Comments on YouTube Censorship

(This article was originally written in June 2019.)

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Several days ago it was announced that YouTube would be banning videos that promote opposition to any group. I see this YouTube update as something to have been expected. What else can be expected from an obviously Jewish-controlled website with hundreds of millions of active viewers? It was inevitable that such an event would happen. Of course, YouTube (“JewTube”) was never anti-Jewish to begin with, but since the passing of these pro-Jewish rules, “JewTube” has simply now become primarily a place where the most degenerate and Judeophilic content is displayed.

As for any YouTube viewers reading this post, I discourage you from supporting the Jews by contributing anything there, whether by uploading videos, or commenting, or even leaving a like. Moreover, limit your YouTube views as much as possible. Your content will be deleted if it promotes the truth about Jewry; and a large part of “YouTube” has apparently always consisted of Jewish propaganda, of all kinds of degeneracy, and precious time wasted. 

At any rate, for the intelligent mind, I believe video and audio should be subordinated to reading in the acquisition of knowledge. Books are a far superior source of information than the video and audio sources which the Jews are promoting to the masses. The video and audio sources seem to decrease the masses’ attention spans, and their ability to devote to a single task, and keep the base pleasures of the public aroused (as described by the Jews in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion). Of course, it’s not just “JewTube” that’s shortening our attention spans. From Twitter and Instagram to the language one hears and reads everywhere today, we may observe a similar corruption. 

The likely truth is, the best of the people are not spending much of their time watching videos or using Twitter and Instagram. I am certain these people have found better ways to use their time, such as reading books. While it is true that many of the books we see today are written, published, and promoted by Jews, it’s still better than spending your time watching videos and looking at photos on Instagram. 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is susan-wojcicki.jpgYouTube needs to be put an end to if we desire an orderly, intellectual, and morally righteous planet. Pictured is the CEO of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki, a Jew.

Videos and images have always appealed to the masses, because, unlike books, they require neither thought nor dedication to consume. The Jews promote videos and other forms of “easy media” to the masses as a way to shorten their attention spans and to prevent them from thinking about the Jewish Problem.

(June 23, 2023: On the other hand, it would be absurd to say that all videos are lacking in intellectual worth or sufficient force to inspire; and for visual and auditory purposes, it is also true that videos provide a way of learning and observation that a text may not be able to provide. If only we had better video platforms; but unfortunately, the major video sharing platforms (with perhaps the exception of BitChute) are all under Jewish hegemony.)

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