George Orwell – A Jew?

(This article was originally written in November, 2019. Since 2023 I am uncertain whether George Orwell (real name: Eric Arthur Blair) was Jewish.)

Was the world-famous author of Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell (real name: Eric Arthur Blair) a Jew?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is george-orwell.jpgEric Arthur Blair (George Orwell). The large nose and attached earlobes are clues, though not definitive markers. What is needed, then, to definitively conclude Jewish ancestry, is an analysis of Blair’s life events through which one may conclude that Blair may have been none other than a Jew.

Blair’s two most well-known books, Animal Farm (1945) and Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949), were both published shortly after World War II had ended. Since the 1800s, the majority of famous authors in Europe and North America have been Jews. Jews controlled all major publishing companies since the conclusion of World War II in 1945. All famous authors in Europe and North America since this period have been Jews or sympathizers of the Jews. As World War II was staged by the Jews (something which I have elaborated on in previous articles), the Jews needed some new and revolutionary publications to signal the start of the Jewish “New Era” – an era which would be marked solely by its Jewish world leadership and the inevitable degeneracy and corruption which must necessarily follow from the authoritarianism of such an accursed people as the Jews. Of course, Blair’s books were no exception. The Jews needed this new material to reach the masses so that they would subconsciously accept the rules and ideals which the Jewish New Era would promulgate.

Both Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four were published by Secker and Warburg. Fredric Warburg, whom the publishing company was named after, was openly Jewish. Warburg and Blair were intimate friends. Before writing for Secker and Warburg, Blair wrote for the publishing company Victor Gollancz Ltd. Gollancz was also Jewish. Both Warburg and Gollancz were known for their promotion of Jewish ideologies such as Communism and Socialism, yet Blair claimed that he left Gollancz for Warburg because he disapproved of Gollancz’s Communist views, and the fact that Gollancz refused to publish his memoir on the Spanish Civil War, Homage to Catalonia. If this really was the case, then why did Blair associate with Jews throughout his life, when he most likely knew that the Jews were the progenitors of Communist, Socialist, and all other poisonous ideologies? This perplexity suggests that Orwell (Blair) was just one among many “false flag” writers and deceivers who, at first glance, appear to be criticizing Jewish movements like Communism, yet openly associate with Jews throughout their personal and professional lives. In this way, the Jews “minimize” negative criticism against them by claiming that groups such as the “Communists” are responsible for the world’s problems, rather than Jews.

Homage to Catalonia (1938) was the first book by Blair (Orwell) to be published by Secker and Warburg. In the book, Blair describes his experiences in Spain during the Spanish Civil War and criticized the authoritarian government of Spain under its dictator, Francisco Franco. Franco was a Jew from Southern Spain, and he was allied with the Fascist movement of Italy under Mussolini (a Jew) and the Nazi Party under Hitler (also a Jew) following the establishment of the “Spanish State”, which occurred after Franco’s successes in the Spanish Civil War.

Many people reading this might wonder, What difference would it make if Blair was a Jew? He contributed good things to the world, right? The answer to this is perhaps untrue. Blair’s two signature books criticize censorship and authoritarian governments. In 1984, the Thought Police circumvented dissent, while the Ministry of Truth promoted lies. I say censorship of materials is necessary to inhibit the lowly impulses of the crowds. The Jews may say that we must treasure “free speech”; but when the Jews whine about lack of free speech, they really are complaining that their depraved and dirty propaganda cannot reach public circulation. The Jews do this with pornography. The Jews do this with their immoral films and television shows. The Jews do this with all manner of publications and all other forms of media, which unironically are controlled completely by this same group – but which they still must whine about, lest public opinion would disapprove of their dissemination (as any morally upright people would). Yet, once one publishes or promotes information which points the finger at World Judah, the Jews are no longer the “free speech” champions they present themselves as – a fact which demonstrates itself whensoever anyone who suggests or posts any material which criticizes Jewish corruption and degeneracy, will be swiftly censored within that medium in which he spreads this truth, and possibly even killed! In short, all this “free speech” nonsense, as we are familiar with it today, is really just “smokescreen” by Jews to promote their own mind-poisons, while censoring all materials which rightly criticize this accursed people for their depraved acts against us.

