How Did You Become Aware?

(This article was originally written in June, 2020. It has been somewhat modified during the intervening period. Some of the statements may need further revision. More posts will have to be made for a more thorough analysis of the ideas expressed below.)

How did you become Jew-aware? How did it start for you? Here I will try to tell readers a little more about how I became aware of the Jews.

As for “When”, I was either 14 or 15 years old when I started to consider the Jewish Problem. I was in my first year of high school. I am 21 years old now. No one in my life ever told me about the Jews and their real nature, and no one instructed me or warned me about their real nature in person. Nor did I personally know anyone who was really aware of the Jewish Problem. My process of becoming Jew-aware had been formed largely through the Internet. But before this process, I wondered: Why is there so much corruption and degeneracy on this planet? And why does mankind do nothing to put an end to this corruption and degeneracy? When I heard, and watched, and read about corruption reported in the media, I wondered, Who is behind all these troubles?

[February 24, 2024: It may, perhaps, also be worth noting that I live in the United States – and specifically, have so far spent most of my life in California; said another way, I lived, from the Jew-aware perspective at least, in the most rotten of the rotten of all possible places. As I would slowly and painfully learn (and which I shall explain in a future article), California was the epicenter of modern Jewish depravity; this festering bed of filth was the archetype of all that was wrong in the modern world. From a personal level, it was highly unfortunate to live here; but the evil and corruption became an abject lesson of observation, of confrontation, and eventually, of resistance against the enemy behind our most pressing problems.]

And whenever I did a search for the people behind the degenerate and corrupt behaviors, I came across the same source: the Jews, here, and there, and everywhere. When I heard about social reform for unbridled licentiousness, I found Jews. When I heard about revolutionary agitation in Russia and throughout the world, I found Jews. When I heard about mass shootings and terrorist incidents, I found Jews. When I heard about racial conflicts, such as is happening at this very moment, I found Jews. When I came across dysgenics, I found Jews. When I heard about criminal behavior, I found Jews. When I came across immoral and degenerate material, I found Jews. Whenever I found something that was immoral, and degenerate, and corrupt, I saw the people behind the scenes, and I saw the Jews.

Yet no one around me whom I was personally acquainted with appeared to be realizing that as well. Perhaps an explanation as to why so few people, despite the evidence, place corruption’s blame on the Jews is to be found in a quote by the Jewish politician Disraeli (at the same time High Churchman) in his novel Coningsby: “the world is governed by very different personages to what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.” This is true, but I have also found that there are many people who see the evidence that the Jews are behind the scenes of the world’s degeneracy, but who are too weak to accept it and to face the evidence as it is. And even if some of these people do face the evidence as it is, they will think, “What can I do to stop it from continuing to occur? The Jews are the ones in power now, and they couldn’t have done what they are doing now without our approval. So it is our fault.” Even when those elements that are more accepting of the evidence are selected among the mass, the majority is passive. That it is partly “our” fault is not to be contested. But that it must remain so, and that we must accept the degeneracy and immorality as it is being handed, and even forced onto us, is an idea to be scoffed at and denied unashamedly. We will accept what is the implication; that the world is currently dirty and defiled and corrupt we will not deny – but we will also take on the task of cleansing the world of those who are making it defiled and corrupt.

