Jewish Propaganda – English Physics, Robert Chambers, Norman Haire, the Rehoboth Bastards, “Caucasians”, and Amazon

(This article was originally written in January, 2021.)

Philipp Lenard

1) On the German physicist Philipp Lenard’s Wikipedia article, the Jews make the wild claim that “Lenard is remembered today as a strong German nationalist who despised ‘English physics’, which he considered to have stolen its ideas from Germany.” I believe a simple statistical analysis should be enough to show the validity or falsehood of that statement. Of the 66 men who are given or who share a chapter with other notable scientific men in Lenard’s book Great Men of Science (German: Grosse Naturforscher), published in English in 1933 – not all of whom were, however, students of physics – an examination of the table of contents makes it clear that (according to biographies on Wikipedia) at least 14 (Robert Boyle, Isaac Newton, James Bradley, Joseph Priestley, Henry Cavendish, Benjamin Thompson, John Dalton, Humphry Davy, Thomas Young, Michael Faraday, James Prescott Joule, William Thomson, Charles Darwin, and William Crookes) of the listed men in Lenard’s work were of English descent. And if of these 14, only students of physics are considered, we are left with 11 English physicists – with James Bradley, an astronomer, Humphry Davy, a chemist, and Charles Darwin the naturalist being excluded. Therefore of the men of science given space in the table of contents of the Great Men of Science, 11 out of 66, or nearly 17 percent were definitely of English blood, just as definitely men of physics. And if one were to exclude also those non-English, non-physicists from the total number, the proportion of those physicists who were of English blood would naturally be even greater.

Robert Chambers

2) Robert Chambers (criminal) – I had found the name of this jailbird from another Robert Chambers, who was the co-founder and publisher of Chambers’ Encyclopedia. The first results of the name feature this criminal. This Chambers criminal supposedly only killed one person who was not even famous. How many Wikipedia articles can the reader name where the killer left only one person dead? I think we can find a plausible explanation for this attention in the fact that the woman Chambers killed was a Jew, Jennifer Levin. Actually, I say, if it were a non-Jew, the victim would have gotten no attention at all from the Jewish-controlled media. No news would have been made of the story.

Norman Haire (real name: Zions)

3) Norman Haire (real name: Zions) was a Jewish gynecologist. He wrote the introduction to social commentator, philosopher, and translator Anthony Ludovici’s book The Choice of a Mate (1935) of the International Library of Sexology and Psychology, a series of which he was the editor. “I could write many pages about my reasons for enjoying and admiring Mr. Ludovici’s work. But this is not the place for it”, says Zions in the Introduction to Ludovici’s work. Perhaps, then, I will describe it cursorily here. The Jew Zions has made it clear that he sees Ludovici as a man he respects, yet the Jews on Jewish-controlled Wikipedia are calling Ludovici a Nazi sympathizer who had “written enthusiastically about Adolf Hitler”. Ludovici says nothing negative about the Jews in The Choice of a Mate – in fact, has quite a few words in praise of them. Yet in this same work he disparages Negroes, Mongolians, and other races and discourages Europeans mixing with them. He says nothing against the marriage of Jews with non-Jews (particularly Europeans), which must have been a regular occurrence even at that time. 

Ludovici had also praised the Nazi sterilization law passed in 1933, which was the same year the Nazis took power. One is naturally led to wonder why Zions, a Jew whose books the Nazis responded to with incendiarism, permitted this book to be published in spite of this seeming inconsistency.

One of the bastards of Rehoboth in Namibia, Southwest Africa from Eugen Fischer’s seminal work Die Rehobother Bastards und das Bastardierungsproblem beim Menschen (1913)

4) Jews are again trying to tarnish Eugen Fischer’s reputation as a scientist and his contributions to anthropology, which are still worthy of review and commendation today, in the book Race and the Third Reich (2005) by the Jew Christopher Hutton. In his book, the Jew Hutton says that “Fischer’s general social and cultural commentary on the Rehobother was entirely unsupported by his own anthropological investigation.” The Jew Hutton quotes Benno Mueller-Hill (most likely Jewish; Hill worked with the Jewish Nobel laureate Walter Gilbert, and was Gilbert’s doctoral student), a geneticist, who claims that Fischer “didn’t once explain Mendelian segregation of physical characteristics, let alone mental traits, in that book.” That is simply false. Eugen Fischer’s work on the Rehoboth bastards, published in 1913, clearly demonstrates that the characters of the two parental types (Northern European Dutch and Hottentot) are intermediate in the first hybrid generation, while in subsequent generations, following interbreeding with other Dutch-Hottentot hybrids or with either of the original parental types, the characters examined evidently show segregation, with the F2 (second generation hybrids) and many of the later hybrids tending with regard to the individual characters towards either one or the other of the original parental (Northern European Dutch or Hottentot) types. Concerning Fischer’s supposedly refraining from mention of Mendelian segregation in mental traits, I will mention the Jew Hutton’s final statement in the same chapter: “Their culture was a harmonious fusion of the different elements that made it up”. I am not certain if that is the conclusion Fischer truly made in his work, but if so, “fusion” would imply a “blending” type of inheritance of the individual mental factors which is rather contrary to the principles originally formulated by Gregor Mendel in which the original parental types among hybrids are capable of discernment in the second hybrid (F2) generation.

