Why Jews Are Behind the New Eugenics Movement

(This article was originally written in July, 2019. In the light of a sounder understanding of eugenics, some of the ideas and opinions below are of dubious worth at best, and in need of revision.)

Why do Jews today own and control all of the abortion clinics, contraception companies, birth control research institutes, sperm and egg banks, genetic counseling centers, and genetic research centers – stating it another way, why do they control the “New Eugenics” movement – while also being the most outspoken critics of eugenics?

One possible reason for this is because the Jews are trying to hide the term eugenics while they are acting on eugenic principles to improve their own lot. The Jews never use the word eugenics even when they act on eugenic principles. Whenever the term “eugenics” is mentioned, the Jews will mention the Nazis. By doing this, the Jews have been successful in deceiving people into thinking that a Jew cannot possibly be a eugenicist after what had supposedly happened to their people during the Jew Hitler’s regime. As the Jews are unable to discredit the science behind eugenics, they had to rely on sentimental appeal to discredit eugenics. By avoiding the term “eugenics”, the Jews are intentionally avoiding the foundations of the eugenics movement, which also included an acknowledgment of racial differences and other facts which the Jews would loathe to admit.

The Jews want to create a dysgenic breed of men by prolonging the lives of those who are unworthy of living. Those traits which, in a natural setting, would be removed from one’s family tree by the death of an individual, or at least be strongly selected against, instead get treated and managed, and linger and get passed on to posterity. The Jews are able to alleviate the effects of a hereditary taint, thus mitigating and reducing any usage of the term eugenics in the process by concerning themselves with temporary solutions to the very permanent problem of heredity. Humanity is collecting hereditary defects, partly through the evasion of the natural inclination towards destruction of weaker and degenerate forms of human life. We are placing our trust on Jewish physicians to cure or solve these defects for us. Instead of relying on these Jews and their temporary solutions of relief, humanity must take state-wide measures – without any Jews involved – to prevent the reproduction of the innately unfit.

The Jews own and control the abortion clinics, supposedly because they want to “free” women from the trouble of pregnancy when it is not desired by them. This helped initiate the Jewish “Sexual Revolution”, as men and women could now freely have sexual intercourse solely for sensual ends. Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was married to a Jew named William Sanger. 

As a side note, to anyone who thinks that sexual intercourse with more than one partner in a person’s lifetime ought to be an acceptable practice, nature obviously thinks otherwise. The countless venereal diseases those who live a lascivious (Jewish) life of physical gratification are exposed to and grieve and suffer mercilessly from each day should be proof enough of this. I personally am of the opinion that all women who have had sexual intercourse with more than one partner in their lives ought to be executed, or otherwise be forbidden from propagating their kind for the good of the community. It was common law among many tribes in ancient times, that women who were known to have slept with multiple men were banished, or stoned, or otherwise slaughtered by the male members of their tribe. Without attempting to commend such practices, beneficial as they may have ultimately proven for mankind, the same end from the eugenical view, or the termination of the reproductive line, should certainly be kept in mind for promiscuous women – even, perhaps, also to men.

The Jews own and control the contraception companies to reduce the number of people in adoption centers, and to prevent unwanted pregnancies. But exactly what are these unwanted pregnancies? And what would be the purpose of having sexual intercourse without the aim of producing children? The answer, of course, is to allow people to have sexual intercourse without fear of impregnation. This the Jews are doing so as to make sexual intercourse a recreational activity rather than for the purpose of conceiving. The Jews are appealing to our lowest desires while inhibiting our higher faculties. And with such a debased social condition, eugenic ideals are impossible to employ. The Jews can say that they are promoting contraception with the intention of reducing unwanted pregnancies. But why should we encourage people to have sexual intercourse without the intention of bearing children? This “Sexual Revolution” has helped result in an immense increase in immoral behavior, and its negative aspects far outweigh its positive. The feminist movement and the Sexual Revolution were started by Jews to poison and corrupt nations.

