict the valuable material it contains from being accessed by the public. So, I strongly recommend others to save what they find valuable from these sites to their disc, or other personal source, while they are still publicly available. Who knows when the Jews will censor or remove it all?

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