Johann Blumenbach

5) Johann Blumenbach, who is often regarded as one of the first physical anthropologists, coined the term “Caucasian”. Was Blumenbach a Jew? “Blum”, besides being itself a common surname among Jews, is a prefix common in Jewish family names.

According to the French anthropologist Paul Topinard, Blumenbach coined the term Caucasian on the basis of Noah’s ark, which landed on Mt. Ararat near the Caucasus mountains after the flood; and thence, all five of the human races of Blumenbach’s system are now descended from these survivors of the flood. With this untenable idea in mind, the so-called “Caucasian” race would not have been the only race to have survived the flood on Mt. Ararat. If we assume that the five human varieties named by Blumenbach all existed at the time of the flood, all of the races would be equally entitled to the name “Caucasian”.

Blumenbach’s category is more ridiculous when one considers the fact that he claimed the Mongolians, Amerindians, and Malays were distinct races (Blumenbach in his principal work De Generis Humani Varietate Nativa, published in Latin in 1775 and first translated into English in 1807, recognized five races: the Caucasian or White, the Ethiopian or Black, the Mongolian or Yellow, the American or Red, and the Malay or Brown) while implicitly denying further racial specialization of the so-called Caucasian branch – a priori, including Englishmen and Arabs in the same racial category in spite of the differences between American Indians and East Asiatic Mongoloids being probably far less distinctive than the differences that exist between the average Englishman and the average Arab, or the average Jew.

While some writers have stated Blumenbach’s innocence and ignorance as cause for the manufacturing of the ridiculous term “Caucasian”, if Blumenbach was a Jew, it must have been an intentional “mistake” rather than an innocuous one. By using “Caucasian” instead of “European”, the Jews can more readily place their own race in the same category as the Europeans.

Amendment (May 26, 2021): Since today, I am quite certain Blumenbach was a secret Jew. Besides the evidence supplied above, Blumenbach was, even according to the Jewish anthropologist and “anti-racist” scholar Sussman, “among the least racist and one of the most egalitarian of the Enlightenment scholars” (The Myth of Race, 2014). We have the testimony in this same work of the well-known Jewish scholar, Stephen Jay Gould (to which the Jew Sussman extensively quotes), that Blumenbach “asserted the moral superiority of slaves to their captors.” 

A mistake, nevertheless, must be admitted on my own part: Blumenbach considered the “Caucasian” race to belong to the original, and still more, superior race of humans, and that the other four races described by him were degenerate descendants of this original stock, which was, according to him, “the closest to representing God’s image”. He did not, as far as I know and as I previously had believed, state that the five human races he described were already in existence at the time of Genesis deluge as described by the Jews’ own words within the Old Testament. Such an idea of evolution (or more properly, devolution) is rendered more untenable when light is shown on the fact that the fixity and the immutability of living things created by God, and above all man is one of the fundamental tenets of the Jewish books; and further, that biology shows how species differentiation increases as one ascends the evolutionary scale, so that biological diversity and innate inequalities in abilities may well be greatest in the human species itself; the lowest forms of life are most similar and least unlike, the highest forms the most differentiated, the least like; and this must be in great contrast to the utmost unity of all members of mankind claimed in the old religious texts of the Jews. At all events, Blumenbach’s insistence on the creation story of the Old Testeament in the construction of his five-race fancy is much compromised.

6) The Jews at Amazon are feeding propaganda to users in the “Sponsored” section of their website, which shows up to accommodate supposedly “relevant” searches. When searching the anthropologist Henry Harpending on Amazon, I found a book of the name White Awake: An Honest Look at What It Means to Be White, co-written by a Jewish Christian named Daniel Hill. Previously I was unfamiliar with this book and the author. It is just another example of Jewish propaganda being fed to the masses. I have Hill mentioned in my previous post.

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