The Jews own and control the sperm and egg banks where, supposedly, those in possession of a superior genealogy can give his or her sperm or eggs for other people to use. In fact, the Jewish Nobel prize-winning geneticist Hermann Joseph Muller proposed establishing a sperm bank to which only the best of men would contribute (this same Jew Muller criticized writings which were contrary to his Jewish spirit, particularly regarding racial and hereditary differences among humans and the directions which the state must take to mitigate the dysgenic process). Why would Jews suggest this and practice this when I stated that their intention is to lower the innate capacities of non-Jews? My answer to this is that the Jews are not deciding whether the recipient of the donor sperm or egg is of a suitable stock him- or herself. The Jews never mention or give a description of the recipients of the sperm or egg – for “privacy” reasons, they claim, but this is to deceive us into assuming that all that is required of a superior stock is one superior parent. The obvious truth is, both sides of the family must be of a suitable hereditary make-up if we want to create a well-born society. Moreover, the Jews do not select egg or sperm donors based on moral character, which is likely also due largely to heredity. Also, to what scale is this sperm and egg transfer being enacted? I read somewhere that Jews had been encouraging medical students and the college-educated to donate their sperm or eggs to these banks. Many medical students are Jews, and the universities from which people receive their formal higher education are all controlled by Jews. The Jews even call nosophobia (it doesn’t refer to a fear of large noses), or irrational fear of contracting illness “medical students’ disease”; to see the relation one needs only to keep in mind the extremely large proportion of Jews in medicine, combined with the fact that a disproportionately large number of Jews suffer from anxiety disorders, especially disease-related ones. We know how lacking Jews are in moral character, which, as stated before, is possibly due mainly to heritable causes. In fact, owing to their antisocial inclinations, Jews have been expelled from over a hundred nations over the past few millennia. Plus, the brightest minds today are probably not even attending the Jews’ medical schools or even universities. This may have been the case in the early part of the 20th century, when most of the universities weren’t yet under Jewish domination, but certainly not today. The medical field and universities today are completely Jewish-controlled and are known for their lack of moral consideration and lack of invention. To support this, we even have the confession of the Planning Committee of the Royal College of Physicians that “the average medical student of to-day is lacking in initiative and curiosity, with poor ability to arrange and interpret facts and little precision in the use of words.” Besides, “Intelligence” is of utmost importance to the psychopathic and innately antisocial Jew. For just one example, see the Jew Jeffrey Epstein’s case. This man claimed to support eugenics, and even donated his sperm for others to use despite his degenerate Jewish nature and mentality, which has been well-documented even by his own tribe’s media. To the morally honorable person, intellect alone would be insufficient for deciding who is well-born. We must decide who is morally fit along with who is intellectually fit, and being “college-educated” or a “medical student” simply does not complete the requirement.

New eugenics belongs to the “positive eugenics” (encouraging breeding among those considered to be fit) category, allowing parents to select desirable traits in an unborn child. But why is there no state initiative to do this? If there were state initiative, it could consider the pedigrees of both sides of the family in determining each’s heritable suitability. The Jews are disregarding both sides of the family by letting one person decide whom the other parent should be.

The Jews own and control the genetic counseling and research centers of today. The Jews are continuously publishing data on genetics and the influence of genes on physical and mental traits. Why is this? If Jews are trying to diminish the innate value of humanity, wouldn’t the Jews want to hide this information from the public? My answer to this is: Jews are not intelligent. The Jews can conceive of as many elaborate and high-sounding words and phrases as they like, but those who are aware of the Jews’ lies and deception will not be bound to submission by their fancy medical jargon. Many of the recent “medical” terms may just be Jewish deception among countless other long-sounding names that Jews use to trick us. The Jews are using these terms to confuse us and to hide the facts which the eugenicists of the early 20th century knew.

