Jewish Propaganda – Fritz Lenz, Dictionaries and Ableism, and Antisemitic America

(This article was originally written in August, 2021.)


Kenneth Ludmerer

The Jewish physician Kenneth Ludmerer, in his book Genetics and American Society (1972) asserts that the German geneticist Fritz Lenz was “an outright anti-Semite”. To any honest student who has studied Lenz’s main work, Human Heredity, in which the Jewish psyche is studied in detail in the chapter on “The Inheritance of Intellectual Gifts”, I do not consider such a claim to be tenable, except when the opinion is carried that anyone discussing the Jewish Problem as a racial problem must be “anti-Semitic”. 

I will quote another Jewish writer to counter the Jew Ludmerer’s claim. Lenz, according to the Jewish historian Raphael Patai (The Jewish Mind, 1977), “was opposed to anti-Semitism as an unscientific position. He considered ‘Judophobia . . . for the most part the outcome of a feeling of “insubordination,”‘ by which he meant that ‘the spirit which animates many of the anti-Semites is “the envy felt by a non-possessing class”‘ toward the Jews, who ‘form an upper stratum,’ while the Germans form its opposite.” (Fritz Lenz, Human Heredity, 1931, p. 677.)

We also have the following statements by Lenz, and after reading them one is led to the conclusion that Lenz most emphatically was not anti-Jewish, or as the Jews prefer, “anti-Semitic”. Lenz: the “emancipation of the Jews has had an effect like that of one of the waves of Nordic blood upon the Indo-Germanic civilization. Were it merely through the origination and diffusion of Christianity as one of the main roots of western civilization, the Jewish spirit has been decisively effective in universal history.” Among the many qualities of the Jews worthy of praise, Lenz says, is “their feeling for humanity at large. Next to the Teutonic, the Jewish spirit is the chief motive force of modern western civilization.” (Italics mine.)

Finally, we have the testimony of a famous academic (of Jewish ancestry?), who had studied under the Jewish geneticist Hermann Joseph Muller, and therefore not someone disposed to neglect or ignore any sort of information, if discovered, that would prove that Lenz was in any way malevolent towards the Jewish race: “In his own portion of the Menschliche Erblichkeitslehre, Lenz attempted to discuss the Jewish problem objectively, and in 1951, when the present writer interviewed him in Germany, he vehemently denied that he was, or ever had been, anti-Semitic. Certainly he attributed many estimable general characteristics to German Jews.” (Bentley Glass, “A Hidden Chapter of German Eugenics Between the Two World Wars”, Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society, vol. 125, October 1, 1981.)

After reading such statements of the geneticist and by his own words, can any truthful person contend that the person who uttered them was an “outright anti-Semite”? It is a figment of the Jews – perhaps it is a very deliberate falsehood.

Of course, his opinions are his own. It hardly needs mentioning that I strongly disagree with the almost Judeophilic stance that Lenz takes, a position he takes in spite of the negative influence that Jewdom has imparted wherever he has settled. But this is far from meaning we should warp his actual beliefs to suit our own. (July 1, 2023: I will not attempt to confute the various specious points which Lenz makes in favor of the Jewish race (or species). After examining his work further, I suspect he was being less than fully honest; and by quoting him I do not wish to mean that I agree with what he says about these things. Perhaps this will be the subject of a future article.) Some have speculated that Lenz himself was a Jew; we cannot remain closed to this possibility.

2) The image below shows an amusing case of Jewish propaganda. It is from, which is the site I most frequently use for definitions of words and phrases. I have it listed in my Jewish Subverters of Technology post. From my experiences using this website the definitions, if I must be truthful, are usually good. The “Vocab Builder” that is included with some of the terms tends also to be rather useful and interesting. The “Usage Notes” and “Context” boxes that are displayed on the bottom of certain “controversial” words, however, are very often pitiful propaganda by the Jewish editors and contributors of the dictionaries.

While I do agree that the term “moron” in the usual casual or insulting way is unnecessary, this does not necessarily mean the term in its formal and scientific sense is superfluous or of necessity “outdated”. Certain words will cause offense to some persons, but those most offensive seem to be ones associated with people with genetically inferior relations. Inasmuch as the original terms are of scientific use and sufficient for that purpose, I say: Stay with the old terms. Replacing “offensive” terms with less painful ones will never help us at the long run. Using Jewish labels like “racist”, “sexist”, or “ableist”, in response to words which imply differences between humans, which are clear as night and day, will not be helpful to us at the long run. Admit the differences as they are: Some will cause pain, but hiding the facts will make it worse.