I realized that the mass of humans never seems to care for mankind, nor does it care much for the future. When it was a race or a racial group blamed, the masses have always put their blame on the Negroid race, on the Mongoloid race, on the Amerindians (American Aborigines), on the European races, on the Arabs, on the Hindus, or otherwise on the “Muslims”, the “liberals”, the “conservatives”, the “media”, “corporations”, the “elite”, the “globalists”, the “Zionists”, “Israel”; practically no one was telling the truth about the Jews. Even on the Internet, the most that one would read or hear something negative about the Jews were a couple of lines of text consisting of personal attacks and racial slurs. The people who appeared to “attack” the Jews online almost never got to the heart of the matter of the Jewish Problem. Yet the media was always describing ways that Jews were being discriminated throughout the world, and how the Jews are the most persecuted people in the history of the world. This simply didn’t match with the information that I had gathered. The Jews were not the “persecuted people” they were claiming to be. Rather, Jews were, throughout the world’s history, the most beloved and welcomed people who ever existed. That is the key to their success! [February 17, 2024: A people that is in power cannot be hated; and as much as I may be hesitant to concede it, if the Jew is in power, it is because he is welcomed by the people, not despised. As long as the Jew is in power, I have said, he is loved, not hated. No other possibility could be realized.] [March 24, 2024: I warn the masses, therefore not to tell me again that the Jews are a hated or persecuted people. They are only repeating the lies of the Jews! They are not hated, but loved; and unless they are trampled under our feet they are not hated.] One might find those who will occasionally say something along the lines of, “Jews have too much power”, or that the Jews have “too much influence”, such sayings were seldom made by people who devoted any significant portion of their lives to studying the Jewish Problem. These people might say something critical of the Jews, yet a few minutes later they would continue to watch Jewish television shows or Jewish movies, listen to Jewish degenerate music, use Jewish social media, use Jewish slang, etc. Obviously, these people wouldn’t be truly Jew-aware, or they wouldn’t be doing these things. The people who were insulting Jews online were largely akin to the people who might insult a Negro by making ape-like noises, or who might insult a Mongoloid by using an “R” in place of an “L” sound. Such persons had nothing genuine and honest to say about the Jewish Problem, or about other races. [October 28, 2023: To our deepest thanks, however, there have always been a few who were able to go beyond the insults and proud ignorance of mediocrity, to lead us one step closer to the truth regarding these issues. Alas, they have always been a small minority, and seem to be a specimen headed towards extinction.] And I may have observed thousands of people who praised Jews! Few were telling the truth about them. The Jews might whine and bring up discrimination all they want, but I had observed and the observations did not tell differently.

Naturally, I began to distrust the stories reported in the Jewish media that suggested Jews were being persecuted. How could the group that currently controls world affairs be persecuted? Since the Jews are the ones in power, the case can only be the opposite. The non-Jewish races were the ones who gave up most of their power to the Jews. How could we, the non-Jews, be the ones persecuting the ones who are in power over us? It defies logic! On the other hand, I had witnessed the Mongoloids, the Arabs, the Europeans, the Amerindians, the Negroes, the Hindus, and other non-Jewish groups being attacked. Why were the Jews always the ones complaining about being persecuted when other races appeared to have much more to say on this matter? The Europeans, when blaming a racial group, put their blame almost exclusively on the Negroes, on Arabs, on Mongoloids, on Amerindians, on Hindus, or perhaps “Muslims”, the “elite”, “globalists”, “Judaism”, “Israel”, or “Zionists”. The Negroes would put much of their race discontent on the Europeans, more commonly referred to collectively as the (biologically nonexistent) “Caucasian” or “White race”. The Mongoloids imputed a good deal of wrong onto Europeans. The Hindus often put blame on Europeans. The Amerindians blamed Europeans. The Arabs may have put the blame on Jews from time to time, but this was nearly always on religious rather than racial grounds, which was something the Jews had neglected to mention. Even if we assumed that the hatred the Arab directed towards the Jew was racial, it could scarcely have been said to be any more severe in degree than the resentment it had towards the European populations among whom it had dwelled. It seemed, at any rate, that the hatred the Arabs showed towards Jews was a hatred the race showed towards other groups; it was not solely directed towards the Jewish race, even if the Arab was conscious of it. 

[November, 2023: Incidentally, racial investigations have long noted a connection between the Arabs and the Jews on the basis of their resemblances. This is readily verified by a comparison of “Jewish” and “Arab” facial types and is supported by the most superficial glance at the early history of the Jews, showing their roots in the Middle East and their connection with the Arabs and other Middle Eastern peoples. Many of the Middle Easterners and North Africans would seem to be either secret Jews or their racial relatives. I have even heard the claim that many of the Palestinians are secret Jews. The exaggeration of the “Israeli-Palestinian conflict” might well be an attempt by the Jews to conceal their own Middle Eastern roots. At any rate, it became clear to me that the Jews were grossly exaggerating the relation of “Zionism” and the “Israeli-Palestinian” conflict to the Jewish Problem, to make this issue seem far more insular than it was. Insofar as the Jewish Problem equated “Zionism”, our understanding of the Jews was inadequate, pitifully inadequate.

