Hitler and the Jewish Transfer Agreement

(This article was originally written in November 2019.)

Yesterday, I posted a video on YouTube about the Transfer Agreement (1933) which occurred between Jews and the so-called National Socialists during Hitler’s regime. The intention of this agreement was to transfer the Jews to Palestine, with all of their wealth intact, with full diplomatic procedures, and without any harm done to a single Jew in the process of the relocation. The Jews deleted the video within a day of my uploading it – this, despite the fact that the video in question was actually broadcast on a “mainstream”, Jewish-owned media outlet, and, therefore, containing no expressions of anti-Jewish feeling or thought.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is adolf-hitler-1.pngAdolf “Shekelgrubber” Hitler, Jewish dramatist and world-deceiver.

What are these Jews trying to hide from us? It seems that nowadays one may not even post the Jews’ own news videos on YouTube; they are overwhelmed with a perpetual fear that it will be used against them.

The Transfer Agreement between the Nazis and the Jews further emphasizes the accusation that Jews such as Hitler fomented “antisemitism” in Germany to build a new nation for Jews – a nation which would help unify Jewry throughout Europe and the rest of the world, a nation which would bring them under a single flag by which it would be possible to complete their subjugation of the world through the national enactment of a race-based program – a program which was to be enacted by Jews to complete their conquest of world sovereignty.

Edwin Black, a Jewish journalist who was featured in the news video, and who is the author of The Transfer Agreement, also wrote about the connection between American eugenicists and eugenicists in Germany during Hitler’s regime in his book War Against the Weak. The results of the Transfer Agreement suggest that Nazi Germany’s downfall was actually staged by Jews on both sides of the conflict to discredit racial and eugenic thought by non-Jewish peoples throughout the world, while the Jews would enact their own race and “eugenic” laws in Jewish “Israel”.

People of Jewish national circles are very excited about the radical German politics toward the Jews, because this has increased Jewish population in Palestine many-fold. In a short time they will become the majority among the Arabs.

“Israel” was born out of “the Holocaust”. The so-called “Israeli” race laws are actually based on the race laws of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime. The same race-based national principles are used in “Israel” as were used in Hitler’s Third Reich.

Nothing about the “official” Nazi story seems to make sense until one exposes the Jews playing both sides of the conflict.

There were newspaper headlines as early as 1933 by Jews claiming that all Jewry would declare war on Germany. If this actually happened, we would have expected massive consequences from the Jews who controlled international finance, media, and all other manner of goods and ideas throughout the planet, and the so-called National Socialist regime would have met its downfall immediately following its operation. But Hitler and his Nazi Party rapidly continued to rise in popularity and power in Germany even after this “war” by Jews had been declared on them.

We have every right to believe that Hitler was right in stating that Jews control the world, and are the ones responsible for the poisoning of all nations. We also have every right to believe that it took only a single Jewish agitator firing a bullet to Hitler’s head in order to kill him, and to overthrow the so-called National Socialist party in Germany. The Jews could very easily have poisoned Hitler’s drink or food to dispatch him and to put someone else in his place. Hitler’s personal physician, Theodor Morell, was a Jew. His bodyguard and chauffeur, Emil Maurice, who was also a co-founder of the SS, had Jewish ancestry. Why did none of the Jewish connections with Hitler ever assassinate him? Why didn’t the Jewish financiers and other leaders throughout Europe and the rest of the world send someone – or indeed, an entire army – to Hitler’s rallies, or to his speeches, or to his bedroom, and put a bullet to Hitler’s skull? All these “missed opportunities” would completely contradict our belief that Jews were in control of the world during and before Hitler’s political career. If the Jews had as much power in Germany as we are aware they had, why did they do nothing to kill Hitler?

We hear and read of all this talk about a Jewish “boycott” of German goods, but why did the Jews choose not to go further? We are certain the Jews had the power to do so – if they so wished, of course.

What does all this suggest to you? Do all the claims and public statements made by Hitler regarding the Jews actually match up with the actions he took upon world Jewry, the German people, and the peoples of other lands?

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