What Am I? A Reply to Personal Criticisms

I was recently rebuked by a relative for promoting my views on heredity and eugenics. Since I believe the opinions and sentiments of this relative are akin to those held by a large number of persons, and as I believe at least some of the criticism is worthy of consideration and reply, I would like to take some time to reflect and respond to them. I will begin with a paraphrase of the things of which I was accused.

“Why don’t you post uplifting content that will inspire people?

“You seem to be inconsiderate of others. Do you advocate for certain people not to have children? For undesirable people to be killed?

“I can understand someone like Einstein believing or promoting the things you say about eugenics and the importance of genetics – but what are you to make these claims? You yourself are not very bright. You are not a scientist, you have no distinctions. You’re nobody special. 

“How can you even say these things as a Christian?”

I am willing to tolerate the remonstrance. It has happened and will ineluctably continue to happen, provided I continue to promote my views on these contentious matters. Yet it is unfortunate that such criticisms are not limited to verbal rebuke, but are also being expressed, with ever-increasing frequency, in persons losing their occupations, their memberships in organizations, and in a forsaking of educational opportunities, and numerous other methods, which the Jews and their sympathizers throughout the planet are using, to keep silent the tongues of those who seek the truth – which is why I am forced to maintain some degree of anonymity, at least at the present moment.

In reply to the accusation that I do not post inspiring content, I will answer that the fields of racial science and of eugenics include facts, theories, and ideas which do serve to inspire, and which are in dire need of more intelligent and sympathetic review and analysis. What I view as true, the eugenic truth, I consider also to be quite beautiful. Through this blog, I hope to promote some of the beauty I have found in eugenic writings; and I hope the intelligent reader will also be inspired and uplifted by these statements, ideas, and ideals.

I would add that the number of spurious accusations and insinuations imputed to the racial scientists, the eugenicists, and to those who have sincerely attempted to combat Jewish corruption and degeneracy (and these last have been far scarcer in history and in the present day than popular Jewish sources would like to have the masses believe), though to a large extent posthumous but no less unjustifiable and regrettable, is immense. The truth about those men who devoted their lives to a substantially objective study of race, heredity, and eugenics – in fields fiercely contested, where the majority cannot maintain a tithe of the level of dispassion – and the actual ideas connected with them, must be made known. It is our duty that the truth about the Jews be made known too.

To turn to the specific ways by which mankind can be eugenically improved, more will have to be said in future posts. Suffice it to say that I do not support the killing of undesirable persons. There are, it seems, better ways of dealing with the eugenic predicament.

It would probably be unnecessary to address the claim that I am not especially insightful. I believe, and I hope, that I am sufficiently mature to realize the improvidence of either gainsaying, or affirming, claims as to my own intellectual position. I reply that I must be judged by what I produce, not by what is asserted. On the other hand, I do not deny that I have no professional qualifications. The reader will have to judge me by what I produce, not by what is claimed of by others. I will briefly mention – though more must be written about this in the future – that I do not believe the Jews represent anything near an advancement from the view of mankind’s betterment. We must have a clearer idea of eugenic ideas and ideals, and it is my intention to elaborate on these in the future.

I cannot say that I am wholly unsympathetic towards some of these claims. But I have an obligation to search for and spread the truth, and there are truths which are in danger of dying that are worthy, even necessary of preservation. I have a duty to defend. If no one else shall take the task, and face the problem boldly, then I must. At present, the bulwark for eugenics, racial science, and the Jewish Problem, is in danger of collapsing, violently attacked for numberless years under Jewish direction. We must defend, preserve, seek, and promote what we believe to be the truth – not impetuously, not inconsiderately, but as intelligently, as insightfully, as carefully, as wisely as we can. I encourage those with foresight to join me in the task.

Incidentally, if one were to observe me they might discover a number of strange contradictions; they may conclude that I am a man who does not believe what he says, that I am a hypocrite. Yet I also know that to live entirely in accord with what I believe is, in my present situation, impossible. A man must maintain a respectable demeanor and comportment wherever he goes, have some sympathy for the people with whom he associates, and not look to spread his beliefs to every person with whom he comes in contact. He may appear as Jekyll and Hyde; and yet, it seems he must do this to survive.

I do not claim to be perfect in my ways. I will admit I am far from perfect. For the solace of impeccability, it is to God that I must look. I believe a life without the prospect of a better humanity than at present is not a worthy life. It is, I fear and believe, to a large extent only through an honest and intelligent acknowledgement of racial differences and of the necessity of eugenics that a better world will come. I say this, of course, with the risk of causing a number of people offense. Yet is it not preferable to adhere to truth over self-advantage? Is it not more dutiful to admit the truth, when I myself would seem to be hindered in some way? Human betterment will come when those with the requisite insight and strength address these issues rationally yet fiercely, in spite of the sentiment of the masses, the Jews, or the swelling tide of inferiors and degenerates. The Jewish Problem and the problem of the degenerate and inferior which has imposed itself upon us will have to be faced, faced with all the strength, the intellect and spirit of humanity. This is necessary. The masses should be told to step aside.

Lastly, it behooves me, by my belief in Jesus Christ, to seek what is true; for he assures us (John 8:32) that truth shall make us free.

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