[There was, to my knowledge, only one organization in history of substantial scope which persecuted the Jews on truly racial grounds; and I am afraid this movement was a false one.]

The Jews, as a race or species, were not being targeted any more than the human races were; and any real example of anti-Jewish sentiment among the non-Jewish (human) populations was truly of negligible importance when we considered the extent of Jewry’s dominion, which was hardly shaken a jot. Indeed, if a Jew were to wear European clothing and were to superficially adopt European manners and customs, practically everyone (even the Europeans themselves!), would have believed him to be what he purported to be. One might retort that this was a good thing; the Jews were being assimilated. But the Jews have never truly assimilated; they have always been things of disturbance, of unrest wherever they have lived. And of course, the same applied to Jews disguising as members of other human races. Obama was perhaps the most famous example of a Jew pretending to be a member of an African race. The Jews, like parasites, were clearly disguising as members of other races to trick and exploit mankind. And the masses believed the Jews.

(July 9, 2023: I saw, during my incidental observations of the Jews before I became aware, and during my studies of the Jews since that time, a very large number of statements being made about them and their position to man. And many, probably most, of these claims were clearly ridiculous. It seemed that, while many of these questions and claims were coming from people who were rightly curious about this highly unusual group, a very large number were being posed by Jews whose purpose was to conceal their actual origins or to prevent non-Jewish humanity from finding the truth. Many of these assertions, I eventually concluded, were being promoted by Jews or sympathizers of Jews to confuse humanity regarding the position of their kind to mankind.)

The hatred which the Jews and their active sympathizers, not to mention the masses displayed toward human races besides their own (but not towards the Jews), also demonstrated an important fact: the fact that with the Jews in power, with the Jews in control of the world and all the nations descended from it, racial hatred will only increase, if only toward the human races and never towards what may possibly be an enemy species of mankind, the Jews, contrary to the claims and much expressed hopes of that race.

I most certainly do not believe Jews are wholly to be blamed for the situation of mankind today. Certainly there are good persons and bad persons in all races. To put it simply, the bad elements, the degenerates and inferiors, are not just our enemies, but also their disciples, their allies. Our goal must be to get rid of all Jews. It also must be our duty to get rid of the inferiors and degenerates within each race who are followers of the Jewish cause for the benefit of humanity. Racial and eugenic insight, when it is studied and followed carefully and truthfully and as free from prejudice and bigotry as possible, and when it is directed towards the improvement of mankind as a whole, offers the surest path towards human welfare. And this racial and eugenic awareness will, at all times, be directed against the Jews, who, through their actions, observed over thousands of years, have proved themselves to be surely and unmistakably the opposite to racial and eugenic insight and to be, in consequence, unchanging foes of mankind’s progress. Wake up or you will pay the price.

(July 9, 2023: It is imperative that more thought be placed on the matter of the position of the Jews to mankind. To what extent may the Jew be considered “human”? Are they a race, or something beyond this? There are a myriad more important questions regarding the Jews and their relation to humanity which must be pursued and answered. On the other hand, I desire that these and all other questions be pursued in the truest way. It must be considered as a possibility at least that the Jew be recognized merely as another – albeit morally aberrant – variety of the human species. On the other hand, the evidence is accumulating that he is something different (i.e., separate species?). At any rate, the Jewish racial (or specific!) history is a highly interesting yet complicated one and will need further analysis. The various possibilities must be considered tentative at the moment.)

(February 23, 2024: I am 25 years old now. I am seeing countless people led towards the wrong paths, constantly deceived, and being endlessly foolish and ignorant. The most shameful thing is that they wear these latter traits with pride, without any desire to improve. We don’t have to live this world as we are currently living it. For those with the insight and courage and intellect above that of the expected (not that such persons are to consider themselves better than anyone else, for God commands us all to be humble), I encourage you to come forward and communicate with me. We can build something better for the 21st century planet and beyond.)

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