Jewish Propaganda – Eugen Fischer, Arleen Tuchman, Boas, “Aryans”, and Edward Drinker Cope

(This article was originally written in November, 2020.)

Today, I am starting a new series of compilations concerning recently noted or newly found instances of Jewish propaganda. Since the frequency with which I come across such occurrences will make it very difficult for me to record them all, an attempt will be made here to mention only the more notable instances.


Wikipedia’s portrait of Eugen Fischer

Eugen Fischer was a German anthropologist and the director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Anthropology, Human Heredity, and Eugenics. The above photograph of Fischer was the one included in his biography on the Jewish propaganda online encyclopedia Wikipedia, which was founded by the Jews Wales and Sanger. The Jews seem to have changed Fischer’s main photograph on Wikipedia; a few years ago I recall a picture of Fischer examining photographs of race-hybrids, a topic in which he was especially interested and devoted his life studying. Below is the picture which was replaced by the one above:

Fischer was an honest and respectable scientist during his lifetime and the fact that the Jews changed his picture on Wikipedia to make him seem like a Nazi fanatic once again shows the Jews’ hatred of and denial of the existence of racial differences between humans, and their denial of facts when such facts appear disadvantageous to them. I suggest reading The Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology, Human Heredity and Eugenics, 1927-1945 by Hans-Walter Schmuhl, which describes Fischer’s activity at the Institute in a fairly objective manner, although it too cannot be said to be free from a Jewish bias.


Arleen Tuchman

Tuchman is a Jewish medical historian and academic. I found her from her book Diabetes: A History of Race and Disease (2020). In this book, the Jew Tuchman tries to evoke comparisons between the historian and political scientist Lothrop Stoddard and the Jewish anthropologist Boas. In one instance, she claims Stoddard denied Boas’ findings supposedly proving that the cephalic index was influenced by external conditions in regard to immigrant Sicilian and Jewish families in America. According to the Jew Tuchman, Stoddard dismissed Boas’ study as “the desperate attempt of a Jew to pass himself off as ‘white’”. I am completely certain that statement was never made by Stoddard and that it was forged by the Jew Tuchman.

3) Speaking of Boas, the Jews appear to be on “damage control” mode concerning their fellow Jew’s biography on Wikipedia. As Boas’ denial of racial differences is fundamental to the Jews’ assault on mankind, the Jews are claiming that Boas and his parents identified as Germans who “did not like dogma of any kind”, and that Franz Boas “did not identify himself as a Jew” and was “an ‘ethnic’ German, preserving and promoting German culture and values in America.” To be a Jew completely denies the possibility of belonging to or being loyal to any other race or nationality. There is no such thing as a “German Jew”, a “French Jew”, an “English Jew”, an “Indian Jew”, or even an “American Jew”. A Jew is always a Jew in the final sense of this meaning.

4) Jewish-controlled Wikipedia is also trying to paint the paleontologist Henry Fairfield Osborn as a Nazi. The article of Henry Fairfield Osborn Jr., the paleontologist’s son, describes his father as a “distinguished Aryan enthusiast”. Such a claim is complete nonsense; it is simply Jewish propaganda. Osborn was aware that “like all languages, Aryan is purely a linguistic and not a racial term, just as French is spoken equally by the Norman Nordics of the north of France, by the Alpines of the center, and by the Mediterraneans of the south” (Henry Fairfield Osborn, Introduction to The Conquest of a Continent (1933) by Madison Grant).

5) The Jews of Wikipedia are also claiming that the paleontologist Edward Drinker Cope stated that “the inferior Negro should go back to Africa”. The citation for this quotation comes from a Davidson, almost certainly another Jew promoting Jewish lies and propaganda. This claim is even more ridiculous when it is observed that in the same article it is mentioned that Cope “considered working in the American South to assist freed African Americans” from 1863-64 and that his father Alfred Cope was a philanthropist who donated money to the “Institute for Colored Youth”.

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