The Meaning Behind the Joker (2019) Film

(This article was originally written in November 2019.)

Jews are again trying to stir trouble and cause sensationalism, this time with a new Joker (2019) movie.

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The 21st century masses are infatuated with the Jews’ television shows, radio shows, live performance shows, movies, video games, songs, podcasts, “news” and information sites, books, and social media platforms. Few, if any, of these 21st century masses have appreciated a good book ever in their lives. These people, after their entire youth has been spent getting their “education” (propaganda) from the Jewish schools and Jewish social media, Jewish television shows, Jewish radio shows, Jewish documentaries, Jewish podcasts, Jewish news articles, and Jewish books, are unable to devote much attention to the reliable non-Jewish books. They are unable to read and understand the content of these books and instead rely on their Twitter and Facebook feeds, TikTok and YouTube (“JewTube”) videos, and lush photos of womanhood on Instagram posing half-nude to keep them occupied with their lowest appetites, rather than any higher goals which only can be gained from the reading of these older texts. These masses seem to be incapable of exerting much effort into the reading of a text, except the message ones on their phone. The masses need their sentences in small, compacted bits. Any sentence longer than ten or so words, and the masses are typically left unable to understand what is being stated by the writer. What an awful situation of our world – how dominant is the Jew in the midst of the crowd!

Anyway, with the releasing of the Joker film, I suspect Jews are trying to make the masses expect another “mass shooting” story in the news. I feel, however, that a “mass shooting” incident, in which this Joker film would be cited as an inspiration for the alleged perpetrator, is unlikely ever to be reported on. By releasing the movie, the Jews are likely just trying to cause more fear, chaos, and sensationalism. The Jews had already used a Batman movie for their staged theater “shooting” in Aurora, Colorado in 2012. The supposed perpetrator in this “shooting”, James Holmes, was dressed up as the Joker himself. The Jews will not be so senseless as to use the Batman story for another staged shooting. 

It seems that all the so-called mass shootings within the last few decades, even the ones outside of the United States, were staged by Jews. The false Newtown, Connecticut shooting, and the more recently staged El Paso shooting, are well-known examples. In the Newtown “shooting”, the so-called perpetrator was a Jew named Adam Lanza. He purportedly had mental defectiveness, which many Jews have (the Jews call it “autism”; the less severe form, which Lanza is reported to have had, is known as Asperger’s) and was obsessed with the staged Columbine shooting. One of the criminals in the Columbine incident was a Jew named Dylan Klebold. Some famous “terrorist” examples outside the US which were also staged by Jews include the 2011 Norway terrorist attack by the Jew Anders Breivik, the Charlie Hebdo and the November 2015 Paris terrorist incidents in France, and the Christchurch mosque incident in New Zealand which took place earlier this year.

The Jews made this Joker film, along with many other dramatic performances to “inspire” their stage play in public of their staged mass shootings and “terrorist attacks”. This is all planned by the Jews to further foment conflict and contention throughout the world. Drama and theater, whether from Hollywood or any other location in the world, seems to be entirely Jewish-controlled and must be put an end to. This even includes the works of the world-famous playwright Shakespeare himself. I have exposed Shakespeare as being just another Jewish deceiver in a previous article.

The director of this Joker movie is a Jew named Todd Phillips.

The person who plays the Joker in this film is a Jew by the name of Joaquin Phoenix.

The whole Batman story, from which the Joker character originated was made by DC Comics, which is owned by the Jewish Warner Bros. All the cartoon companies and comic books are controlled and written by Jews. The “Batman” concept was made by three Jews by the names of Bill Finger, Jerry Robinson and Bob Kane.

With their control of these mass media outlets, the Jews are trying to shorten the attention spans of the masses by introducing them to degenerate works that require little or no thought to digest. It appears that all the Jews’ works, such as the movies, television and radio shows, documentaries, podcasts, articles, magazines, and even books, as well as their social media platforms, are reliant on emotion, eroticism, and “immediate pleasure” or satisfaction, and nothing of the good substance found in the more ruminative and less hastily gratifying reading experience as is found in many older works.

“My worry is that one person who may be out there – and who knows if it is just one – who is on the edge, who is wanting to be a mass shooter, may be encouraged by this movie. And that terrifies me.” This is the fear and sensationalism the Jews are stirring up among the 21st century masses. As the so-called terrorist attacks and mass shootings are possibly all staged by Jews, the Jews needed some material on which they could base their attacks to draw inspiration from. This new Joker film is just one of them; though as stated before, it would seem unlikely the Jews would want to connect this particular movie to a shooting incident, considering what happened in 2012 in Aurora, Colorado.

“For so many tragic reasons, the American imagination has of late been preoccupied with the motivations of disaffected white men who’ve turned violent – a nation (or part of one) trying to diagnose and explain them, one mass killing after another,” Jewish-owned Vanity Fair‘s Richard Lawson wrote in his review of Joker, summing up our current relation to shootings and their perpetrators. Today’s America is fascinated by perpetrators and their motivations, and that obsession is most visible in popular culture. All of the so-called true crime and contemporary crime novels, crime shows, crime movies, crime documentaries, are made by Jews. Many of these criminals on which these crime materials are based were Jews, like Aaron Kosminski (more famously known as Jack the Ripper), Ted Bundy, and Jeffrey Dahmer.

I also suspect that the Jews made this film to persuade and encourage the masses to sympathize with, and even develop a partiality for mentally defective persons. This, in turn, will lead to an increase in the reproduction and propagation of persons possessing an inferior germ-plasm, an action which will irrevocably present itself in the increasingly undesirable types to be found within the general population. In the Joker film, and indeed all other films and fictional works in which a social outcast is a central character, the Jews always attempt to portray the character’s mental condition as being entirely a result of adverse environmental circumstances rather than an innately defective constitution. The Jews will thus encourage the propagation of the unfit in a multitude of ways, by promoting the lie that defective persons are molded by undesirable circumstances rather than the irremediable fact of being born with an unfortunate heredity.

If one looks closely at the evidence, most if not all so-called crime and deviousness (whether legal or illegal acts, but always morally wrong) in society have involved the Jews.

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