Blair championed Jewish aims throughout his life. In 1945, he published an article titled “Antisemitism in Britain”, in which he claimed that “antisemitism” was on the rise in Britain. Only a fool with no satisfactory knowledge of British and Jewish history would believe such an assertion. The Jews as a race have never been systematically persecuted in England, or anywhere else in the British Isles. The entire nation of England has been under Jewish domination since at least the 1800s. England has been for centuries, and remains, one of the most Judeophilic countries on the planet. One Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Benjamin Disraeli, publicly boasted of his Jewish ancestry and said that race was the key to world affairs, and the one, and only truth; and that any one who mingles his blood with that another race must perish.

Blair referred to Oswald Mosley, the leader of the British Union of Fascists, as an example of “antisemitism” in Britain. But Mosley was himself a Jew. The surname Mosley is a contraction of the Jewish names “Moses” and “Levy”. The original Fascist movement in Italy, on which Mosley based his party, was financed and controlled by Jews. Additionally, Mosley was married to Cynthia Blanche Curzon, who was the daughter of Mary Victoria Leiter. Mary Leiter was the heiress of the Marshall Field’s retail empire, which was co-founded by her father, Levi Leiter, a Jew.

Blair’s novel 1984 criticizes “Communism” and “propaganda”, but refuses to mention the fact that Communism was a product of the Jewish mind and spirit (Karl Marx), and that the study and usage of propaganda and mass psychology have similarly been dominated by this people. Joseph McCarthy was one example of a Jewish fraud who promoted the “Red Scare” in America in the 1950s, and directed criticism against “Communists” rather than the Jews. Blair’s novel also popularized the Jewish deception known as “individuality”, in which individual preferences, opinions, and rights surpass the importance of those collective interests concerning the entire state. In his novel Animal Farm, Blair claims his purpose was to criticize the “Russian Revolution” of 1917 and Stalin’s (real name: Dzhugashvili) subsequent dictatorship, but disregards the fact that the Revolution was instigated by Jews such as Lenin (real name: Ulyanov) and Trotsky (real name: Bronstein) to help initiate Jewry’s plan for complete control over Russia, and that Stalin himself was a Jew who likewise could not possibly have attained the extent of political power he had in Russia without Jewish influence and support. As Britain, where Blair lived, was allied with the Soviet Union under Stalin during World War II, it naturally would be expected that support for Stalin was strong among the British people during that period. In this way, it would appear that Blair tried to make his book seem as revolutionary and radical as possible during its circulation by condemning Stalin’s rule of Great Britain’s own major war ally, the Soviet Union. The Jews were indifferent to all of this. Provided the Jews themselves were not the ones blamed in Blair’s publications, this criticism of such entities was acceptable to them.

This does not mean that we have nothing to learn about the Jewish New World Order from Blair’s writings. Blair’s writings can be seen as the groundwork by which the Jews would complete their conquest of the world. For example, in Animal Farm the statement is made that “all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others“. This bears a resemblance to the Jews establishing themselves as the ultimate rulers of the Earth, who are entitled to dictate the societal standards among all of “humanity”. While the Jews always are the commanding protesters, agitators, “activists”, and leaders of movements that involve social causes and “social equality”, the Jews are given at all times special rights and “exceptions to the rule” when it comes to the actual enactment of their terms and conditions. Blair’s concept of “doublespeak” which was introduced in 1984 refers to the deliberately ambiguous, obscure, and euphemistic language uttered by the Jews to confuse and distract the public mind. This can be plainly observed in the way the laws of the land, which are written and passed by Jews, are purposely veiled in a technical jargon understandable only to specialists, such as lawyers (many of whom are themselves Jews). This also can be witnessed through the Jewish control of the medical industry. The Jews never explain concepts in simple terms to aid the people in their understanding of ideas. The “thoughtcrimes” in 1984 – thoughts that are deemed illegal by the authorities – remind of of the Jews’ censorship of materials which are aimed against and intended to expose the Jews and their corruption. It is in this way that the Jews encourage dissent and debate among the masses. Provided the finger is not pointed at the Jews when expressing disapproval at the world’s current state of degeneracy, the Jews themselves feel safe, because the people do not realize that corruption and degeneracy can never be expunged without an understanding of the source of all this degeneracy. And among whom can much, if not all the world’s corruption and degeneracy be traced back to? The Jews.

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