Henry Ford – A Jew

(Since August, 2022, I am skeptical of the idea that Henry Ford was a Jew. I incline more towards the belief that Ford was a non-Jew, but who, unbeknown to the rest of the world, served international Jewry rather than fought against it.)

Henry Ford was a Jew who did not work against the Jews. Rather, Ford worked for world Jewry.

Henry Ford aged 25. Note the vaguely Jewish/Middle Eastern (“Semitic”) countenance.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is henry-ford-slanting-forehead.jpgThe low, slanting forehead, which is common among Jews, is quite noticeable in this photograph of Ford.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is henry-ford-hooked-nose.pngPicture showing Ford’s hooked nose.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is henry-ford-attached-earlobes.jpgThe attached earlobes and slanting, lizard-like eyes suggest Jewish descent.

The person who wrote the Articles of Confederation (the forerunner of the United States Constitution) was a Jew by the name of Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton was a Jewish mulatto born in the Caribbean, and he went to a Hebrew school in London.

How can a person get power in this country if the law of the land was written by the Jews? How could Ford have started a massive company that was supposedly independent of Jewish help?

It is claimed by people who observed him that Ford’s activities baffled them. The Jews claimed that Ford’s never-ending contradictions were the result of his supposed genius. Therefore, according to the Jews, Ford’s suspicious behavior was impossible to analyze. “You cannot analyze genius”, said James Couzens, Ford’s business manager until 1915, “and Ford is a genius.” It is in this way that the Jews are attempting to cover the clues as to the true aim behind their dissemination of the “anti-Semitic” literature of Ford.

Ford’s newspaper, named after the Dearborn suburb of Detroit, published what was later put out as a book called The International Jew. Ford hired a team for research concerning the Jewish conspiracy. This research appeared in his newspaper, The Dearborn Independent. This was later published as a book with the title The International Jew.

This book by Ford was published and edited by the same Jews that he had pointed out in his book to be conspiring against Americans and the world.

In 1927, Jewish publications mentioned that Ford made an apology to Jewry because of his “anti-Semitic” newspaper publications. It was said he did this because his new model automobile would soon be produced. But that was only a small part of his operation, which was dependent upon world Jewry’s willingness to provide Ford with the opportunity to maintain and expand his company’s operation beyond his imagination. Ford’s plan was to expand his operation into Soviet Russia with Jewish help. In the next decades Ford helped build factories (a Jew, Albert Kahn, designed Ford’s factories), design trucks, and give technical assistance to the incompetent technicians of Soviet Russia.

Ford added millions of dollars to the enslavement of Russia. Of course, he was not the only one. But Ford’s company would expand in a way that it would have never been able to do without the Jews opening up the slave labor of Russia. All factories built in Russia at that time and after World War II were practically American (and, by default, Jewish) factories built with the labor of thousands of Russians. Without the Jews, Ford would not have been able to do that.

Ford’s factories were the basis of Stalin’s (real name: Dzhugashvili) ability to mass produce trucks and tanks. In times of war, these factories were able to be quickly converted from truck plants into tank plants. Mass production of trucks to pull artillery pieces and transport soldiers, like the mass production of tanks, would change the face of war through use of mobile warfare. Thus, Ford failed as his company slowly went over into Jewish hands, starting with his son, Edsel. Edsel was an incompetent President of the Ford company. As the Ford family served the Jews, there was nothing else that the family could have achieved. Edsel Ford’s son, Henry Ford II, was the Jew Max Fischer’s best friend, gave donations to Jewish charities, and set up a Ford plant in Israel. William Clay Ford Jr., the great-grandson of Henry Ford and the current chairman of Ford Motor Company, would set up a research facility in Israel.

The entire military manufacturing potential of today’s Russia is “American-made”. The military trucks one sees in Russia are actually “American” (Jewish) trucks. A big part of it was done by Ford.

On the topic surrounding his infamous book, there were some major deceptions diffused throughout The International Jew which are worthy of discussion. One was the opinion given at the end of his publication that the most plausible way of action for solving the Jewish Problem was for mutual agreement between Jew and non-Jew, and the consequent assimilation of all Jews within the non-Jewish populations. Ford also made the ridiculous claim that there can be “good Jews”.

In his book, Ford refers to Jews in England as “English Jews”, and Jews in Germany as “German Jews”. This is a significant error that suggests Ford approved of the Jewish trick of hiding and pretending to be members of other ethnicities whenever they see it fit to do so. Ford writes of the Jew as a power that has no country, but he repudiates this in his newspaper by describing the Jews as “French Jews”, “American Jews”, etc., thus suggesting that Jews are capable of being absorbed into any country in which they reside. Ford’s book is correct on most of the things it points out. But as with much of the so-called “anti-Semitic” literature, some detail is misleading. The International Jew gives understanding to a person that reads it, but keeping up or introducing the concept of a European Jew, while offsetting it with the concept of an International Jew, was a way for Ford to confuse the reader.

