Who Is a Jew? – Daniel Kevles, the Herschel Family, and Michael Ted Levin

Daniel Kevles

Kevles is professor Emeritus at Yale and is the author of the New York Times best-selling book In the Name of Eugenics (1985), wherein the author purports to give a history of the eugenics movement from an objective view. No Jew-aware individual planning on reading the best-seller should have hope for this really to be the case. I am quite certain Kevles is a Jew, though Jewish-controlled Wikipedia omits mention of his race. I received the book a year or two ago and haven’t read it, and am not certain if I ever will. I don’t even know why I got the book; looking at Kevles’ face and learning about his high social status in the contemporary intellectual circle, it is quite obvious that no fairly objective account will be had from his pen.

William Herschel

I recall seeing the astronomer William Herschel’s Wikipedia biography a few months ago, and if I remember correctly, it stated that his family, which had emigrated from Germany to England, was of Jewish descent. Any mention of his Jewishness has now been removed from Wikipedia since I last checked on March 24, 2021. Wikipedia now says both his parents were of Protestant German (North German?) ancestry.

What are the Jews trying to hide? Was the Herschel family not actually of Jewish blood? If William Herschel wasn’t a Jew, why were the Jews on Wikipedia claiming he was? Looking at Herschel’s portrait, I see no significant “Jewish” appearance, besides perhaps the suspiciously prominent lower lip. His sister Caroline, shown below, also appeared more Nordic than Jewish – wherefore giving further strength to the idea that the Herschel family was North German.

Caroline Herschel

This, in any case, is certain: If Herschel was a non-Jew, his contributions were likely to be, or had the possibility of being genuine; if he was a Jew, all the credits of science which are imputed to him are likely lies. The Jew seldom, if ever contributes to the benefit of mankind, nor does he conceive any positive and new invention or discovery. The history of the Jewish race on Earth has proved this in a rather conspicuous fashion, though the masses are still unbelieving.

Michael Ted Levin

I naturally assumed Levin, a prominent politician, was a Jew by name and occupation, but would not have guessed his true racial origin from the photographs, when viewed by themselves. Levin’s father is Jewish, his mother of Mexican (of Spanish or other European descent?) nationality. 

Looking at Levin’s portrait, it makes me wonder: How many prominent secret Jews must there be, who hide in non-Jewish looking faces, and often also, non-Jewish sounding names? Who would have guessed that Levin was a Jew simply by appearance? If the Jews in the media said he was a “White man”, if “Levin” was replaced with “Miller”, and if his Jewish descent was a forgotten fact, how many would doubt them? Very few, indeed, I would imagine. I am confident there are plenty such examples. If a Jew can pass as a race other than his own, by expediency he will choose to identify with that race, though in most cases only publicly. In this case, Levin can be seen as an exception to the rule, since the Jews are not making his Jewish ancestry a secret, as we would typically expect. The Jews are most destructive who look most similar to the humans.

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