Ginsburg and Gates – A Strange Resemblance

(This article was originally written in September 2020.)

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Several days ago I found out that the Jewish judge Ruth Ginsburg had died. I have few words to write on her and know little about the particular actions she took during her career as a Supreme Court jurist. But on reading of her death, I recalled how Bill Gates appeared to resemble Ginsburg in recent years. A few days before Ginsburg’s death, Bill Gates’ father had also died. I recalled that Gates expressed sadness of Ginsburg’s death on Twitter. The resemblances between Ruth Ginsburg and Bill Gates are more significant than what may be gleaned from the portraits.

Gates, like Ginsburg, I am quite certain, is a Jew, although he does not admit this. Non-Jews are not given the fame, or the wealth, or the influence on matters which concern the world, which Gates has been given by the race which dominates it; the “gates” of opportunity, as it were, are probably too strait for the non-Jew (i.e., human) to reach such an immense level of influence, not only economically, but politically, socially, and morally. Ginsburg was a supporter – as it appears all females of the Jewish race/species are – of feminism and seems to be remembered chiefly for her feminist stance in legal matters. Gates is also a promoter of feminism and is one of the most prominent social reformists in the world, who advocates the Jewish filth all other Jews promote, such as birth control, feminism, egalitarianism, and other degenerate, deceptive, immoral, and dishonest movements and ideas. The Jew is always the reformist, always a revolutionist, and is always the head of social disruption. One also always notices among the Jews – it is always recurrent! – the obsession with sexuality, the sensual extravagance. The inflaming of our basest appetites is always to be noticed wherever the Jew insinuates himself. One will look in vain for a morally filthy movement without at least one Jew involved in it.

I will probably not do further research on Ginsburg or Gates for this post. There is little need for it. The actions and behavior of one Jew have, it seems, never departed from the action and tendencies shown by the race. His proclivities seem to always represent what the race from which he has sprung has represented for its entire existence: Always decay, always decline, always degeneration, always corruption, always disorder, always instability. Thinking about the Jews and considering the extent of the damage which they have inflicted on the world will make any morally upright individual feel ill. But it must be considered, it must be confronted, and it must be conquered.

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