Our societies are getting overrun by Jewish pseudoscience, immorality, and depravity. One thing we can do, is keep our language usage clean, moral, honest, and never to speak in a confused way through those vague terms and expressions established for “popular and proper” use, which standards, incidentally, are always set by Jewish propagandists. The nasty, vile, shortsighted jargon of the Jews – all their euphemisms, slang, insults, lies, and profanities – will thus yield to a healthy expression of terms, and will manifest itself in a veritable facing of things as they are.

If you are wondering why I use while in full knowledge that it is under Jewish control, this is my response: The other dictionary sites that I know are under Jewish control as well. All of these sites contain simply a slightly different poison. Or perhaps the poison in these sites is the same, although the amount of it within each is not. If that is the case, and if anyone knows of a free online dictionary that is not as permeated by Jewish deception, I would be glad to hear of it. The dictionary must include an etymology and a brief history of the origins of the terms and when they were first used. This is something that most of the free dictionaries do not include, and is the chief reason why my choices are quite limited.

Also, when using these Jewish services on the Internet, always use an “ad-blocking” app to give the Jews as little financial support as possible. Take what you can from these sites, but give as little back as possible. Refrain from giving them any donation. If the Jews use the “block ad block” banner to prevent you from using an ad blocker, as more of them increasingly are, it is time to look for an alternative, or to find some way around that. If they will not have us access their service, others will. One hopes that a time will come when this will no longer be necessary.

[December 20, 2023: Being enclosed in a “Jewish” environment such as we are in today (especially in America), it is impossible to completely avoid the Jewish websites. One might, for example, be compelled – forced, essentially – for any number of reasons nowadays, to watch a video which is only available on YouTube. In such a case, I would advise the following things: 1) Use an “ad-blocker”, as suggested above, to reduce whatever financial profit the Jews may gain from our using their service. 2) Refuse to leave “likes” or “dislikes” on any of the videos posted there. 3) Do not post any videos there. (BitChute is the only video-sharing platform that I can personally recommend.) 4) Do not leave any playlists there. If there is anything you consider worth saving, either save a link to it elsewhere or download the video and save it somewhere else. 5) Do not link to the website, or if you must do so, provide a warning beforehand. 6) Do not leave any comments. Be as silent as possible. Essentially, what I would advise is to take whatever you need, but give as little as possible in recompense. One does not pay to take poison.]

3) Most of you probably have heard of the case involving the alleged murder of a young girl named Mary Phagan (supposedly a non-Jew) by a Jew named Leo Frank. Over a hundred years later, the Jews still howl without end about the fact that Frank was publicly executed by “lynching”, a type of execution prevalent in the Southern atmosphere at the time. 

Even if it were true that Frank was executed by a mob, how can the Jews claim that he did not murder Phagan by the evidence which led the court to the unanimous conclusion affirming Frank’s guilt? 

The Jewish race, it seems, can never be propitiated. A single Jew was executed upon being confirmed a murderer, and the Jews moan as if a “genocide” against their race had been attempted! A single occurrence, and the reaction of the concerned race to such an isolated event, really shows, I think, that the Jews’ claims to persecution and discrimination are spurious. If they think an individual member of their race, and that a confirmed criminal, being hanged – and in a country where the Jewish race has never been placed under legal restriction or discrimination, and was generously entitled to all the amenities that this country has had to offer – was one of the most unfortunate things to happen in American history, no one with a rational mind should any longer assume as fact the claim they make of a “persecuted race”. 

The Jews have since the beginning of this country’s formation been as free and welcomed as the European races; they have never been subject to real racial discrimination or to legal restrictions because of their racial affiliation as have the Negroes, the Mongoloids, or the American Indians, or any other non-European people in this country. They fully dominate all the positions of power and influence throughout this land – and yet they still complain; and they still whine; and they still behave as if their race was being sent to concentration camps and gas chambers. 

One would expect the Jews to be far more grateful, at the least; but seeing how insidiously and how dishonestly they behave in this country, and how ignominiously they conduct themselves here, how can one really believe their race was ever unjustly attacked anywhere else at any period of time?

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