Examples of Jewish Vanity and Contempt

(This article was originally written in June, 2022.)

As someone who quite regularly used the term “Gentile” to refer to non-Jews, this term will no longer be used in my writing or speech. I, like most others, assumed “Gentile” was a neutral term to refer to ourselves. But the term is likely more sinister than the Jews would like the masses to believe.

In the relation – perhaps it would be more plausible to call it opposition – between Jews and humanity, three terms are typically used in reference to the former group when addressing or in contradistinction to the latter. These terms are non-Jews, “Gentiles”, or “goyim”. 

The term “goy” is publicly viewed as the most offensive of these terms, while both “Gentile” and “non-Jew” are commonly viewed as neutral terms. According to mainstream Jewish sources, the words “goy” and “Gentile” share a common origin, “goy” merely being the Hebrew term for “nation” or “non-Jew”. Remarkably, however, even Jewish-owned Dictionary.com makes the admission: “Use of this term [i.e., Goy] usually implies a contempt for non-Jews as being different from or even inferior to Jews”!

“Gentile” seems to be the Jews’ preferred term when referring to humans (non-Jews) in public spaces. The Jews try to present the term as a neutral one, but one always hears the same smugness and vain demeanor of Jews towards humans whenever this word is uttered. “Gentile” appears to be a mere euphemism for “goy” in the minds of the Jews, to be used only when expediency would discourage the usage of the latter word. 

That the Jews do not see themselves as one of humanity, and that they stress this contrast not only by “goy” but by “Gentile” also, is evinced by a contemptuous book of the title You Gentiles by the Jewish author Maurice Samuel. 

It is for this reason that “non-Jew” must be the preferred term of choice for us. That the Jews openly express a distinction between themselves and mankind by such terms suggests their difference from us. The Jews may well be something beyond a race, distinguished from the human races not from the possession of common physical and mental tendencies, but from their distinction from mankind when viewed on a macrocosmic level. We may then use the dichotomy of “Jewry vs. humanity”, thus stressing the evident gulf separating the two from one another. But such thinking must be presented in a rather circumspect way, if at all, even among anti-Jewish circles at the present moment, because most of them would be incredulous of it, and to do so would introduce confusion in the minds of many. For now, non-Jew must suffice.

As the German writer Theodor Fritsch notes (Handbuch der Judenfrage), the Jew presents himself “differently among his kind than among non-Jews.” One does not often hear the Jews utter the word “goyim” to refer to non-Jewish humanity – not in public, at least. But one may rest assured that such contemptuous, derogatory terms are easily within the access of Jews whenever they are placed in the company of their own likeness. 

With us, they attempt to foist their practices upon us, to “normalize” what the noblest of man has deemed abhorrent or debasing; among themselves, we must remember, no such process is necessary. The Jew, we must remember, is “normal” when he is among his own kin; he is only profoundly wicked according to the most acute moral and spiritual compass of man. His behavior among non-Jewish populations is merely an incomplete representation of the true extent of his burning hatred towards noble and true things, which he usually attempts to suppress whenever in the face of humanity. Their own written works prove that their nasty, denigratory language is much more freely shown when they are in the company of their kind. 

Another example of the conceitedness of the Jews lies in their love of meretricious titles and affiliations, which they use to trick the masses into unthinking credulity. A list of some of the most common titles used by Jews against humanity is presented below.

  • Doctors
  • Scientists
  • FBI (or other Federal) Agents
  • CEOs
  • Professional Athletes
  • Professional Musicians and Actors 
  • “Prestigious” Universities and Academic Institutions (e.g., Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, etc.)

It is probable that the amount of false trust and legitimacy the Jews have instilled on people’s minds through their control of the media, schools, etc. concerning these domains affects nearly all of us to some degree. The Jews have been able to trick large sections of the public into thinking that the individuals belonging to these groups are at a level above everyone else. 

