Jews as Mythical Creatures

(This article was originally written on October 31, 2019.)

It may seem irrelevant at first glance, but several mythical creatures one sees in the Jewish media hints to the Jews’ own depraved nature. As today is Halloween, I decided now would be a more appropriate time to post a list of creatures that bear semblance, in some way, to the Jew.

Goblins: Jews have deceitful and sensual faces, and are atheistic, and therefore have a relentless sense of greed to steal things and a strong inclination towards the attainment of material goods at the cost of all else, which by them are viewed as the highest representation of a person’s accomplishment in life – in place of virtue and hard work. The goblin also has many facial features that are common among Jews – e.g., hooked nose, fleshy eyelids, crooked eyes, crooked teeth, wide mouth, slanting forehead, oversized ears.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is goblin-harry-potter-1.pngGoblin from Harry Potter

Mummies: While mummies do exist, they are often portrayed as part of the “living dead”, so I suppose I will include them here. The connection, perhaps, is that Jewish women, especially, use cosmetics, and have cosmetic surgery performed on them, to try to hide their grotesque features. This also relates to the “supernatural” or “Occult” element which many of the Jews incline towards – something I mention in the “Witches” section of this article below.

Vampires: It’s been stated on a few occasions, most notably by Benjamin Franklin, that Jews are vampires. This is in a metaphorical sense: The Jews have a preference to “strike” (commit crimes – but, lest we forget also, deviousness which can be considered legal in the eyes of the law, like prostitution) at nightfall, because not only do most non-Jews drop their guards at night, but it is easier for the Jews to do their malicious work at that time of day. Even their holidays take place at nightfall! Darkness covers the Jew from capture. What’s worse is that the Jews control the law enforcement agencies and the legal services, which will protect them – making it much easier for the Jews to carry out their dirty work, even if it must be done in front of public eye.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is mark-zuckerberg.jpgMark Zuckerberg, one of the more famous vampire-looking Jews

Witches: In most Jewish media featuring witches, the witches disguise as humans. The Jews are always hiding and pretending to be non-Jews, and seek to dominate as well as exploit us. Jewish nature is depraved and corrupt, like that of a witch. The Jew always tries to lead the non-Jewish masses into degenerate paths. This is accomplished partly through the Jews’ use of abstract, supernatural, and pseudological claims, to which reasoning and observation can do little or nothing to disprove. The Jew Einstein and his obscure “theory of relativity” is one instance of this. Jewry has always had a disposition towards the so-called “dark crafts”, such as mass psychology and propaganda, and dramatic art, to exploit human behavior, and, historically, have been the dominant group in such questionable subject matters as sorcery, telepathy or mind-reading, astrology, fortune-telling, alchemy, and even medicine. The Jewish (?) dramatist Shakespeare, the Jewish “fortune-teller” and astrologer Nostradamus, the Jewish “prophet” Savonarola, and the “German” Jewish dictator Adolf Hitler, are just several of the more famous examples of this. The dominance of Jewry in the field of medicine and the corruption that has resulted therein is another lesson to be learned from us regarding the true nature of this miserable people.

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