Banned by Jews at Quora

(This article was originally written in July 2019.)

Today I was notified that my account was banned by Quora.

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As the Jews own that site, it comes as no surprise to me. I have Adam D’Angelo, the co-founder and CEO of Quora, listed in my post Jewish Subverters of Technology.

All of my answers on Quora were deleted along with being banned from the site. However, most of my questions remained on the site.

Anyone who posts anything on any popular website in opposition to Jewry is either disregarded by its users, or more often, banned altogether from posting on the site. So it comes as no surprise that the Jews banned my account on Quora, a website filled with pseudo-experts who pretend to be foremost authorities on the subjects in which they dabble – typical “dilettante” Jews, writing to confuse people, spread propaganda on important subjects, and engage in empty boasting and self-aggrandizement. All the users currently on Quora and other popular sites are either Jews or Judeophiles who will gain no sympathy from me in our fight against Jewry. These Judeophiles must also be considered our enemies in our struggle against corruption.

When will people learn that the Jews are disproportionately responsible for – possibly even mainly behind – the corruption of mankind? Everything which is immoral or degenerate, from pornography, to licentiousness, to the social media platforms we see today, to much of our modern colloquial speech, to the promulgation of mediocre and inferior stocks and the decrease in superior hereditary stocks in society (dysgenics), to atheism (in some sense), to tattooism and all other degenerate manifestations we are witnessing, seems to be due at least in large measure to the Jews. When will humans learn and go the correct path – if this will or can even happen at all? It can only come through an honest acknowledgment, I believe, of the Jewish Problem, of human racial differences, and the need of eugenics, and a spurning of the falsehoods and propaganda which have penetrated society.

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