There are several other perplexities surrounding the publication of The Dearborn Independent worth mentioning.

First, if Ford was the president of such a massive company, would it not almost certainly be because he was a Jew? The Jewish pattern of putting or letting individuals reach high positions without being Jewish, or at least supporters of Jews, is not too often heard of in history. In today’s world it is definitely a “no-go”.

The US has probably been controlled by Jews since at least the early 19th century. The 19th century is generally considered the beginning of significant acquisition of international power and influence by the Jews. It would be unlikely for a non-Jew to become the founder and owner of such a large company in the 19th or 20th century. Henry Ford publishing a Jew-opposed newspaper is inconsistent with the situation in which he lived. What would be more reasonable is that he was ordered to do so.

It is also stated in Ford’s biography that he was not good at writing and reading during his school years. He probably did not enjoy reading. We can add that Ford’s career was probably consuming most of his time, so that he could not even have had much time to read. Thus, how did he come to know about Jewish plots, when almost no one, except for the Jews themselves, was talking about them? In the early 20th century of the US, someone would have had to read a fair amount of books to finally come to know about just a fragment of Jewish world influence. Only people who like reading much, known as “intellectuals”, could do that. And even in that case, it would have been very difficult to come to those ideas, since almost no one talked about the Jewish Problem in America at that time – again, no one except for the Jews themselves. 

This man had little time to read. One commenter mentioned to me that when he had his little business, reading stopped. He said he very rarely read. Prior to his business, he read everywhere, even at work if he could. Ford could not have read much and have learned about the Jewish Problem through written works, because his career must have taken up most of his time. The Russian expansion probably got him sleepless nights. Furthermore, according to this commenter, businessmen are about as knowledgeable as the average college student. Usually, they have little time to read after they graduate. Only a few scholars in Europe were researching the Jewish Problem. And even with this knowledge, someone would have had to be able to accept it. Without having quite extreme political opinions or being very “open-minded”, it was probably very difficult to think the Jewish international plague was not all dishonest “sensationalism”. In 1918 USA, the assumption should be made that this would have been very difficult. Nothing about Ford’s company policies suggested someone with anti-Jewish or “racist” views. In fact, Ford’s company was one of the first in the nation that hired Negro workers. As Ford did not have extreme political views, and was a man who disliked reading and did not have much time for studying, it is unlikely that he was able to learn about Jewish plots.

The only explanation for Ford’s sudden “anti-Semitism” was that he was a Jew, or that he had been ordered by powerful Jewish leaders to simulate “anti-Semitism”.

Ford bought The Dearborn Independent in 1918. He was 55 years old. Ford did not show any sign of being aware of Jews before reaching this age. But Ford suddenly became a champion of a cause. Maybe when one loses everything, he can eventually change. If Ford had lost everything because of Jews, he could have been bitter and decided that they were his enemy. Yet this was not the case for Ford. His affairs worked very well for him. It is unusual that Ford would change so quickly when his actions and dealings had been so favorable to him.

The reaction by Ford to Jewish attacks is also strange. His behavior does not make sense. Ford was supposedly conscious that Jews control the world, that they control the media, and so on. He knew that the Jews have no mercy against their enemies and he decided to write about them. We could suppose that before doing that, he thought seriously about it. In this situation, there are two possibilities: Either you do it unmasked, and you accept the risk of facing dangerous Jewish retaliations, or you stay unknown and you risk much less. As Ford discussed the Jewish Problem without a disguise, you could assume that he was prepared to face Jewish attacks, whatever the cost. Being aware of Jewish world influence, Ford would have known that Jews write and censor nearly everything. He would have known that his company would be under attack, that he would be censored by Jewish newspapers, that the Jews would fight against him until his company would be bankrupted or controlled by them, and so on. But his company continued to flourish. After just a few attacks, Ford discontinued publication of The Dearborn Independent. Ford also claimed that he did not know what his journalists wrote in his newspaper. If Ford knew he could not resist the Jews after just a few attacks from them, he would have attacked the Jews secretly. And one should not think that he overestimated his courage. He was 55 years of age.

The reactions from Jews to Ford are also noteworthy. If Ford was a non-Jew fighting the Jews, the Jews would likely have destroyed his company, or would have taken control of it, even if he was no longer attacking them. The Jews would have never excused him. After his death, the Jewish media would have almost never talked about him anymore. Yet the Jews did not destroy or take control of Ford’s company during his lifetime. The Jews kept talking about him, and in positive terms. In 1946, the American Petroleum Institute awarded Ford its first Gold Medal annual award for outstanding contributions to the welfare of humanity. The US government also asked him to produce a large amount of aircraft during WWII.

Ford apologized for his “anti-Semitic” stance, and he got a medal from Germany under Hitler for his stance against world Jewry. He also got into an extremely successful venture for Jews in Russia. This venture brought down the Nazi movement in Germany – the same movement that gave him a medal for his opposition to the Jews. The Axis powers were defeated and labelled as the evil side in World War II.

