A Reply to Recent Lambasting by Jews

(This article was originally written in November, 2021.)

Class work may have prevented me from further activity in this blog, but I believe it is no excuse not to have produced any new articles in two months. People often say they have not often time to do something; but in nearly every instance it simply means they have other things which they would rather do, or which they feel is more important than what was forgone. And, to be truthful, I cannot count myself an exception. 

It is true, however, that revisions are often made on posts which are in need of it, and I am constantly adding to the posts already existing.

I have sometimes been accused of calling people Jewish who have not been “proven” to be such. I have this to say in response: For those who claim my assertions of the Jewishness of persons are unfounded, I ask you to supply thorough or reasonably complete evidence to show that the individual in question is not of that race.

Here is my belief: When it is a matter of who is a Jew, if it is a famous or influential person whose behavior is within the bounds of that to be observed or expected in the Jewish race, the Jewish label may be placed on him more profitably and more accurately than the non-Jewish. That is a principle which may not be precise and accurate in all cases, but is sufficient for our purpose. The Jewish race has mixed in so much with us, and they have employed so many different disguises, that it is often as difficult to say whether someone is not Jewish, from a study of their life history, as to prove that he is. No arguments except those of reason will be accepted to alter my views on the subject. Their race lies in the blood, not in language, in religion, in nation, or in family names, but the eccentricities of their race and their position as regards the rest of the world and mankind. Not what they claim to be, but what they are. Any claim favoring the contrary against a Jewish diagnosis by the methods I have employed is, I believe, nonsense. 

To be truthful, if I made the claim that every individual promoted in every Jewish television show, film, news network, magazine, or social media platform was Jewish, no one would be able to refute it completely, and it is possible that no one would be able to refute it even with a modicum of certainty. But of this I remain doubtful. I believe it is within the realm of reasonable possibility that some of the people promoted by the Jewish media are secretly working for the Jews, but are themselves of a non-Jewish race. From the study of the Jewish race and Jewish spirit, to dismiss my accusations and suspicions as “prejudiced” is, I think, no more permissible than the claim that none of the men and women I have listed are Jewish.

Anyone really familiar with Jewish ways must be familiar with their love of disguise, and knowing this and knowing their domination of the media (and I say media, not medium), how can we possibly believe that the only Jews are those which they publicly claim are such? The real number of Jews is, I suspect, far greater than what is admitted to the non-Jewish public. I shall look to the truth not with “data” which is too often sophistry and propaganda disguised as truth, but with facts and reason. If I am shown wrong in any of my conclusions, then by all means let it be known, and I hope my ego will not be so great to stop me from changing it.

I will arrive at my own conclusions as to who is a Jew – and if these are not accepted by the masses, I do not think I will suffer any qualms from it. The thing to consider is: Are my conclusions in every instance reasonable? Perhaps not all are, but I am willing to amend these views. For example: I previously believed that the psychologists Richard Lynn and John Philippe Rushton were Jewish, and had them listed as such in one list. I no longer believe these men are Jewish, and appropriately I removed them from the post. After studying these men and their histories and work in more inquiry, neither their actions, nor their appearance, nor their circumstances struck me as Jewish to warrant my listing them there. There were, to be sure, some suspicious signs; but ultimately, I did not consider these symptoms to be sufficient to make a Hebrew diagnosis.

In general, the conclusions I have made are on the side of suspicion and distrust; those of the masses, on indiscriminate belief of whatever the Jewish media feeds them. Which you prefer to trust, of course, is within your discretion.

Anyone who alleges that I am arriving at my conclusions to the ancestral origins of well-known individuals in an unfounded or dogmatic way can be as much accused as speaking against these suspicions in favor of the Jews, and I must retort that your number far exceeds any of the men and women holding views similar to mine, and that, by countering your views, the reader may, even in the case that both our views are faulty, arrive at a better understanding of the truth in these cases by their own justification. All sides must be viewed, must be weighed, must be thought over; and it is probable that some errors do exist in my writing as to who is Jewish, but this cannot be censured any more than the person who claims that none of the people I list as Jews are in fact Jewish. Insofar as the Jewish claims as to a “lack of complete evidence” can be shot back with the same response, I am just as qualified in asserting someone as Jewish as anyone who tries to oppose it; the winning side must be conceded to that with the preponderant evidence. 

This awakening of people to the influence of the Jews on this planet – far beyond what most who claim to be “aware” of Jewish domination claim – is something worth being known. It goes far beyond the shibboleth: “The Jews own Hollywood.” Their influence and extent of control goes far beyond Hollywood, folks. To repeat this obvious fact gives one the impression, not only that they control Hollywood, but that they only control Hollywood. And this is a serious error.

A person who has devoted himself to studying the Jews will get nowhere without recognizing the essential principles regarding their race, their differentiation from the rest of the population, their peculiar conduct and appearance. And it is with these observed principles and theories that my writing moves, and in which individual cases are made less nebulous from the understanding of the general picture of things as they exist and as they have existed.

And yet, merely to acknowledge Jewish control is not enough. More and more of the non-Jewish population are becoming aware of the Jewish dominance of our planet; and yet, this, in itself, seems to do almost nothing to rouse most them into a state of activity to reject the Jewish race or species (in all its physical and spiritual manifestations) from their midst. Indeed, the Jews seem to be making little secret of their scope of influence; and yet, the majority of people are hardly flustered by this news, when we would wish or expect them to be. One is reminded of the Jewish writer Joel Stein’s remark: “I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them.”

Read good books, study from those who have done well and who have written reasonable words. Be inspired, think healthy thoughts, do good things, think reasonably and without prejudice. If your beliefs have been proven wrong by facts, be prepared to admit it. Look to the dead and great men for guidance and not to the living. Be suspicious of every person.

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