David Duke Is a Jew

“In this way the peoples and governments of the GOYIM, whom we have taught to look only at the outside whatever we present to their notice, will still continue to accept us as the benefactors and saviours of the human race.”

Protocol no. 7, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

I have had David Duke listed as a Jew in my Jewish Deceivers post, now this article will bring forth evidence for this belief. 

In the deceivers post I have removed a picture of Duke featured on the cover of Time magazine, as it has been discovered to be apocryphal. Duke, as far as I know was never on the cover of Time. However, this single error does not alter the conclusion I have made regarding his ancestry.

David Duke in 1967. The Jewish features are more salient in this photograph of him in late adolescence. In fact, from observations of many public specimens it may be put forth as a principle that the outward racial-phenotypic characteristics of an individual tend to be most prominent during the years of late adolescence to early adulthood. In Duke’s case we may be dealing with the suspicion set forth later in this article that cosmetic enhancement has been effected to further conceal these traits. The Jewish characteristics that strike the observer in the above photograph are as follows: The eyes far set with a lifeless look. Such an expression is common among the feeble-minded or mentally defective, and the Jews produce an extremely high ratio of mentally ill persons. The lips rather thick, the lower lip being notably prominent, and the mouth rather wide. The ears likewise protrude to an unusual degree. (Could it be for this reason that very many Jewish males prefer styles of wearing the hair where the ears are partly covered?) These are features characteristic of many Jews.

In portraits of Duke in recent years his appearance may properly be called more “handsome” than in youth, which is unusual. It is also strange that his hair appears to have gotten blond with age. The photograph in Duke’s youth shows blond hair; in his early adulthood dusty brown hair; and today it is overlaid by a fair shade. I do not believe it is common for a brown-haired man to become golden blond in middle age as Duke’s transformation might have us assume. Such an occurrence seems unlikely unless Duke has dyed his hair, or uses a wig to cover his brown hair color. Many people might question its significance, but I think it can be explained on practical grounds: Duke has made his hair lighter to appear more Nordic, and to preclude suspicion of Jewish ancestry. A blond Jew is commonly assumed to be an oxymoron, or at least a rare phenomenon; but it must be admitted that very many mature Jews, particularly those mixed with Northern European blood have naturally fair hair; however, the “softening” or mitigation of Duke’s “Jewish” appearance accounted for by the appearance of numerous other characters common to the Jewish race – the strange ears, the prominent mouth, and so forth – must also be recalled in this connection. 

David Duke posing for the New York Times.

It is also odd that the eyebrows show the effect of aging in a white-gray shade, while the hair on the scalp remains a crisp golden yellow, as seen in the photograph by the New York Times. From what reading I have done on the topic, the hair on the scalp tends to turn gray preceding a similar change in the color of the eyebrows. Furthermore, Duke’s skin seems to be adorned by a lighter and more healthy ruddy tone in the New York Times photograph in contrast to the sickly, grayish-pink complexion of his early years, a grayish tone which is frequent in the Jewish race. It is thus further suggested that Duke’s appearance is being used to have the masses duped.

It is perhaps also relevant that it was Topher Grace who, in the film BlacKkKlansman (2018) portrayed David Duke during his years in the “Klan” movement. Grace’s ancestry, be it also noted, includes one paternal Jewish grandparent, while his mother is said to be of Irish descent. He is “white-looking” enough that the masses would not assume him as being anything else. I suspect an analogy between Grace and the figure he portrays in this film: Both Duke and Grace, being Jews, yet easily pass as “white” according to the woefully inept judgment of the masses. But it is an extremely dangerous assumption that because someone does not have a “Jewish nose” or does not otherwise “look very Jewish”, he could not reasonably be believed to have Jewish origins; it is no less mistaken to suppose that an individual with, say, a single Jewish great-grandparent has had his Jewish origin diluted to such a degree that any traces of Jewishness in the individual concerned is certain to be negligible: I strongly believe this view to be mistaken. The Jewish spirit, the Jewish mentality, and the Jewish behavior, are not only far more pernicious, but seem to be much more transmissible than the traits one sees on the outside. These racial-spiritual traits are just the ones we must be most wary of when dealing with the Jewish Problem, and it is this Jewish mentality, this Jewish spirit, which would seem to be much more stubbornly transmissible than the superficial physical ones. A Jew may have offspring by a Korean, for instance, and the children may inherit most of the characteristics of the East Asiatic in the shape of the eyelids, the cheekbones, the texture of hair, and color of eye, but the racial-spiritual side will remain strongly “Jewish” according to the evidence gathered on mixed Jewish-non-Jewish offspring: The Jewish mental traits are the dominant ones. This film, I think, also shows how far the Jews are able to disguise themselves by cosmetics in the case of the actor and the portrayed, besides giving support to the fact that though David Duke may “look” European, at least in most of the pictures that circulate of him, it does not mean that he must be. 

Topher Grace as David Duke in BlacKkKlansman; David Duke in 1978. The photograph at right shows Duke’s darker hair color, a more curved nose, and slightly bulging right eye. In the pictures, Grace is made to look more European than he is off the stage, demonstrating how such a transformation may be possible with modern methods of cosmetic enhancement. Similarly, Duke attempts to make himself more agreeable to the non-Jewish public by changing his appearance.