Ford expanded into Russia. The Jewish media never mentioned this. But The International Jew and Ford’s apology to the Jews would have an extremely great influence on the next century.

Ford also demanded compensation from the US government in 1946 because a factory in Cologne, Germany, which he owned, had been bombed by the Allies. He obtained it – one million dollars. A Jewish-controlled government gave money to the most well-known “anti-Semite” in the country.

Given all this evidence, we may think that Henry Ford was a Jew, or that he did all those “anti-Semitic” things because Jewish leaders ordered him to do so. In this affair, the goal of Jewish leaders was to make people think that “anti-Semitism” affected every occidental nation of the time. As it affected almost all European nations to some degree, the US could not be totally free of it. It would have seemed odd.

The Jews also had to justify the economic help from Ford to Hitler. The “anti-Semitism” of Ford gave a reference for the anti-Semitism of Hitler and the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP). It is said that Hitler was inspired by Ford concerning his opposition to the Jews. Indeed, one problem was that Germany did not have enough references on “anti-Semitism”. Germany did not appear to have enough inspiration. Jewish leaders did not have non-Jews write anti-Jewish books in Germany before the rise of Hitler, probably to avoid having such a political movement already existing before the rise of Hitler. And as Germany had to be the aggressor during World War I, it would have been unreasonable for Jews at the time to say that Germany was a Jewish-controlled government. Thus, the rapid rise of German “anti-Semitism” would come only after WWI. As there was a lack of intellectual references to explain where Hitler found his ideas and information about Jews, Ford, it seems, was mandated by Jewish leaders to be at least one of the sources of inspiration for Hitler.

Ford had a company that would be a mighty company by having the opportunity to expand into Soviet Russia. His company went global. Ford was involved in the chemical company IG Farben, among many other companies. The Jews did not mind if they got a little exposed as a distraction. The Jews would use Ford and others to complete their plan of world domination.

The Jews had Ford create the potential in Russia that would lead Russia to invade other countries. The Jews had Mussolini come to power with his anti-Communist Fascism, only to bring a second player in 11 years later called Adolf Hitler – thus, the scepter of anti-Semitism for the Jews of the world meant to see this menace, and to act on it. But the Jews had to have the non-Jews of the world act on it too. The Jews brought the Europeans to this action in a way. But the Americans would not respond. The radio, movies and theaters, books, magazines, and newspapers, went into a propaganda frenzy and poured out hatred against the Axis powers. Ford was always on the side of the Jews. He had victory over the Axis powers, and he had a company that could expand globally beyond even his wildest dreams.

The Jews played out two sides. By hiding their goal of helping the Jewish Soviets gain control of the world – and eventually destroying even America – the Jews played the “victim card” of “anti-Semitism” early on with Ford. The Jews made Ford a villain by giving him the opportunity to expand his business in Russia, and helping Russia to be seen as the villain nation after the war. Meanwhile, the Jews created two new villains. First of them was Mussolini. Mussolini was friends with the Jews. He turned 16 years after the Jews hoisted him into his Duce position against them. And with the German race laws of 1938 by Adolf Hitler, Ford was being forgotten as the villain.

The Jewish media mentions Ford only during the book time, his “Dearborn Independent” time, and when he apologized for his book and the “Dearborn” publications. Afterward, Ford was no longer the villain. The Jews didn’t need him, as they had created two new villains. Ford did his job being the villain for a time. Mussolini and Hitler were the new villains through the help of the Jews. Pouring money into their countries (particularly in the case of Mussolini) and pouring money into Hitler’s movement, few knew that the “anti-Semitic” Ford was building up the Soviet Union in the interest of Jewish world control. The Soviet Union, lead by Stalin, was to be an ally. Immediately after knocking out the Axis countries, the Soviet Union would become the new villain. This constant stage-play by the Jews managed the brains of the world populace into formation of a manageable populace of victims for their own benefit.

As a Jew, Ford saw his own possibilities of advancement. As a Jew, he salivated as he saw the possibilities for Ford Motor Company. His fellow Jews were in a similar situation. Thousands of years dreaming of world rule, and now, through their “Hegelian dialectic”, the Jews were near to their goal.

How easy would it have been in foresight of the gigantic world event called World War II, to view the anti-Semitism of Ford to be of nothing in comparison to their soon accomplished goal of World War II. Ford produced the modern Soviet Union that would be the world conqueror. Russia would have brought Jewry to a stage by overrunning Europe. That made a war with America inevitable.

It is because these things were made on command that Ford did not suffer any real consequences from the Jews. As his role was only temporary, he was meant to be forgiven by the Jews. Plus, the Jews could have non-Jews think that Jews are not so powerful that they can destroy the life of a powerful non-Jew, as the Jews would have been expected to do with Ford – thus, that the Jewish power conspiracy is a lie held onto only by persons of an irrational, fanatical, dogmatic, type.

Ford was a wonderful front for the Jews.

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