While we must concede that some superiority is the property of such persons, if only in a social or pecuniary sense, it is doubtful indeed whether it is true in an intellectual and moral sense. Nearly every non-Jew is superficial in that he or she assumes that because a person is higher in the social ladder, or has a prestigious title or position, he must necessarily be better equipped intellectually and morally. In such miscalculation lies much of our present sorrow, and the maintenance of incompetent persons in positions which their inherent capacities are not truly capable of taking on or of appreciating.

Although it is practical to have titles in society based on merit, the problem I wish to point out is that too often these titles are bestowed on questionable virtue. For example, the Jews in the leadership of the FBI have made it a requirement for new agents to “tour the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. to learn what can happen when law enforcement loses its core values.” How can non-Jews have faith in such organizations when employees are required to visit a such a “memorial”? It is clear just from this fact that the Jews in control of the federal government do not have the people’s interests in mind, and that the servant at the forefront of their minds is something else. It is no surprise that the Jews have invested massive funds to “glorify” the federal agencies through their control of the television and film industries, as through legal dramas and crime thriller films. Indeed, the federal agencies themselves are said to lend support to these television shows and movies whenever they are presented favorably. 

In saying this, I do not wish to insinuate that the law is useless, or that the FBI or other federal organizations are not without their merits. It is possible that many individuals at the lower levels of the Bureau are well-meaning in their effort to protect and preserve the laws of the country. And the law must always be respected and followed. We may disagree on certain points of it, but this is only natural. No body of laws is made for individual wants. Any revision of the laws must take place legally. I cannot do better here than to quote from a more eloquent person on the subject: “Let every American, every lover of liberty, every well-wisher to his posterity swear by the blood of the Revolution never to violate in the least particular the laws of the country, and never to tolerate their violation by others” (Abraham Lincoln in an address on “The Perpetuation of Our Political Institutions”, January 27, 1838). That some changes are absolutely necessary is undeniable.

Furthermore, the business executives and CEOs are overwhelmingly comprised of Jews and secret Jews. Wealth cannot be used as a yardstick for virtue. Actually, those at the extreme levels of wealth are likely to be more corrupt than the average person, because given the present situation, one cannot get so far in a financial sense without being either a Jew, or a collaborator of this race. Yet the masses still are easily led to believe that a man is competent simply because he is rich.

“Doctor” and “Scientist” are likewise highly ambiguous titles. When a person calls himself a “doctor”, the experienced man can hardly imagine with much certainty where this person’s knowledge or merit lies. For example, a person with a Ph.D. in religious studies can legally refer to himself as a “doctor”. What the masses typically have in mind when they think of “doctor” is, of course, a physician or medical practitioner. It is not hard to show that medicine is a field which is flooded with Jews. But even among the physicians and medical practitioners, a fair amount of credibility and merit depends on the field of specialization. Of the various medical specialties, the pediatricians, psychiatrists, gynecologists, urologists, and dermatologists, seem to comprise more than their share of degenerate, undesirable, and unreliable personalities. Incidentally, it is precisely these subfields of medicine where the Jews have their strongest foothold. And it is well-established that the Jews control most, if not all, of the schools from which academic degrees are earned. 

Concerning the “scientists”, we have here to deal with another title of much dubiousness, yet which large numbers of the public unthinkingly place on a high plane of social value. Physicists, chemists, biologists, anthropologists, psychologists, and sociologists alike are “scientists”. But it is probable that different levels of intellectual ability and types of personality characterize the different types of “scientist”. If we speak of intellectual capacity only, it is likely the case, as it appears to be commonly believed in scientific circles, that speaking in general terms, of five of the more common scientific pursuits – physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, and sociology – physicists rank the highest mentally, chemists second, biologists third, and psychologists fourth, with sociologists deemed the least able of them. (September 20, 2022: As regards the biologists and social scientists, the average differences in mental ability would appear to be smaller than previously assumed. According to Graduate Record Examination (General Test) scores, sorted by intended major, the average biologist seems to have only a very slight advantage to social scientists in the three kinds of mental ability measured (verbal, quantitative, and analytical). In fact, when selecting for verbal ability alone the social scientists have the advantage, while in mathematics the biologists are the higher scorers. The scores were taken from the pre-October, 2001 examinations, which correlated strongly with IQ. Similar findings are seen in the data presented in Anne Roe, The Making of a Scientist (1953). At any rate, personality is not best gauged by tests of intelligence; and probably we would find more inferior personalities among the social scientists than among those engaged in natural studies.)