Though I may censure no one who wishes to boast of his achievements, so long as they are tangible ones, I cannot believe that Duke has been the first and most zealous man in all the deeds he claims to be his or that the accomplishments he lists should really be a source of pride. He boasts of being the first, the most strenuous, and the greatest too often. While I cannot remember all of the claims he has made in this direction (perhaps an indication of how frequently he makes them), he claims that no one was telling the truth about the Jews for as long as has he, that his books and videos are those most approved by the “anti-Zionist” circle, that his books have sold better than any other “anti-Semitic” writer or that his YouTube videos have been viewed billions of times. 

Duke also boasts that he has delivered lectures at over 200 universities, but considering the Jewish control of intellectual and academic spaces in the last several decades, this should cause further suspicion of his motives rather than be cause for respect. And while nothing is wrong with promoting one’s own writing, Duke appears to do this excessively. He boasts often about his Ph.D. and the fact that he was a member of the House of Representatives in Louisiana, but given the Jewish domination of the schools and modern academia, and the Jews’ extent of control over the political and legal domains, this should inveigh against the idea that he is a non-Jew who opposes Jewish international power and Jewish baseness.

Duke is trying to promote himself as an opponent of “Jewish extremism”, but I believe his goal is to promote half-truths, and to intertwine those opposing Jewish behavior to Nazism and “white nationalism”, as if these ideas were interchangeable, to distract and confuse us. I also strongly believe he is working to suppress real opponents of the Jews by giving the Jews more opportunities to defame people like me, by associating all of us with him and the consequences of his behavior. 

If one looks at what the “white nationalists” and neo-Nazis have been doing to our freedoms and our benefits on the Internet, they are doing much more harm than good. Imagine, for instance, how much more restricted the Internet and people like me are today. Those very few truly anti-Jewish persons in the world today are constantly being censored and suppressed and a very substantial part of this is be imputed as the result of Jews making complaints about the rise of “far right extremists”, “white nationalists”, and neo-Nazis posting vulgar, unintelligent, and dishonest content online. Is it only by chance that many of these figures have been discovered to be Jewish? Do these Jewish legislators, protestors, agitators, reformers, and “activists” distinguish between intelligent discussions of the Jewish Problem and the stupid ones by the “white supremacists”? Certainly they do not: What they desire is to suppress the truth about them. If they do not merely silence us, they choose the worst, the most tenuous, the most harmful words uttered by their adversaries. Is it merely a coincidence that many of their most outspoken and fanatical opponents happen to be of the same kin, a race which seeks interests rather at odds with those of the rest of mankind?

I find Duke to be mentioned in a great many places on the Internet and in the media. I remember his name being mentioned in the media several years ago in connection with the statement which he made in his video for an advertisement of an upcoming book titled The Illustrated Protocols. He described the Protocols as “literary fantasy”. In his blog, Duke says it is “irrelevant if the original Protocols were written by Czarist agents or not”, because the work still serves as a predictor of Jewish rule over nations and their present dominance over the globe. He uses the analogy of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and George Orwell’s (real name: Eric Arthur Blair) Nineteen Eighty-Four as examples of fictional works that show prescience. However, the comparison is improper, because these latter two books were originally intended as works of fiction; while if the former text was fictional, the writer or writers left no traces of it being intended as such in the text. Those who wholeheartedly work to expose the Jews depend on the Protocols being a genuine outline of events by the very race the work describes. If it is really discovered that the Protocols is fiction, or was written by a group of non-Jewish Czarist agents it would be a massive feather in the Jewish cap, because the lack of literary acknowledgment necessitates it as a work of non-fiction. The Protocols contains no outlandish remarks or ridiculous statements, or clearly chimerical descriptions of events which would suggest to the reader that it is a fictional tale, as with Huxley or Orwell’s work. Its plans were carved in stone as were the Ten Commandments of the Jews’ God, and leave no sufficient margin on which particulars of the text are to be set, to be adjusted according the situation of the present day: They are too strongly in agreement with what the Jews have been doing to us, and what they are doing to us today; and the methods and particular implements of their planning too exact, the niceties of the story, and the results derived therefrom too mutual to be fictitious. To dismiss the work as fantasy is a grave error.

If the Jews hated Duke, they would not be giving him coverage in the media they own. They would not permit him to speak live in front of a massive audience on television. I can only say that they do what they have been doing with me and my writings: Banning me from their platforms, diminishing my possible readership to as low a number as possible under the circumstances of legal and financial expediency. If your writing does reflect your views, and if you hold the proper anti-Jewish world view founded on truth, then the Jews will give you the smallest amount of fame; fame, fortune, popularity, mere attention in today’s world is, it pains me to say, incumbent on the extent of one’s support of Jewish abasement and degeneration. You will have no sensationalist headlines on the Southern Poverty Law Center or the Anti-Defamation League, or any other Jewish news outlet, which they must know leads only to greater excitation, the end being the opposite of the purported goal. They will simply suppress your work and your words. Even to the Jews, perhaps, slander is silver; silence is golden.

This article serves merely as supplementary material to the underlying foundation of my belief as to why Duke must be a Jew: The Jews do not promote non-Jews in the Jewish media as they have unquestionably done with Duke. Though they claim to be criticizing or ridiculing him, when all is said and done they are promoting him and his work. All this information supports the idea that Duke is a Jew who hides as someone he is not. I do not think there is any living non-Jew mentioned by the Jewish media who is really anti-Jewish. The ones mentioned by these Jewish outlets are Jews or clandestine supporters of the race. I have not seen anyone reasonably refute my belief that only Jews are promoted by the Jewish media or that there ever was a person in recent times who was promoted by the Jewish media who was not either Jewish or a supporter of Jewish interests, though I am open to any intelligent argument against this suspicion.

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