College Is Jewish Indoctrination

(This article was originally written in August 2019.)

Many of us, myself included, have been going back to school during these past few days. Now that I am Jew-aware, I try to keep records in my mind of every time the Jews at these Judeo-indoctrination centers known as colleges (I am attending one currently) try to deceive the masses.

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It cannot be a coincidence that all universities and colleges are controlled by one race/species, the Jews. But of course, the Jews fool me no longer. I am aware of their deception now. Unfortunately, however, most people will never be aware of the Jews’ corruptive schemes, because they lack the intellectual and moral vigor to realize and actively oppose the omnipresent Jewish way of living. I doubt there’s much I can do about this because it’s how it’s always been; and I probably cannot change how the masses feel, as I am inclined to believe that their shortcomings are largely inherent. The masses will always lean towards what’s “trending”, what’s “popular”, while the best minds will simply strive towards whichever cause is right. As I have stated in other posts, these Jews, as well as their Judeophile brethren, will likely have to be fought against in our struggle against world corruption.

I will give mention to just a few examples of Judeo-indoctrination which I have encountered during my last few days of classes in college.

One class I am taking is a US history class. While I do not believe the instructor is a Jew, he is certainly on the Jewish side as the vast majority of college instructors undoubtedly are. All the so-called “anti-Semites” who were in positions of professorship in more recent times, such as Kevin MacDonald, Revilo Oliver, and William Pierce, were Jewish deceivers who became popular through Jewish support, and were never truly anti-Jewish to begin with (albeit Pierce, according to the Jewish media only started becoming politically active after leaving his tenure at the University of Oregon in 1965). One cannot be a college instructor while also being actively opposed to the Jewish menace; it simply does not happen. How could it, when the colleges and education system are all under Jewish domination? Almost all college administrators are Jews. Most college professors are Jews. Most students at the top universities are Jews. The books and articles one is required to read in college classes are all published and promoted by Jews, with most also written by Jews. The standards and curriculum set by schools for their students are likewise made by Jewish organizations. What else can be said to give one a better understanding of the omnipotent Jewish control of the educational system?

Another class I am taking is a psychological methods class. I do not believe the instructor for this class is a Jew. The class is about applying logic and reason to determine whether statements are true or false. This, superficially, is something which the Jews must disapprove of, as their ridiculous claims in favor of racial mixing and dysgenics among non-Jews are entirely based on emotion rather than the use of reason and logic, which presents against such practices.

I am also taking an introduction to psychology course. Psychology is a field which is filled with Jewish deceivers. Perhaps during the early 20th century psychology would still have been a good field to study as there was an acceptable number of non-Jews who wrote honestly about the human mind, but which the Jews have since invaded quite thoroughly. While I do have an interest in psychology, naturally, I will try my best to avoid books and articles on this important subject that are written by Jews, who have corrupted the field to a massive extent. The honest student of psychology must find a way around the Jewish deception which has pervaded the subject. I usually do this by examining the facial features of the author. Whether they publicly admit they are Jewish or not, I will disregard works by writers whom I am able to recognize as Jewish in body, in mind, or both. Sometimes, however, I will read works by known Jews just to have a better understanding of some particular aspects of Judeo-indoctrination.

Finally, I am taking a class on English literature. This class is quite ridiculous to those of us who are Jew-aware, as should only be expected. The instructor seems to be a Jew, as I would find out after signing up for the class. I could have chosen a different instructor, but what difference would that ultimately make? If the instructor of a college isn’t himself a Jew, the Jews still gave him his position there for a reason. That reason is that he has professed loyalty to the Jews and their propaganda, and has agreed to indoctrinate his students with Jewish deception.

We were assigned two books for this English class – neither of which were written by Englishmen, despite the class being called “English”. One is written by a woman with a Jewish-sounding surname who has bipolar disorder (this mental disease, along with schizophrenia and mental retardation – or, to use the Jews’ own term, “autism” – is particularly rampant among Jews). Her father, likely uncoincidentally, was himself a college professor. She is a famous singer. The music industry is Jewish-controlled, and most if not all famous singers are Jewish. I ask: How does this book have any relation to English literature? Because it was written in the “English” language, should one even title it as “English” in origin? (June 23, 2023: If we are studying English literature, it seems clear to me that priority should be given to the English classics; though one must be careful not to let such an opinion go too far.) This promotion of “diversity” in language is as Jewish as the Jewish promulgation of other forms of “diversity” within the nations. Though it is overlooked by many, Jewish corruption of modern language should be thoroughly examined and put an end to. 

The other book we were assigned to read in this “English literature” class is by Kurt Vonnegut. I suspect Vonnegut was a secret Jew. For one, he was a promoter of the fallacious idea that atheism should be adopted by the masses. This is a dangerous Jewish idea. Who would trust atheistic tendencies among the people? This will only lead to rebellion against the spirit and foster myriad immoral proclivities. Vonnegut wrote favorably of Jews, and he had Jewish acquaintances.

Both of these books we were assigned to read for this class were published by Penguin, which is one of the most prominent publishing companies today. Well, it must be one of the most popular publishing companies only because the Jews wanted it to be so.

Under our current education system, our society is only certain to degenerate. When will the best of us rise up against the Jews’ deceit? When will the best of us cleanse the education system of Jewish corruption? We must teach people proper morals and ideas, but it seems that Jewry represents a repudiation of this. How long must we tolerate the Jews’ nonsense before the best of us triumph over the Jewish menace and replace the Jewish system of thought?

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