Jews – Far More Than Two Percent of the Population

(This article was originally written in July, 2019.)

We are told that Jews comprise a meager 0.2 percent of the world’s population, and only two percent of the population of the United States. This is often repeated by people who supposedly are aware of the Jewish Problem to highlight the disproportionate amount of power the Jews have. However, the two percent claim is just another Jewish lie.

There are far more Jews than the Jews would like to have us believe. The “two percent” statistic does not include Jews of religions other than Judaism. It also disregards the many Jews who are atheists and not followers of any religious or spiritual belief system. Also, I suspect that there are many more Jews who behave like Jews, yet who may not fit the look of the “stereotypical, hook-nosed” Jew who possess some distant Jewish blood, which would account for their asocial and degenerate tendencies.

(August 11, 2023: How many Jews are hiding throughout the world, even in countries where few would expect them to have much of an influence? How many are hiding in other places where the average person would not expect to see them? Are all the famous and prominent people we see in film, television, politics, business, and other domains in fact Jews? And how many Jews are hiding on the Internet? My own guess is that there are hundreds of millions of them. How many Jews are pretending to be members of other races or nationalities to promote degeneracy, lies, propaganda, and hatred between different groups of people? Are the journalists at the “recognized” publications and websites all Jews? While the claim that “Jews own everything” is itself a Jewish lie meant to make real Jew-aware people look like fools, we must not underrate their presence throughout the world either. To state that they are only 0.2 percent of the world’s population is a falsehood – a massive falsehood!)

Why do Jews make the lie that they comprise only two percent of the world’s population? I suspect this is because the Jews want us to believe that they are less of a threat to humanity than people might suspect with a group making up a small population. There are far more Jews in the world than the Jews would like to have us believe.

It is possible that a Jew is anyone with the smallest detectable amount of Jewish blood. Perhaps there are no exceptions here – and perhaps those with Jewish blood will ineluctably conform to the behaviors and character of the race/species. Using this method rather than the Jewish one, I would estimate the number of actual Jews is probably closer to ten percent of the world’s population – perhaps 800 million total. Also, we may consider the vast majority – 98 percent seems a fair estimate – of the world’s population who are not Jewish to (at least in an apathetic way) be on the side of the Jews. It seems proper that the actively Judeophilic people be considered our enemies too in our struggle against the Jews. This would put both the Jews and the non-Jews who are at least passive supporters of the Jews and their degeneracy at 98.2 percent of the world’s population – though it is probably superfluous to be precise where such broad assumptions are made. I would be willing to give a provisional estimate that less than two percent of the world’s population are not Jewish who also happen to be both aware of, and active from his awareness of the Jewish Problem. Things do not look promising. I encourage those who care to join us in the task of Jew-awareness.

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