Attempting to act on eugenic principles without government coercion makes eugenics an aimless effort. This is why the Jews refuse to give the government permission to re-enforce eugenic principles despite continuing to practice eugenics among themselves. The Jews do not want an improved breed of humans. As a group, the Jews want eugenics to be applied for themselves only. (That is, at least, to the greatest extent that a eugenics program among them would be possible. But the eugenic ideal for the Jews cannot be said to be the same ideal that humanity ought to follow.)

The Jews promote abortion to women only when it reduces the likelihood of genetic diseases. There is a problem here: How can one detect for certain that a fetus has a genetic disease and should be aborted when the fetus has not even been born? And why would someone conceive a child without first checking his or her genealogical history? The Jews supposedly even started their own campaign to rid their progeny of Tay-Sachs through abortions. But the Jews never enforce these eugenic principles to the masses. The Jews will only inform the pregnant woman of the likelihood of her child having an inherited defect. Such conduct is not nearly sufficient when compared to the practices of eugenicists of the early 20th century, who had far more wide-reaching ideals. I suspect “prenatal screening” is just more Jewish deception. One can analyze the ancestral history of both sides of the family, and by studying the established pattern of inheritance determine the probability that the child will develop a certain hereditary disease or illness. I am wary of the claim that hereditary defects can be detected in the unborn. But considering if “prenatal screening” is true, the Jews will supposedly allow an individual to undergo an abortion after the screening finds the unborn child to have a genetic disease. But what good will this do to society if it is not followed by all its other members? 

It is also noteworthy that “prenatal screening” is applied only for cases of extreme physical deformity or physical defect rather than inferior mental or moral tendencies. Such gravely deformed individuals would have little chance of reproducing their kind if they were to live to mature age to begin with, even with the aid of modern medicine. This is in contrast with the mental morons and “moral imbeciles” (particularly those of a relatively higher grade of defect). Our primary concern as regards negative eugenics must be the prevention of mental and moral degenerates, rather than physical degenerates, from producing children. 

Physical degeneracy is far less widespread than, and cannot concern the eugenicist nearly as much as mental or moral degeneracy. It must be borne in mind that high mental and moral faculties are a comparatively recent evolutionary development among humans, and are much more readily lost than a robust bodily structure. 

Individual preferences on this topic should be squandered. If we truly want a race of better humans, it must be regulated by the public health policies of the nation and its principles should be such that the intellectually and morally (and, to a lesser extent, physically) desirable of the race produce the most children, while inferior stocks are prevented as much as possible from producing offspring, to raise the average to a higher standard. The number of offspring allowed ought to be in proportion to the relative superiority of the parents involved – the only exception being that the distinctly inferior elements of the population be restricted altogether from producing any children.

When considering eugenic principles today, Jews are not thinking in the wide-reaching effects of the race or of humanity. Only individuals are considered, and not the race, in eugenic decisions today. It should be noted that Jewry itself is not a race, but essentially a racial mixture with a psychological unity made possible by processes of selection, rejection, and prolonged inbreeding of the conforming types. So, despite their mixed origin, Jewry has possessed a certain amount of racial distinctiveness, though perhaps not to such an extent as to regard them as a separate “race”. The Jews are still following this inbreeding process and are in the process of becoming a true-breeding race, while these same Jews are encouraging racial mixing among true races. Thus, Jews are breeding upwards, while they are promoting racial mixing among non-Jewish populations and thus breeding us downwards. In this respect, we are breeding negatively. Without racial stability, eugenics becomes far less worthy of a cause and becomes muddled with the false idea that only the individual and not the racial average is a factor in one’s contribution to society. The Jews know this, and for this reason are encouraging race-mixing among non-Jews so as to render eugenics as inapplicable to non-Jews as possible.

The Jews can mention the Nazis all they want, but they will not address these problems to the public. The Jews are disregarding the natural law of inequality by allowing individual interests to take precedence over state-wide initiative. By doing this, the Jews are successfully preventing the application of eugenics in society by appealing to individual preference and by disregarding the permanence of heredity through temporary treatments of illnesses which are most likely to be caused by heredity, and forcing us to place trust on a future based on their own lies and deception, and false hopes and promises.

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