From personal observation, it seems also to be the case that the biologists are the most apt to recognize and appreciate an inherent basis for the differences we see between humans. The psychologists seem somewhat less inclined, with the sociologist the least inclined by a fairly wide margin. (We may exclude the chemists and physicists from such a ranking, since their fields do not generally pertain to the study of the organization of human society.) Probably part of this denial is due to the lower average intelligence of social scientists in contrast with those engaged in natural sciences, but a larger part is likely the result of inferior characteristics of personality and temperament on the part of social scientists. 

This is not to say that we must do away with these fields – rather, we are in need of better, more competent sociologists and psychologists with a strong knowledge of the biological foundations of humanity and society. We must reject the incompetent, degenerate, and deceptive Jews who have infiltrated the social sciences and supersede them with competent workers. It is probable that some improvement in this respect could be had through proper training and education on the significance of heredity in social and individual life. Psychologists and sociologists have much to appreciate in the field of biology, especially of heredity. Their knowledge and appreciation of genetics is often too meager, but it behooves them, perhaps more than other disciples of science, to have an insight into how it molds and affects our affairs. 

It is likely also the case that the Jews infiltrate the social sciences to an even greater degree than the natural sciences. (It is obvious, however, that the Jews have infiltrated and debased all the scientific fields, though likely in varying degree.) And to change the opinions of such an obstinate and dogmatic race through education and enlightenment would seem to be impossible.

To turn to the professional sports teams and organizations, these seem to be nearly all Jew-controlled as well. Again, the Jews are giving fame and immense sums of money to members of these professional teams. Moreover, contrary to the suggestion we hear so often that sports be used as a basis for friendship and “team spirit”, the Jews seem to be using sporting competitions to promote animosity between different nations and races. I wouldn’t say the people who follow professional sports are especially interested in promoting intelligent cooperation between people. One also cannot escape from the fact that given the “hero-like” status the Jews bestow on professional sports players, these players must themselves be Jews. 

The Jews are using sports as a way to distract us from important issues. I am reminded of Protocol 13:3 of the Protocols of Zion: “SOON WE SHALL BEGIN THROUGH THE PRESS TO PROPOSE COMPETITIONS IN ART, IN SPORT IN ALL KINDS: these interests will finally distract their minds from questions in which we should find ourselves compelled to oppose them.” Who may be said to benefit from all these sporting events? In the end, it’s just one Jewish group winning over another. The Jews may as well “rig” the games, because either way, the “victors” are always the same group!

Further, the famous musicians, actors, and other performers today are virtually all of Jewish race. While it is obvious and well-known that Jews control Hollywood, it isn’t so known that the Jews control all or nearly all major acting and media production studios throughout the world. “Hollywood” is just one part of their scheme. They control the rest of the world too, folks. Their activities can by no means be said to be limited to a particular geographical location.

The universities and academic system today are mostly under Jewish hands also. This is especially true of “prestigious” academies like Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Oxford, and Cambridge, which may be said to be thoroughly under Jewish domination. Curiously, it is precisely the universities that are most directly and fully under Jewish control that the masses esteem most highly. It is the name and reputation more than anything that gives the Jews at these institutions a good image in the eyes of the masses. The Jews at the universities and school system are spreading propaganda and are promoting destructive ideas on “feminism”, “sexual orientations”, “racism”, “white privilege”, and similar nonsense.

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