All in It Together

(This article was originally written in April 2019. Yahoo ended its Questions and Answers branch on May 4, 2021.)

Surely, I’m not the only one who’s noticed this: Why do search engines, including Google, put sites like Yahoo Answers – a site in which time spent might be better spent by killing one’s brain cells at a bar, or watching the “Jew-tube” – very high in the search results? And why does Google promote Yahoo and other “rival” sites when they have their own services to compete with Yahoo?

My answer to this is that the Jews care less about which service the masses use than that the service they use is approved of by their fellow Jews. The Jews are content with people searching questions on Google and getting responses from Yahoo and other sites. Because both sites are controlled by Jews, they serve their function to serve the Jews equally well.

Yahoo Answers only exists to reinforce the Jewish mind poison acquired and obtained by those who ask the questions. Many correct answers are given thumbs down and not chosen simply because the enquirers already have the answer formulated in the Jew-poisoned minds of today’s masses.

Yahoo Answers is rubbish because it is Jewish propaganda that is formed for the purpose of indoctrinating the masses with Jewish mind poison, and because the people answering on it are people forming the dullard masses of humanity, who use the Internet to get their base pleasures fulfilled only too happily by the Jews.

The Chairman of Yahoo at the time Yahoo Answers opened in 2005 was Terry Semel. Semel is openly Jewish.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is terry-semel.jpgTerry Semel, Jewish former chairman of Yahoo

The Jews have the power because more than 99 percent of humanity is dull and uninformed, and believes rather than knows. One might fear for the future of the masses of mankind as a result of the Jewish mind-poison that has been instilled into them not only by the cheap media of videos and garish pictures, which being easy they naturally incline towards, but also the supposed scholarly or intellectual channels to which their more qualified are exposed, yet which are equally under the control of the Jews; and which is why I believe, now more than ever, that there must be laws, or even organized religion enacted, to keep the licentious or otherwise bestial passions of the masses in check.

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